Damaged cards and quality control issues

I bit on the sales retailers are having for Dropmix and when I opened up the game, I was disappointed to see every single card having this weird distortion as if someone had bent the card for too long in a couple of places. These are fresh from the sealed pack mind you.

I also noticed every card had 1 or 2 raised bumps near the lower-left third of the card. I don't think the bumps are specific to the main game either as I've noticed them on the Transformers promo card I picked up from GameStop too. In the same exact spots. It's actually much more pronounced on the Transformer cards and in some cases the color has rubbed off from the card, exposing the silver-metallic rfid chip.

Anyone else having this issue? I don't know if I was unlucky and got my main game from a bad batch from production or is this the norm? I attached pictures of the issues to this post.


  • Do they work ok, or are they not being “read” properly by the board?
  • I have the same little white spot on all my cards. They came from different sources (main base game, playlist packs...) so it seems to be rather common.
  • Supposedly the bumps are the antennae for the cards which is fine since I'm more concerned with the waviness the main game cards have. I would expect the cards come mint when bought brand new from the store.

    Either way, these cards are going into sleeves because given how these cards are produced with those bumps, I don't see how you can avoid scuffing the paint off when you shuffle cards.
  • All of my cards have had paint rub off the antennae bump after about 3 shuffles. They all play fine but I did notice the same level of wavyness on the 3 packs I got for christmas yesterday.
  • The bends don't worry me so much as the cards are so thin and have tech inside it. I'm more annoyed that I have just acquired one card that will not be read by the board. Which is annoying as I don't know if there is a way to replace it without buying an entire pack.
  • I also have one card that won't read. How do we go about replacing it?
  • 1. Contact the Retailer you bought it from.
    2. Contact Hasbro if that fails.
    3. I bought a pack from eBay for Australia and the seller just refused to respond. So I just bought another Flawless Pack from a different seller. I now have spares.
  • Just purchased mine for the first time. My cards look just like what's in your photo. I assumed it was normal given these are not normal cards. There's an NFC chip and antenna inside. To me that accounts for the oddness. As the saying goes...it's not a bug, it's a feature.
  • TuffDadSF said:

    I also have one card that won't read. How do we go about replacing it?

    If you're having issues with a card and need to get it replaced, contact Hasbro Customer Support. They'll be able to help you out with getting a replacement.

    You can either reach out via web support (https://corporate.hasbro.com/en-us/consumer-care) or email ([email protected]).
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