Disturbing lack of communication and information for Dropmix packs

Its very odd that with a new product like dropmix and new exclusive playlist packs at target(flawless) and toys r us(bomb) and soon best buy(chiller) that there is zero info about them on any offical dropmix site or facebook. Whats going on guys? If it wasn't for reddit hardly anyone would even know about them beside randomly stumbling across them. And again no info on the early 2018 packs that are suppose to come out. Its almost like anti-hype. Does this have to do with hasbro not wanting expectations out there for releases? I would think at least for flawless and bomb now that they released that there would have been some marketing but not even a small facebook announcement..... this is a great game but the most frustrating to figure out as far as inventory and whats available and im in the US.
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