Exclusive Packs and International Availability

edited December 2017 in DropMix
I'm kind of frustrated about the Target-exclusive "Flawless". Target made an attempt to open stores in Canada and wound up pulling out en masse when their deployment strategy failed... Their website lists "Flawless" as "Not Available for International Shipping" so... Now I must wait for scalpers on eBay to sell them to me at twice or thrice the MSRP?

Availability is already scarce enough. I ordered Astro from Toys'r'us 2 weeks ago only to have them cancel my order without warning, saying they are out of stock. It's unclear if they're even going to get more stock.

What's the point of this? You would undoubtedly make more money by making the product more accessible. Along with the limited release info, this only puts the scalpers in a position to make a killing.

Can we get a little transparency, please?


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