A possible solution that would disable XP cheating/tricks

So, I just came up with an idea yesterday.

For those of you who are unfamiliar to this, some crews are "cheating the system" so to speak, by letting other people log in to their accounts and take turns playing in order to get XP in Rock Band Rivals.
This means that a crew (of maximum 10 members) could actually consist of infinite people.
Let's say that there are 4 people taking turns playing on each account/profile that is a member of the crew, that adds up to 40 (!!) people working for one crew!

So my idea is, that hmx change the whole concept of the XP part of Rivals.

Instead, you could set a XP goal that each crew HAVE to reach in order to get promoted.

All crews that reach the goal, will be eligible to promote.
STILL, spotlight scores will be crucial.

The crews that have reached the XP goal AND get enough points on the spotlight scores will be promoted.

Another thing I think would be fun, is to add missions into the Rivals section.

Let's say that hmx select certain missions every week, for each instrument and set them as a goal.
This would mean that in order to compete for promotion, each crew have to fullfill these requirements:

1. Reach the XP goal
2. Complete the missions

After that, spotlight score will settle wich crews that will be promoted.

The XP goals could also be set to daily goals, and also differ depending on wich tier your crew is in.
Higher goals for higher tiers maybe?

Missions could also differ in difficulty for each tier.

What do you think? I'm not saying this is perfect, but it really would disable cheating if the XP will be set to a number that everyone that is dedicated could reach (not requiring you to play 24/7 so to speak)


  • The xp portion of rivals does need a revamping. The original argument posted was that crews that are not good enough on spotlight would still be able to do xp (playing on medium or hard) and still get enough of a position to get promoted. It was argued that the casual player would be more interested in rivals for this reason.

    As common sense and actual data from our seasons points out, the complete opposite has happened. Casual crews barely play as the xp decay and lack of libraries per week limits xp grinding plus casual players are casual meaning they barely play. As a result, the top crew(s) are going crazy with xp.

    I won't go into the multiple people using accounts to gain an unfair advantage over others, but I do agree that SOMETHING needs to be done about xp. I like your idea of missions and goals as incentive. I don't necessarily like the idea of capping xp. Grinders need to feel as important as spotlight people on a 10 person crew.

    Having said that, I do think hmx needs to look into claims of certain people playing over 800 songs per week, week after week. If there's one person accomplishing this, an intervention needs to happen as well as a full physical and mental evaluation. If you are rotating 4 to 5 people through a tag, what's the incentive for the 3 or more people who aren't on the crew? Why are you doing all this work for nothing? It's not if you share in the rewards (if we had any). I don't understand the whole cheating concept on a game without rewards. I said it before and I'll say it again. It's like cheating at Solitaire. What's the point?
  • Just because a crew doesn't make bloodstone doesn't mean they quit. The XP for grinders is just as important for people trying to get out of silver or gold.
  • So here is my question. How does Harmonix determine if someone is cheating by signing in by multiple people on the same account? I ask this because I have 2 systems, one in my living room and one in my game room. I personally would hate to be tagged as someone who cheats because I happen to use both systems depending if I am playing alone versus with my wife who is also in my crew.

    We both have our own Gamertags, for those thinking she is playing as me.

  • I don't think Harmonix has a way of telling who is signing onto what. I know there were conspiracy theories with the Kinect......

    I think the main issue here is having multiple people signing onto the same gamertag to basically have that tag earning xp 24/7. I think the big issue here is seeing a single tag with 1000 plays in a challenge, or some ridiculous amount that no one person could possibly do by themselves. Those tags should be questioned and investigated.
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