Need band mates

I'm on X GTR right now on XB1. Hope to have drums again soon. Need people to play with, add me and/or send a message.

GT: Jersus856


  • Forgot to mention; I'm an old RB Network charter/programmer. Plenty of dlc, and more than the required ability to achieve gold stars and FC multiple songs
  • Feel free to join Blistered Fingers Crew on XBO. I made it to Platinum in S3 with just me..... Decent amount of DLC, Skill level is 885. Generally play G and B only though as no space to store drums all the time.
  • I searched on your name to send you an invite, but haven't been able to find you. XWING FIGHTERS is looking for players, especially drummers. Feel free to PM me (gamertag is Thumprr) if you still need a crew!
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