PS4 Guitar Disconnects During Gameplay

We got Rock Band 4 with two new guitar peripherals. We’ve both experienced, rarely, sporadic disconnects. The game will stop registering anything from the guitar for about 5 seconds and then it will disconnect.

This can be a real issue when trying to, you know, play well in a song. You lose your streak and the song pauses.

Is this a known issue? It has happened on both of our guitars and also the guitars of one of my friends. Is there a solution to this?


  • I don’t know if bumping is allowed. I’ve been having this issue ongoing and it’s been quite disruptive to play. Our normal controllers do not do this and it happens to both our guitar controllers. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Are they Madcatz? They have a lot of disconnect problems.

    Try with a firmware update, turn off anything that can cause interference (as mobile phones) and avoid cheap batteries. This also happens with xbox guitars.
  • My understanding is that both are PDP.
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