LiveHomeVideo's RB4 Tiers Thread 2018 Edition! (On Hiatus Again)



  • I'll request a song:

    Protest the Hero - Bone Marrow
  • I dunno.

    Vanessa Carlton -- A Thousand Miles
  • I'm still kicking myself for not putting A Thousand Miles in the main setlist of my keys expansion. It's kinda freaky that your guitar tier matches my keys tier, your bass and vocal tiers match mine and your drums are one dot higher than mine. Suggests to me that at least one of us is doing something right though.

    Would you mind if you tiered Flyleaf's "All Around Me" and I plagiarised used the tiers (with credit) for in an upcoming post?
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    Vexus said:

    Would you mind if you tiered Flyleaf's "All Around Me" and I plagiarised used the tiers (with credit) for in an upcoming post?

    Sure, don't mind, just keep in mind I'll get to it sometime next week, if that's okay.
  • Sinisstar - Psychosexy (this was in a Heavy Metal movie!)
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    The Bearstronaut tier looks good! Your thoughts are sorta what I expected, but I'm glad you liked it to a degree, and at least we both can agree that the atmosphere of the song is pretty cool. Maybe the only change I'd make is bumping up drums a dot because it's another one of those hi-hat-centric disco beats for a large portion of the song, plus there's a lot of fancy tom action in parts, but I think a high 4 could suffice. It's slightly slower than Shadow's drum beat, in any case, so I think a 4 is logical enough. Drums are definitely the highlight of the song, though, as they'd be on many Bearstronaut songs, and I feel like vocals would also be pretty good. Outside of the solo I imagine guitar would be somewhat boring, but there's a random fast strum lane in the last few seconds of the song that I could imagine throwing a lot of people off :p

    My next request is from a band I haven't requested in a tier thread for over 3 years...none other than Electric Light Orchestra, one of my favorite bands and whose album Out of the Blue has been my avatar on here for a while. After I saw them live in early August (which was easily one of the best concerts I've been to), I realized I haven't requested them on a tier thread in ages. I guess I sort of "ran out" of stuff to request from them because @SoConfined tiered a 12-pack of their songs when he was around, and then I requested a bunch of my favorite deep cuts in various other threads. That said, I think it's time to finally give them another go, because they still have a lot of great songs that haven't been tiered by anyone yet. Here's a song by them that's very underrated, and probably has one of the most mesmerizing outros I've ever heard.

    Electric Light Orchestra - "Shangri-La" (from A New World Record, 1976)

    Also, I sense some alt-charted strings a-comin' with this one :p
  • Vexus said:

    Would you mind if you tiered Flyleaf's "All Around Me" and I plagiarised used the tiers (with credit) for in an upcoming post?

    Sure, don't mind, just keep in mind I'll get to it sometime next week, if that's okay.
    It's cool, I'm behind on my own tiers anyway so I don't mind editing it in later.
  • Just wanted to point out that you don’t seem to have listed your tier of Spiderbait’s “White Trash Superstar” (which I requested) in your OP.
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard

    Just wanted to point out that you don’t seem to have listed your tier of Spiderbait’s “White Trash Superstar” (which I requested) in your OP.

    Whoops, thanks for pointing that out, fixed now!
  • Since you seemed to like Blowin' Free, I'll recommend another song from that album.

    Wishbone Ash - The King Will Come
  • P.O.D. feat Katy Perry -- Goodbye For Now
  • Steven Wilson – Detonation

    This was alright; took a while to start again, but once it did it was pretty cool. I also liked the extended jam at the end, felt like a lot more was happening here than in last week's I.E.M. Song. Also sounds like it'd be pretty fun to play all around.

    In all honesty, that extended jam at the end was exactly why I sent that for tiers. Kinda surprised that the ending didn't bump drums up to devils as well (Jeremy Stacey's no slouch behind the kit...which is to be expected since Robert Fripp picked him as one of 3 drummers [another being Gavin Harrison] for the most-recent King Crimson line-up), but I suppose that part's not long enough. Other than that, the tiers are pretty accurate. David Kollar's guest guitar solo is definitely something I'd want to play. Oddly enough, the demo version of "Detonation" has an organ solo come just before the guitar solo--something I kinda wish had made it on the final product.

    Oddly enough, "Detonation" isn't quite that representative of To The Bone, a release which has proven to be Steven's mainstream breakthrough in the UK (debuted at #2....behind Ed Sheeran) and involves Steven giving modern-day updates to the sound of 80's pop (particularly Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk, and Kate Bush). I'm not calling that a sell-out move since Steven's always had (in Porcupine Tree...especially the Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun eras) a bit of an ear for a pop hook. Heck, one artist he lists among his influences is ABBA (and on "Permanating," (a word Steven coined combining 'permanent' and 'celebrating') he finally gets to exercise that influence on a track that's an unabashed dance track). That being said, To The Bone still has enough of a rock sound on tracks like the title track, "People Who Eat Darkness" and "Detonation" to keep this from being a full-fledged pop album.

    And in many respects, To The Bone also registers as Steven's most overtly-political album. Especially tracks like "Detonation" (which Steven has said onstage that the attempt to get in the mind of a terrorist was sparked by a mix of disgust and bewilderment at the Pulse shooting), "People Who Eat Darkness" (about a state of paranoia that the people you see around in your life [for instance, next-door neighbors] could hold sympathies towards things such as fascism and other far-right ideologies...and you don't even know it), "The Same Asylum as Before" (how changeovers in government get the idea of the title), the title track (a state of being frightened at the idea of 'post-truth politics'), and "Refuge" (written from the perspective of a Syrian refuge fleeing his country along with his family; contains the line "It's not a crime").

    Porcupine Tree - "Synesthesia"

    Fun fact: this track technically has two versions: The original with entirely electronic drums and any remasters which had Steven summon Gavin Harrison to re-record the drum parts with live drums (to which I'm providing the latter). Another fun fact: this is the only major track from Up The Downstair which Steven's never played live (whether as PT or as a solo artist). And honestly, I have no idea why since it strikes me as a track which would translate well in a live setting. Also, unlike the past few songs, this one starts right-out-of-the-gate.
  • Kansas - "Child of Innocence"
  • edited September 2018
    I'll give you another brief reprieve from Pink World, and instead politely ask for tiers of one of absolute favorite songs featured in the entirety of the Fallout series: "I'm Tickled Pink" by Jack Shaindlin (production song (featured on the compilation album 'Dance Orchestra'), unknown date of release [it's a production song, so it didn't really originate on any one record, but I suppose you could credit the date as 2008].
  • I'll request a song of a band I'll go see tomorrow night:

    Ne Obliviscaris - Of the Leper Butterflies
  • Akira Yamaoka - My Heaven (Silent Hill Official Soundtracks, 1999)
  • Okay, I'll request something actually different for once:

    Shoji Meguro - "Memories of You" (Persona 3 Original Soundtrack, 2006)
  • Jimmie's Chicken Shack - "Trash" (from Bring Your Own Stereo, 1999)
  • R.E.M. - Ignoreland

    I think this song is pretty underrated.
  • I'm surprised we didn't get more Flyleaf either. GH only ever got two songs too as far as I know - Again (which it shares with RB) and Tina (one of the deepest of deep cuts). At least Rocksmith got a pack and a single in a variety pack I guess. Funnily enough, the guitar charts for Again in GHWoR and RB focus on completely different guitar parts between GH and RB, which I find kind of fascinating.

    Still, thanks for that, and you'll be glad to know you got it done before I was going to put my Flyleaf pack up.

    Kero Kero Bonito: Only Acting please!
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    I mean, considering that Jeff Lynne's aim with Electric Light Orchestra was to "continue where the Beatles left off", it's no surprise that some of their songs are pretty Beatlesque :p This song is pretty in-your-face about it though, what with the "Hey Jude" reference and all. Glad I succeeded with my comeback request from ELO; I'll definitely be considering requesting more from 'em in the future! Pretty much have no objections to tiers this time around; this song is very much a strings and vocals-oriented song with little in the way of a challenge on bass and drums (though some of the drum fills sound like they'd be decent fun, at least). Those operatic vocals at the end would be amazing if they were charted on the lead vocal chart, which I imagine they would since they're sung inbetween Jeff's leads.

    Here's a song by Halo Circus, AKA the band with an American Idol finalist on vocals (Allison Iraheta) that I saw live in April, thinking that Ruby Rose Fox would be opening for them. Of course, I was proven wrong, but I still very much enjoyed the show and getting exposed to a new group! They didn't perform this one at the show, though someone behind me shouted it as an encore, funnily enough. Anyway, this is a cover of a lesser-known Duran Duran song that I think packs way more energy than the original (I doubt you know the original, but I don't think it's necessary to listen to it to enjoy this cover). So yes, there's unintentional thematic ties between this and my recent request of "The Chauffeur", not to mention the other current member of this band has produced for Duran Duran in the past :p

    Halo Circus - "Do You Believe in Shame?" (from Making Patterns Rhyme: A Tribute to Duran Duran, 2014)

    Also, for once, I'm requesting a song that wouldn't have any alt-charting whatsoever, so that should make things a bit easier when tiering guitar :p
  • You want weird and out there? Well, I'm throwing down the gauntlet this time

    Scott Walker - "SSDS1416+13B (Zercon, A Flagpole Sitter)"

    Name may be the same, but this isn't the Republican politician from Wisconsin. Instead, this is a singer who has one of the oddest career paths in popular music history. Starting out as part of a trio called The Walker Brothers, he made a series of solo albums in the 1960's which fell under the baroque-pop genre. After The Walker Brothers got back together and broke up in the 70's, he retreated for a while only to re-emerge as an avant-garde musician in the mid-90's whose music reflected his own nightmares. He records sporadically (often with 10 year gaps between albums) nowadays even though he's in his 70's. This 21-minute monster is from his most recent album (2012's Bish Bosch), the second-oddest album my ears have heard. For anyone keeping score, the first is Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica. I literally have no idea how wild the tiers for this could be. Just that it'll likely be all over the place.
  • for some reason I was thinking Dangonranpa, which while I've never played, I've heard one song from it that was borderline grindcore

    Grindcore? Link, please!

    Well, in the subject of music from very far away, some power metal from Japan (new album tomorrow, all aboard the hype train! lol).

    Unlucky Morpheus - Dead Leaves Rising.
  • It's funny, I've thought of "Trash" as being the year 1999 in song form ever since I first heard it. Just as "Right Now" is 2000 in song form.

    Wrathchild America - "Gentleman Death" (from 3-D, 1991)
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