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Long time RockBand player but I just recently purchased a PS4 so I'm relatively new to RockBand 4. I exclusively enter scores on the leaderboard through Quickplay or other solo modes ... not sure if I'm missing something but I need some help folks:

1) Why is that some scores register on the leaderboard with a ranking, while some give you a rank percentage?
2) For those scores that only give you a rank %, sometimes you can scroll up and find a score shown as "1%". Is this the high score for the song? Other times when you scroll up you can never even see the "1%" score (i.e. you may only be able to scroll up to the top 21%).
3) For those scores where you are provided with a rank, is there an easy way to find the top score without scrolling all the way up to the top by 25? RockBand 3 at least allowed a constant scroll up without having to stop every 25.
4) Is there an easy way to find out how many scores have been registered for each song without scrolling all the way down to the bottom by 25? RockBand 3 allowed a constant scroll down without having to stop every 25.
5) I can't find the answers to these questions in the companion app either, so is there a website such as rockbandscores.com for RockBand 4?

Basically I'm interested in the following for each score: my rank, my rank %, total # of scores posted for each song, top score for each song. All of these items were easily found or could be extrapolated in RockBand 3.


  • 1. If you have a score that is quite far from the top score, it will tell you that you are in the top x% of scores submitted for that song. For example, if you see 5% next to your score, that means you have scored within the top 5% of all scores for that song. If you have an actual ranking, that means you scored high enough to see what place you are in. I am unsure what the cutoff is to differentiate between getting an actual ranking versus a percent. I think they do this so you are not depressed that you are rank #244434 on a song.

    2. That would not be the top score for the song. I believe they are giving you a goal to score that much to be in the top 1%. Once again, I think they are trying to make you feel better about your score by giving you achieveable goals rather than depressing you with how well the top scorer did.

    3. No. Leaderboards are not user friendly. If you have a friend that scored #1, you can switch to friends. That is all.

    4. No

    5. No. rb4scores.com used to work, but the person in charge of said website hasn't done anything with that site for quite a long time. We don't have any online or out of game leaderboards as of right now.
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    On 3... you can see the top of the leaderboard for a song in which you haven't logged a score. If your 'main' account had already logged a score... switch to a 'dummy' account (one that HASN'T logged a score for that song) and go to the leaderboard for the song in question from that account. It'll default to the first page top scores.
  • On RB3 you would get a number if you were in the top 2000, I think. Less than that you got a percentage. It made some RBN songs fun because you could be in last place on the leaderboard for a C.C. Ramone song and be ranked 93.

    I don't know what the exact number cutoff is for RB4, but it's doing the same thing.
  • yes, you will notice on-disc songs are much more apt to be a percentage (since so many people have/play those) while DLC tends to be a number (not nearly the number of unique user plays).
  • Thanks all for the replies ... very helpful. For those scores where you are provided with a rank percentage, just noticed that if you scroll all the way down and click next 25, for some reason it takes you up to the top ranks and you can find the top score(s) for each song ... odd.
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