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  • N.E.R.D. - Lapdance (from In Search Of..., 2001)
  • Actually, yes, "What I See" was indeed released as a single! It reached #25 on the top rock charts at the time, but the song never broke the overall top 100.

    It may be redundant at this point, but thanks again for the tier, I can't say there's anything I'd change ^^

    I'll actually give you a break from Pink World for a bit, but only because the greatest musical event of the 21st century, and indeed, perhaps, the entire millennium dropped recently, and in order to preserve it for posterity, I will suggest it and therefore engrain it in this thread for it to be viewed by the wandering eyes of some future peoples.

    I am, of course, talking about FlyingKitty's "Despacito 2".
  • Radiohead97Radiohead97 Rising Star
    I would've pushed for Let's Hurt Tonight for maybe a low 5, but I'm happy with the way you tiered it.

    My next request is a song that people either love or people hate, from an album that people either love or hate.

    Phil Collins - "Sussudio"
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    EDIT: This was meant for @NightmareLyre 's "Unlikely 3-Packs" thread, whoopsie daisy.
  • I'm so hyped for Wacken this year. Nightwish are among the bands playing (yes, even though I'm seeing them at Bloodstock about a week later, along with a few others...) and last time they played Wacken, this happened. It was great. Wish I'd been there.

    But yeah, I'd like to request Ghost Love Score (Live) from the Showtime, Storytime DVD, please. :smile:
  • Hope things are going good, LHV. here's a song i'm curious about, surely a classic/actually feels more dated than it already is at this point

    Britney Spears - Toxic (from In the Zone, 2003)
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    King's X -- Rocket Ship(have I requested this?)

    If I have requested it then King's X -- Don't Care
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    King's X -- Rocket Ship(have I requested this?)

    If I have requested it then King's X -- Don't Care

    Yup, you did.
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    We know what will be the bass tier, but how about the rest?

    Primus - Tommy the Cat

    I was told by @MCSMeister that you already did a tier for this, let me change it to:

    Primus - John the Fisherman
  • Razor_SharkRazor_Shark Opening Act

    King's X -- Rocket Ship(have I requested this?)

    If I have requested it then King's X -- Don't Care

    Yup, you did.
    Fair enough.

    Stewart Copeland -- Dr. Shemp

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    Note that if I tiered a song in a previous thread, I'll still tier it here. Because I'm generous (and like both songs anyways) I'll tier both Primus songs.
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    Britney Spears – Toxic

    This song used to be a guilty pleasure of mine, but listening to it again, I kinda realize that I really love the instrumental, but really don't like the vocals. I don't like the use of the psuedo-falsetto-like singing here, it's a bit more annoying than I remembered it being. That said, I'd probably still get it if it were DLC, just because it sounds like it'd be fun on guitar and bass. I imagine the main riff would periodically go on guitar when there wasn't acoustic guitar chords going on, so thinking it'd be a four-dotter on guitar. Bass is a bit more active than I remembered, so thinking 3 dots there. As for drums, as far as I could tell they were very basic, with no fills or fast kicks or anything, so it gets the lowest tier. Vocals I'm sort of torn on, but went with five dots, since while most of the vocal melodies aren't that hard, there's the octave jumping in the choruses, as well as some high notes throughout.

    Stewart Copeland – Dr. Shemp

    That was higher tiered than expected! :p I've not played the Spyro games (never had a PS1, in fact my first Playstation console was a PS4), but now I kinda want to just to hear the soundtrack. Good thing that remastered version is coming :p As for tiers, the keyboard solo is pretty much the reason why guitar is so high tiered, while bass sounds like it has some fast movement throughout. Drums also sound breakbeat-esque at times, thus the high tier for it as well.

    Primus – Tommy the Cat

    I decided to re-tier this, not only because I like the song, but because my old tier is actually really bad. I was under the impression that the vocals in the chorus would be pitched, and now I'm not really sure they'd do that (at least, if it were charted properly. On the other hand with how “Redneck” by Lamb of God was charted, I guess it's not 100% out of the question to chart things that should not be pitched as pitched. But I think I'll stick to how I'd personally chart the vocals). As thus, the vocals are going from Devils to 0-dot. Guitar has some pretty furious solos in there, so thinking devils, while bass needs no explanation as to it's devil tier. I'm kinda torn on drums, but I'm thinking five dots there, since while there's a lot ghost hits and such, the actual patterns themselves don't get Mastodon complex or anything, and I imagine a lot of the double-bass stuff would be reduced. Though I can see the case for either 5-dot or devil tier, so if you want I can update the tier to be devils on drums as well.

    Primus – John the Fisherman

    This one's also a classic, kinda surprised we haven't seen it yet considering it's in GH2. As for tiers, I don't think it'd be quite as high tiered as Tommy the Cat, say, but would still be pretty challenging on bass and drums. While bass never goes really fast, there's a lot of chords throughout, so thinking it'd still be five dots. Drums also has a lot of really fast fills, but they're spread out enough for it to be five dots and not devils. As for guitar, while there's still some challenging bits, I don't think it'd be as hard as bass, and also taking into account how guitar tiers differ in general to bass tiers, and I can see this being four dots. Vocals has a very small range, so thinking 1 dot here.
  • Pulp - Common People
  • Radiohead97Radiohead97 Rising Star

    On the one hand, it feels like a retread of Land of Confusion.

    Technically, No Jacket Required came out a year before Invisible Touch so Land of Confusion is kind of a retread of Sussudio. I imagine guitar and bass would be high up.

    My next request is another song off of the Baby Driver soundtrack, one I bet you're familiar with.

    Queen - "Brighton Rock"
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    That's about the tiers I expected for it. That being said, ambient parts tended to happen a lot in some of Porcupine Tree's early material. Just figured "Not Beautiful Anymore (Live)" felt like one which would be a bit unorthodox to tier.

    Another tricky one to tier would be..

    Porcupine Tree - "Even Less (Live)" [Octane Twisted, 2012 (1999)]; taken from the band's final show in December 2010.

    This one's also (at least the original studio version) the first song on the album I would've had you review before you shut down your last album tiering thread. So I might just give that album out slowly...piece by piece.
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    Emanuel - Search & Destroy (Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, 2005)
  • Yes you did, LiveHome, yes you did :tongue:

    Thanks as always! And now, back to our usually scheduled programming - "To Live Forever (Pt. 2)/Power" (which would be from 14:10 to 19:12 in the video)
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    Cool tier for this one! Yeah if anything I had a feeling you'd enjoy the darker tone of the verses, but I understand your complaints about the chorus. I don't mind the chorus too much personally as I think it's kind of a nice, melancholy release of sorts, but it's definitely one of their more subdued songs and wouldn't be for those who are a fan of their more upbeat stuff. Drums being devils is a given; the verses and choruses are both unrelenting and I'd really love to see how the verses would be charted on drums. I honestly envisioned guitar and bass being zero dots or one dot, especially since I don't think there'd be anything to play on guitar throughout the verses, and similarly I think there'd be some gaps without bass (plus, outside of the verses, bass is just long sustains from what I can discern). Though seeing as how you also bumped Loyal Like Sid & Nancy's guitar to 3 because of a synth solo at the end, that makes perfect sense, at least.

    So, even though I won't be requesting Foster the People for a bit, this next request is actually somewhat related to them. I mentioned to you on Discord a while back that before I saw them live last year, a band I had never heard of opened for them, and I had no idea they were having an opening act in the first place. Their set was very raw and noisy and I honestly didn't expect them to be that good when I checked out their studio work, but they actually aren't too bad! Later I found out that their lead singer, Clementine Creevy, does the sung vocals on Death Grips' "Giving Bad People Good Ideas". This is that band.

    Cherry Glazerr - "Had Ten Dollaz" (from Had Ten Dollaz single, 2014)

    With that in mind, I'm really curious what you'll think of this :p
  • ooh, nice tier! I hear what you're saying about the drum beat, one of those songs that sounds trickier than it is

    Curious about the weird new Arctic Monkeys stuff, or at least my favorite song from it, Four Out Of Five (Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, 2018), like gone yacht rock or something.
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    Another Black Day -- Wicked Soul
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    @Proghead119 for some reason that video is region-locked for me, despite other videos from Google working fine. I also cannot find this live version on either Tidal or Spotify. Do you want to change your request to the studio version, or should I just post the rest of the tiers I have, and let you request something else after?
  • @LiveHomeVideo You can do the studio version. Make sure it's the version from Recordings, though. Otherwise, it's only half the song.
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    Here are this week's tiers for @mlee117379 , @WingsOfSteel , @Radiohead97 , @Proghead119 , @NightmareLyre , @coolkat , @MCSMeister , @thebipsnbeeps , @Razor_Shark , @Wildcat15 , and even one for myself...

    Metallica – My World

    This album gets a lot of hate, but honestly I think it's a lot better than most of their 90's material. I like the raw, aggressive feel to it, and also really don't get why people hate the alternative metal bend to it. This song is pretty good as well, I like the way it incorporates a lot of different moods, yet at the same time stays aggressive through most of it.

    Pulp – Common People

    Previously I was only familiar with the William Shatner cover, which weirdly enough kinda had a pop-punk sort of vibe to it. So I was kinda surprised that it was actually very New Wave-esque (I labeled it as New Wave, because it reminds me of stuff like The Cure or Talking Heads a little, though I don't really see this labeled anywhere as such, so if you want me to change the genre I can). But yeah this song's alright, good to know the original's good so I don't have to listen to the cover :p

    Queen – Brighton Rock

    I want this song as DLC, now! Weirdly enough I wasn't familiar with this one, but now I want to play it on guitar :p

    Porcupine Tree – Even Less

    This was pretty alright. The beginning kinda reminds me of Pearl Jam a bit, but the song moved in all sorts of weird directions that were interesting. It was certainly an interesting one to tier; didn't really know what would come next. But yeah this one is pretty good overall.

    Emanuel – Search & Destroy

    This makes me feel a bit nostalgic. I always thought the covers in American Wasteland were pretty good, even if I didn't know a lot of these were covers until years later. This sounds like it'd be really fun on pretty much everything, even bass has some fun HOPOcoaster-sounding patterns.

    Planet P Project – To Live Forever (Pt. 2)/Power

    This song is alright, the intro is weird, though :p I kinda noticed it sounded a bit similar to different songs (for example, the “Power” refrains in the verses kinda sounded like “Money” by Pink Floyd, in terms of delivery), though at least it did it's own thing with it all.

    Cherry Glazerr – Had Ten Dollaz

    This song's alright. The vocals were a bit different than expected, from her performance on “Giving Bad People Good Ideas,” and wasn't always into them, but the instrumentation was pretty solid at least. I really dug the chorus in this one.

    Arctic Monkeys – Four Out of Five

    I'm really not into Arctic Monkeys; I like their song “Brianstorm,” but everything else I've heard from them I've really not liked. That said, this one is better, but I still don't really feel it. Feels like they're trying to do an homage to Bowie, but it sort of makes me just want to listen to Bowie instead. I also felt the final chorus kinda dragged on for too long. Though again, I do prefer their psuedo-Bowie sound here than a lot of the stuff I've heard from them.

    Another Black Day – Wicked Soul

    This song's pretty alright, sounds like it'd be pretty fun on guitar and vocals. Is it weird that the vocals somewhat remind me of Chris Cornell? :p Either way I can see a bit of Soundgarden influence here, which is cool.

    Kyuss – 50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up)

    I wonder if this is where Metallica got inspiration for St. Anger (Kyuss has a song on GH:M, which kinda supports this thought in a way). As mentioned, I really like that album, so I also thought this was pretty cool. Kinda slowed down after the intro, though never really felt bored by it or anything. Sounds like it'd be pretty fun on Rock Band all around. Also, dat Helter Skelter-esque outro :p

    Shawn Coleman, Cheryl Rogers, Michael Magno, & Patty Mack – Too Many Cooks

    I felt I don't get enough really weird requests, so took it upon myself to provide one. I went and tiered this video. As in, the entirety of it, as if they charted it all for Rock Band. I imagine vocals would be hell, but weirdly enough I can see a lot of the instrumentation being pretty fun (and I'd at least have fun on vocals, too :p ).
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    Had a feeling you'd like this one, especially the chorus, so that's nice to see! I quite like the chorus as well, it's a lot heavier and grungier compared to the rest of the song, so it's cool to see the dichotomy of that. Yeah, Creevy overall has a very eccentric vocal style, and in some songs she almost sounds like she's idly singing to herself with a mic just happening to be there :p I did think her vocals wouldn't be entirely for you, but glad they were only a minor qualm. Tiers look pretty much perfect here; had a feeling it'd be relatively mid-tier all-around, and despite the vocals being somewhat sparse, they're almost sung off-key at times and I feel like there'd be some awkward pitches thrown in there. Guitar and bass are active but not too difficult, whereas drums sound like quite a fun chart, alternating between tom-centric and hi-hat-centric beats. Might request more from this band at some point since you liked it!

    For my next request, let's return to some Ruby Rose Fox and delve into her second album, Salt. I know you haven't been that big on her music as a whole, but seeing as how this album has a completely different sound from Domestic, I'm curious to see tiers for it anyway (and who knows, maybe you'll find something you like about this one!). I was waffling on what song to request from the album for a while but it was always a toss-up between the same two songs, only because a lot of the album has rather sparse instrumentation and wouldn't be a great fit for Rock Band. Ultimately, I chose the weirder of the two RB-worthy tracks, with an equally weird title.

    Ruby Rose Fox - "Your Sister Is Dead, I'm Buying a Sega" (from Salt, 2018)

    I linked the Amazon page for the album so you can get the album cover and such, only because this album is so obscure that it's not really on any music reference websites. Also, I highly recommend listening to this with good headphones so you can get the full effect of it (the album is ASMR-friendly and some songs, such as this one, were recorded with a binaural microphone). Like most of the album, I can't discern much guitar on this track, so I'm thinking it'd mostly be whatever lead is present.
  • Personally I'd put Pulp as alternative due to their overall spund not being overly new wave. Indie rock or pop-rock might also work. Britpop's a bit of a wild hodgepodge of a few styles that are already kinda intertwimed like that.
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