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    Please note that I am on hiatus at the moment; I'm hoping this little break will be over soon, but don't be surprised if I don't get to these requests in a little while.
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    Any word on the hiatus?
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    Hoping to be out of hiatus soon, maybe another few days or a week to relax before opening these up again. When I do I'll include the two songs that were posted after I mentioned the hiatus.
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    Glad to see you back! As a comeback song, I'll leave an iconic cover from Nirvana's unplugged set.

    Nirvana - "The Man Who Sold the World (MTV Unplugged)"
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    Welcome back! I've been looking forward to this for a while so this made my day :p

    I'm going to return to my previously-mentioned "best songs discovered in 2017" list for my next request, with some Marina and the Diamonds. I'll be bold and say that if I were to rank that list, this would easily be top 3 material! I don't know if Marina is entirely up your alley, but regardless, this song would be damn fun to play and I'd love to see it tiered.

    Marina and the Diamonds - "Froot" (from Froot, 2015)

    Make sure you tier the version linked, as the official music video uses a shortened version. Also, there's some fast alt-strumming guitar during some parts, but also long gaps without guitar where the lead synths would probably be charted. Either way, with both of those combined I suspect it'll be a pretty high tier.
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    Mute Gods -- Animal Army
  • I know you like some strange stuff, so I'll open with:

    Blood and Banjos - Sons of Darkness
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    Welcome back.

    The Donots - Saccharine Smile (2002, Amplify the Good Times)
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    Glad you're back to doing these, to celebrate have weird

    Corey Feldman - Go 4 It! (ft. Snoop Dogg) (2016, Angelic 2 the Core: Angelic Funkadelic / Angelic Rockadelic)
  • Welcome back from hiatus! Hope it's all been well, of course.

    Per my promise, I'll continue with Planet P Project's "Pink World" album, this time with the second track, the eponymous "Pink World".

    Also, I don't know if you've been reading the lyrics so far, but I'd highly recommend it due to the concept album structure. It's really a great story, at least in my eyes ^^
  • Nice to have you back. My request is "Bad Luck" by Neko Case.
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    Here are this week's tiers for @Radiohead97 , @MCSMeister , @Razor_Shark , @Wildcat15 , @mlee117379 , @NightmareLyre , @coolkat , and @WingsOfSteel !

    Nirvana – The Man Who Sold the World (Live from MTV Unplugged)

    I'm actually not really big into Nirvana's Unplugged album; I'm generally not a fan of acoustic/softer versions of songs that aren't originally acoustic, so the album doesn't appeal to me. That said, this is one of the better ones from the album for me, and it sounds like it'd be pretty fun to play at least. Most of the instruments sound like a solid 1-2 dot, save for bass which has that ascending pattern in the choruses that would bring it up a bit.

    Marina and the Diamonds – Froot

    Sorry to say this isn't really up my alley, even if I at least like some of the melodies. Something about the production and vocals just doesn't mesh well with me, and I can't really describe it in words. I get the appeal, though! As for tiers, you'd be right in guitar being rather high tier, thinking it'd be a low devil tier (mostly due to it having no breaks between synths and the guitars in the choruses, and lasting for five minutes). Bass also sounds like it'd have some funky patterns in there as well, though perhaps not constant enough for more than four dots. Vocals have some rather tricky spots as well, while drums seems like the easiest of the bunch.

    The Mute Gods – Animal Army

    This song's pretty alright; lighter than expected, but pretty catchy. Also dat outro (the sole reason both guitar and bass are devils; guitar with it's triplets, and bass with it's Dream Genie-esque pattern). Drums also have a lot of tricky fills (and also a difficult-sounding intro), and with what I think is a lot of ghost snares throughout, would also earn a devil tier. Vocals seems like the only part that doesn't have any sudden challenging parts, and seems like a solid 3-dot tier.

    Blood and Banjos – Sons of Darkness

    So that took a sudden turn. Sure, I can get behind this, I love bands that combine different genres with metal. I actually thought it was an alright bluegrass tune, but was wondering why it was labeled as “Metalcore” in the tags. Then the sudden transition happened, and then it all made sense. On top of the banjo shredding, the guitar solo sounds rather hard, so that'd without a doubt be devils. Bass and drums would be about five dot, bass mostly due to the patterns in the second part of the song. Drums have some tricky snare rolls during the first part, and some gnarly fills in the second, but with the double-bass reduced, I can see this being five dot. Vocals have some tricky harmonies and such during the bluegrass part, thus the higher tier there. (Fun fact: I had this labeled as “Country” up until the genre-shift happened, then I swapped to Metal; was still tempting to keep it as Country just for the sake of surprise, though :p )

    The Donots – Saccharine Smile

    This song's alright; kinda not a fan of songs about how the lead singer thinks some girl is snobby or whatever, but it's at least better than other songs I've heard of these sort. The instrumentation is top-notch, at least. Guitar has some HOPO-coastery bits that would bring it up rather high, and drums has a general fast pace that would bring it to four dots. Bass seems like a solid 3-dot, and vocals seem to fit nicely under two dots.

    Corey Feldman – Go 4 It (ft. Snoop Dogg)

    So for the uninitiated, Corey Feldman (yes, THAT Corey Feldman) released an album in 2016 that took over a decade to make, that spans all sorts of genres, including EDM, Nu Metal, Funk, Hip-Hop, Alternative, and Jazz. This song specifically is a Dubstep track featuring Snoop Dogg. This album is universally panned, but I actually love it. It's so out there, and the fact that it's intentionally very silly is something I think critics missed. Both guitar and bass have some really fast patterns that would bring this straight up to devil tier (synths would of course be alt-charted to guitar), plus I've always imagined that Dubstep bass drops would be charted to bass, so that would also add some challenge to bass. Drums seem to have some tricky electro patterns, while vocals seems like a solid 3-dot.

    Planet P Project – Pink World

    Wasn't as big into this one as the other ones from this band you showed me, though this one's still alright. Seemed a little repetitive for me, is all. As for tiers, guitar would probably have the synth charted in the intro, thus the four dots there. Bass seems mostly straightforward, though a few occasional tricky spots bring this to three dots. I think I hear a disco beat on drums which lasts through a lot of the song, so I'm thinking four dots there. Finally, vocals seemed pretty simple, but the harmonies bring it up to two dots.

    Neko Case – Bad Luck

    This song grew on me the more I listened to it; it's pretty alright. Kinda reminds me of another country song I've heard, but I can't quite put my finger on which it is, though. Sounds like it'd be a pretty fun addition to Rock Band. Guitar and bass seem like a solid 2-dot, while drums has some tricky patterns (especially the solo-ish bit), and vocals in general sound pretty challenging as well.
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    Atari Teenage Riot - Speed (Delete Yourself!, 1995)
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    Cool tiers. My next request is a song that appears in my updated RB5 list that I'm surprised hasn't been featured in an "Off the Charts" pack yet.

    OneRepublic - "Let's Hurt Tonight"
  • Razor_SharkRazor_Shark Opening Act
    Tarja -- Demons In You

    There are three different versions, the one with the duet is probably the one that would come to Rock Band on the off chance it were to show up.
  • You're okay with most anything, you say?

    Rap Critic - Orc Cop! (Bright Movie Theme Parody)
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    Yeah, not really surprised that "Froot" wasn't entirely for you, but you can't deny this would have some pretty great charts, which is the main reason I wanted to request it. I really just love the dark, brooding atmosphere in this track - I think it's very intricately put together, and each part is just as catchy as the last (my favorite part is probably the bridge, though). The tier looks fantastic and I pretty much agree with everything, though I actually thought vocals would be a little higher because of Marina's rich voice, which switches from a low register to falsetto quite often. Since you tiered Ruby Rose Fox devils, another vocal powerhouse, I thought Marina would get close to devils too. Guitar at devils makes perfect sense, since those synth patterns are pretty relentless, plus the alt-strumming guitar sounds like it'd be around the same speed as it is on "Get Lucky". Bass definitely has its moments to shine, too, and drums are a pretty consistent dance beat for the most part.

    So next, I want to return to Foster the People's second album, Supermodel, which I already had you tier a pack of songs from in your last thread (including your much-loved "Pseudologia Fantastica"). I wanted to finish getting the album tiered in its entirety, but couldn't (@Radiohead97 closed his thread mid-album, and when I brought the requests to @TuleRune he vanished again). There's only 5 songs left from it that I haven't had tiered yet, but that said, there's really only 2 of those that I feel are worth tiering, as one is a 30-second album interlude and 2 are boring acoustic tracks. So, I'll just have you tier the other 2, starting with one that I actually think you'll like, as it's somewhat similar to "Pseudologia" and is one of the heaviest tracks on the album. Also, this one really packed a punch when I saw them do it live and was easily one of my favorite performances of the show.

    Foster the People - "A Beginner's Guide to Destroying the Moon" (from Supermodel, 2014)

    Also, would you believe me if I told you the song samples an A$AP Rocky song? :p
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    Tarja -- Demons In You

    There are three different versions, the one with the duet is probably the one that would come to Rock Band on the off chance it were to show up.

    Link me to the version you want me to tier, that way my tiers reflect the version you're expecting. Any YouTube links should be fine, as well as Bandcamp if you can't find the ideal version on YT.
  • For my next request, a recent song:

    Ihsahn - Arcana Imperii
  • >calling Planet P Project a "band"

    You do realize that it's all the work of one guy, right? Planet P Project is Tony Carey's solo side-project, and if you don't know him by name, he did the keyboards for Rainbow, including those on "Rising." He's quite talented, I'd say! ^^

    Anyway, continuing with Pink World, the third track and the next "act" of this story, if you will, "What I See."
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    Tarja -- Demons In You

    There are three different versions, the one with the duet is probably the one that would come to Rock Band on the off chance it were to show up.

    Link me to the version you want me to tier, that way my tiers reflect the version you're expecting. Any YouTube links should be fine, as well as Bandcamp if you can't find the ideal version on YT.

    Definitely this version. The other two seperate Alissa and Tarja's vocals. Really sounds like two different songs. If you enjoy it I'd definitely suggest you check it out.
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    coolkat said:

    >calling Planet P Project a "band"

    You do realize that it's all the work of one guy, right? Planet P Project is Tony Carey's solo side-project, and if you don't know him by name, he did the keyboards for Rainbow, including those on "Rising." He's quite talented, I'd say! ^^

    I did know this, I was tired when I wrote that and when that happens sometimes I refer to solo projects as "bands" (another example is Gallowbraid, a blackened folk metal solo project that I still keep calling a "band").
  • Neko Case – Bad Luck

    This song grew on me the more I listened to it; it's pretty alright. Kinda reminds me of another country song I've heard, but I can't quite put my finger on which it is, though. Sounds like it'd be a pretty fun addition to Rock Band. Guitar and bass seem like a solid 2-dot, while drums has some tricky patterns (especially the solo-ish bit), and vocals in general sound pretty challenging as well.

    Bad Luck wasn’t my favorite song off of Neko Case’s new album but it’s catchy and I thought it was the one that would translate best to a Rock Band track, especially because of the drums.

    My next request is Irons in the Fire by the Marshall McLean Band. They’re local to the Spokane area, which is where I’m from. I’d love to see it show up as a Rivals track but I know it’s a long shot.
  • hey welcome back, I'm a lazy idiot who doesn't wanna go find a link

    Deviates - "Twice as Nice" (from Time Is the Distance, 2001)
  • I'm back in the game. It's been a while. Here's an odd 10 minute instrumental.

    Porcupine Tree - "Not Beautiful Anymore (Live)" [Coma Divine - Recorded Live in Rome, 1997]
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    There are ten tiers this week, more than I've done yet on this thread I believe. Here they are, for @NightmareLyre , @Radiohead97 , @Razor_Shark , @mlee117379 , @MCSMeister , @Wildcat15 , @coolkat , @WingsOfSteel , @JimmyLethal , and @Proghead119 !

    Atari Teenage Riot – Speed

    I have no idea what to label the genre as, since it's literally a mix of thrash metal and hardcore techno. Went with “Metal” here, even if some of this band's other songs would fit better under “Pop/Dance/Electronic.” I know I saw this band's name whenever people mentioned bands they wanted to get on the RBN, after listening to some of their stuff I also really wish that could have happened, because this band is great. This song would be fantastic to see on Rock Band, though I imagine it'd be hell on Drums :p Guitar has a lot of fast strumming, but what pushes it to five dots I feel is the synth pattern during the drum 'n' bass parts. The bass pattern, while repetitive, sounds rather tricky, and sounds like one that'd be hard to combo after a while, so going with four dots there. As for vocals, there are a few phrases that are pitched, including some in the bridge that have a bit of range to them, so I'm thinking one dot here despite it mostly being talkies.

    OneRepublic – Let's Hurt Tonight

    This song's alright; not my favorite OneRepublic song, but it's an alright softer song. On the Wikipedia article for the album it mentions that it appears on the soundtrack to the film Collateral Beauty, so was wondering if I'd recognize it from there, but I think I may have heard it on the radio as well. As for tiers, I imagine guitar would have a lot of three-note chords (acoustic guitar tends to be charted as such in Rock Band, at least from what I've noticed), so thinking three dots there. Bass on the other hand seems to mostly just be sustains, so zero dots. I'm not 100% on the drums, since there's a lot of different directions they could take with the drum chart, but assuming they chart the bongos as toms, I'd say three dots is fitting. Vocals I'm thinking four dots; there seems to be a good amount of range here, and there's plenty of harmonies, but the overall phrase-to-phrase pitch range seems to be pretty self-contained within the same octave, before and after the octave shifts.

    Tarja – Demons In You (ft. Alissa White-Gluz)

    Was not expecting quite a funky intro, but sure! The rest of the song is also pretty cool as well, I like the mixing of the different styles(symphonic choruses and heavier, groovier breakdowns interspersed with funky bits as well). Guitar and drums are five dots mostly for the funky bits, with bass going onto full devils due to the slap bass part sounding rather Primus-esque. The vocals are actually a bit low for a Tarja song; still, it's four dots so it's not quite the cakewalk either :p

    Blak Neon – Orc Cop! (Bright Movie Theme Parody)

    Been meaning to listen to some of Rap Critic's music (been watching his videos for years), may as well start with a parody he made for one of Lindsay Ellis' reviews :p I haven't seen the review this comes from, but this was hilarious, and makes me morbidly curious about the movie (it looks dreadful, tho...). As for tiers, bass seems a bit more active than the keys that would be alt-charted to guitar, so I figure that'd have a higher tier. Drums seem a bit more basic, but still has some fast hi-hat and kick parts, so thinking two dots there. The harmonies are pretty much the reason for the three-dot tier on vocals, since I imagine at least the majority of the Solo Vocals chart would be the rapping.

    For the metadata I went with the name he went under on Bandcamp (I know his usual rap name is Masta Artisan, but he seems to have released this one under a different name on Bandcamp, so going with that). The album image is also from Bandcamp.

    Foster the People – A Beginner's Guide to Destroying the Moon

    This song's pretty alright; it seems most of what I hear from this album I end up liking. Wasn't really into all the vocals, but outside of that it was a cool, energetic track. For tiers, there's this synth part after the first chorus that, if put on guitar, would definitely spike the difficulty tier for it to the extreme. Bass seemed pretty easy and straightforward, as well as drums outside of a few fills that would raise the tier a little to two dots. As for vocals, I was kinda on the fence between four and five dots, but went with four since the overall range of each octave isn't as large as in other songs of theirs.

    Ihsahn – Arcana Imperii

    I hadn't listened to any Ihsahn solo, so this was a first. I was kinda into it at first, but the more melodic stuff started happening, and it was not really as heavy as I'd have liked it to be. Also the production in general kinda just seemed too “clean;” even the more abrasive stuff seemed to hit a lot less hard due to the lack of bass frequencies, as well as everything other than the vocals being mixed way down. That said, it does at least sound like it'd be fun to play on Rock Band, and that guitar solo sounds like something I'd be willing to try and FC if that were to happen. Bass and drums seem to fit well under five dots (outside of some disco beats and moderate-paced double-bass on drums, this seems rather straightforward at least), and vocals seem to fit under two well; just enough range to it to where it wouldn't be a cakewalk, but also easy enough to be able to grasp easily.

    Planet P Project – What I See

    This song is alright; sound vaguely familiar. Was it released as a single, or is there some other song I may have heard that sounds similar? :p Anyways as for tiers, this seems rather low all around. Guitar may have some synth alt-charting in the intro, but outside of that there isn't much that'd be challenging. As for bass, only thing keeping it from being zero dot is the choruses introducing more notes to the bassline. Drums seems very easy, thus the zero-dot tier there. Vocals also seems rather approachable, though the harmonies bring it up to two dots.

    Continued in next post, this was lengthier than expected :p
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    Marshall McLean Band – Irons in the Fire

    This wasn't really my thing, sadly. Then again there's not much country or country-inspired music I'm really big into these days, so that's probably it. That said, I do at least get the appeal, and I do think it'd be fun to play at least. As for tiers, I imagine there's enough on guitar to give it a three-dot tier, while bass and drums seem mostly laid back (outside of a few fills on drums that would raise it to one dot, as well as some quick snares in the verses). Vocals also seem like they'd fit well in a three-dot tier.

    Deviates – Twice As Nice

    This song is pretty cool, kinda reminds me of some of the punk that's on the Rock Band Network. This sounds like it'd be pretty fun to play in-game, with both guitar and bass having a lot of tricky galloping patterns and such. Drums also sounds like it'd be pretty tricky, though maybe just shy of a devil tier due to no really tricky fills or anything. Vocals seem to fit nicely under two dots.

    Porcupine Tree – Not Beautiful Anymore (Live)

    That was an interesting instrumental. Kinda wish the more ambient parts didn't break up the pace as much, but other than that I really enjoyed it. As for tiers, drums are without a doubt devil-tiered, there are several parts where they go all over the place. There are also a few spots on guitar that make me think it'd be devil-tier, namely the ambient parts (weirdly enough) due to all the strumming that kinda reminds me of a mix of Llama by Phish and a Slayer solo. Bass seems like borderline four or five dots, but since it's absent through a lot of the song I went with four dots. As for vocals, since it's a live version I'm not sure Harmonix would chart the spoken word samples (since in the live setup it's played as a sample, rather than spoken live).
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    Wow, certainly didn't expect devils on guitar! I guess this hypothetical guitar chart would have "Can't Be Tamed" syndrome in that it gets devils for one part that's brief, but difficult. I do think HMX would try to chart that on guitar knowing how they've been charting things lately so it's not out of the question, but outside of that I'd say the actual guitar part is probably 2-3 dot territory. I think the A$AP Rocky sample and piano during the choruses would both probably be charted on guitar, too, though it wouldn't really affect the tier too much. Anyway, I had a feeling you would like this one and I'm glad you did! It's a bit of a fan favorite of theirs and for good reason, it harnesses so much energy throughout and I love its guitar solo. Good tier all-around; I pretty much agree with everything else, though you're right in that vocals are probably borderline 4 or 5 dots.

    Here's the final song from Supermodel I'll have you tier. This one's rather melancholy in comparison and I think it'd be a test for drummers more than anything else. I don't think there's any guitar, so it'll be all alt-charted piano and synths, and bass is pretty simple as well. Not sure if you'll like it as much as the other bunch of songs I've requested from the album, but again, I've been meaning to get this album tiered for ages :p I'll probably request more stuff from their third album down the line, but that won't be for a while since I want to get some varied requests in after this.

    Foster the People - "The Truth" (from Supermodel, 2014)
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