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When we got the two free batches of Rivals songs from up-and-coming Boston artists, I used it as a means to introduce myself to music I wouldn't have otherwise heard of in my lifetime. I mean, free music and we get to play it in Rock Band? Sign me up!

Easily my favorite artist from those batches was Ruby Rose Fox, and as if they read my mind, she was the only one from those batches graced with getting two songs in the game ("Pain Killer" and "Skydiver"). After that, I put her on my radar and started keeping up with her career. But over the past week+, I finally undertook the project of listening to her entire discography. It pains me how little-known she is. She's one of the most talented and unique female singers I've ever heard and a fantastic songwriter to boot. I want to do all I can to introduce others to her music now, and all thanks to Harmonix. On top of that, she's releasing her sophomore album next year, so I am very much looking forward to that!

While doing this project, I came across a good chunk of ballads, songs without much instrumentation, and slower songs that just didn’t sound like they’d be very fun in a Rock Band setting. With that in mind, for this fantasy 6-pack, I mostly picked songs that not only have full band instrumentation, but genuinely sound like they would be enjoyable to play. Not coincidentally, most of these ended up being my favorites among her discography, though I still quite liked some of her ballads/softer songs. I wholeheartedly recommend checking her out if you only know her two RB tracks!

Ruby Rose Fox Pack

Bury the Body
Die Pretty
Dirty Dog
The Dread
Every Time I Tell
Ms. America

I'm really not sure how likely more free batches with the same artists will be, but if anything, here's a wake-up call to Harmonix that they are doing a great service of exposing people to music that deserves to be heard! And I'd absolutely love if they could get more of her in the game, either as free or paid DLC. Each and every one of her songs would be great for vocalists, and while not all of her songs would work instrumentally, she has some songs like those above that would be pretty great for the rest of the band.


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    Thought I'd bump this because Ruby Rose Fox's sophomore album, Salt, was just released on Friday! I listened to it minutes after its midnight release on Spotify but wanted to wait a bit for the songs to sink in before posting here. I also pre-ordered the album, which Ruby herself shipped to me, so that's cool.

    Overall, it's a very beautiful album. An interesting thing about the album is that Ruby used a binaural microphone to record some of the vocals on it, as she wanted to achieve a closer intimacy with the listener. The back of the CD even says "ASMR Friendly", and she knowingly utilized her knowledge of ASMR while making this album. It's definitely not a mere gimmick - on some songs, you can literally feel her moving around the mic as she sings, which I can't say is something I hear in music often.

    The album is definitely more baroque and operatic than her debut album, with the rock instrumentation mostly gone in favor of strings and piano-based instrumentals. Only one song on the album really has any prominent guitar ("Binghamton, NY"), while drums take a back seat or are completely absent on some songs. With that in mind, this album wouldn't be the best fit for Rock Band, but I thought I'd pick the three songs that would remotely work in some way. The guitar charts on these three would primarily be alt-charted strings, piano, or the prominent lead melody at any given time, but they do have normal bass and drums, at least. The bass charts on "Lady Godiva" and "Sega" would be particularly enjoyable, too! Check them out if you'd like :)

    Salt Song Pack

    American Daddy
    Lady Godiva
    Your Sister Is Dead, I'm Buying a Sega
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