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Hello friends... :-) During my two week Christmas break from work I am planning on a few projects including upgrading my Rock Band sound experience. Please let me know if you have ever set up the game to run through a nice p.a. system. My initial plan is to run audio out from the TV into the P.A. head since I don't think the Xbox One has an output for a P.A.... or perhaps I am wrong. Also... I'd love to use better mics but it seems only the RB mics will work.



  • You want to use the optical out from your XBox. HDMI from XBox to TV and then TV Out to whatever seems like the connection with the most possible lag.
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    I have my xbox one connected to a PA in my garage. I go optical cable out of the xbox one, to an optical to analog RCA converter. Then run RCA's from that box, to my mixer, using an RCA to 1/8 adapter, to plug into the mixer.

    For mics, I use SM58's. XLR cable from mic to a microphone splitter box. I then run an XLR to the mixer, so we can control vocal volume through the PA, rather than the game. The other output, we either use a homemade USB cable (taking an RB mic, cutting that cord, and splicing it in to an XLR cable. There is a tutorial on how to do it somewhere.) or just using a lightsnake USB XLR cable. RB3 was not a huge fan of the lightsnake cable, sensitivity was always low, so I preferred using the homemade version, but the lightsnake seems to work much better in RB4. You then need to turn the mic volumes all the way down in the game, or you will get hella feedback.
  • Awesome! THANKS to you both! :-) I forgot about Lightsnake cables!
  • I use a PA for vocal monitoring. Shure Beta87a into a USB mic preamp: USB to the PS4, monitor out to the PA.

    The XLR mic adapter thread is here.
  • An update.... it took a while but my project is complete. Everything is running through a Samson Expedition XP800 and it sounds awesome. I went with the Lightsnake cables for audio to the gaming system. Do you know if there is another cable out there similar to Lightsnake since these cables are no longer made? Thanks for your help!
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