LiveHomeVideo's RB4 Tiers Thread 2018 Edition! (On Hiatus Again)



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    My next request is an early hit for the love em or hate em band Train.

    Train - "Meet Virginia"
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    Forgot to tag everyone, so here are those tiers, @mlee117379 , @Proghead119 , @Radiohead97 , @Vexus , @MCSMeister , @WingsOfSteel , @NightmareLyre , @Razor_Shark , @JimmyLethal , @Wildcat15 , @thebipsnbeeps , and @coolkat !
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    Fixed a typo on the Neil Cicierega tier, the YouTube upload said "ACVC," when on the album it's got the slash in it. Fixed now.
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    Oh believe me, I'm actually in the same boat with you when it comes to "Y.M.C.A.", that song is among the most overplayed disco songs and has just become stale because of that. I guess that's why it was such a breath of fresh air to hear an album cut from them, even if the vocal rhythm of the chorus does sound suspiciously similar to "Macho Man" (well, I suppose one could argue that a lot of their songs sound the same!). Anyway, tiers are pretty spot-on here and need no explaining; I feel like in the completely unlikely event that this got released as DLC, HMX could maybe even get away with making everything devils :p I definitely predicted bass would be devils, at the very least, but drums being devils also makes sense because the hi-hat patterns in the disco beat sound tiring and don't really let up (not sure if the bongos would be part of the chart, however). And for a song with no guitar, the string and piano leads would be hella fun to play, I feel (after all, Y.M.C.A.'s entire guitar chart in Band Hero was horns/strings, and I thought that was enjoyable).

    Since I know you get a kick out of off-kilter new wave, here's a song by Duran Duran that is very weird for them, and if you're only familiar with their big hits, this should throw you for quite a loop :p

    Duran Duran - "The Chauffeur" (from Rio, 1982)

    I honestly have no idea how tiers for this are going to look, but it should be interesting for sure. No guitar in this one (this is a trend in a lot of my requests, isn't it?), but again, plenty of leads to chart in its place that I imagine would be pretty fun, actually.
  • Huntress: "Zenith" (from "Starbound Beast", released in 2013)

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    And now from the soundtrack of one skateboarding game to another, far worse skateboarding game. With a killer soundtrack. Funny how that works.

    Caviar - "OK Nightmare" (from Caviar, 2000)
  • Razor_SharkRazor_Shark Opening Act
    Nine Inch Nails -- Only

    Kinda surprised this one hasn't come along in any of the NIN packs
  • Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy
  • Soulja Boy - Anime (Single, 2010)

    With friends like you... :tongue:
  • So can we request Bronkencyde yet?
  • razor63razor63 Unsigned
    I wasn't sure what to go with, so I went with this:

    fuvk - "Pairs of Two"
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior

    Vexus said:

    Soulja Boy - Anime (Single, 2010)

    With friends like you... :tongue:
    To be fair, I've actually went from liking Soulja Boy, to not liking him, to liking him ironically, to gaining a new appreciation, in a sort of "This is silly, is aware and proud of being silly, and I can get behind that" sort of way. So I don't mind :p
    Old forumers that knew me before I got my forum name changed in 2014 will remember what the "S" in MCS stands for. I too will readily admit that "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" was a guilty pleasure song for me back when it came out.

    Never knew he had a song about anime though....oh boy...
  • razor63razor63 Unsigned
    Wildcat15 said:

    So can we request Bronkencyde yet?

    Naw, needs to be a brokeNCYDE and Design the Skyline double bill? Only the best.
  • Soulja Boy did a song called "Goku" where he flaunts about his "Death Note swag," the man is a proud crunk weeb and should be appreciated as such!

    Speaking of which, Middle Eastern-inspired funk music!
    Khruangbin - Lady & Man (from Con Todo El Mundo, 2018)
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    razor63 said:

    Wildcat15 said:

    So can we request Bronkencyde yet?

    Naw, needs to be a brokeNCYDE and Design the Skyline double bill? Only the best.
    I listened to more Design the Skyline, and they're actually a really good band, IMO. They just get a bad rep because "Surrounded by Silence" was a poorly mixed demo of an otherwise actually really heavy and avant-garde song. Also metalheads probably decided before listening that they hated them due to how they looked, because clearly the only good metal bands are big, burly, bearded men with leather vests and tons of tattoos.

    BrokenCYDE, however, is probably the worst thing ever, and I will not tier that. :p
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    As a heads up, tiers may be coming a bit later this week, or early next week, because I am working on another setlist project. Also a heads up on that, none of the tiers in that setlist is "cannon" to this thread; in fact, the relative tiers are so f***ed that songs that would normally be full-band devil tiers actually look like they may end up having some three or four dot tiers when the relative tiering is finished. So when that comes, and you see any songs you're curious what my actual tiers for them are, let me know!
  • Let me use that extra time to request something:

    In Extremo - Flaschenteufel
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    And here's me, making my fashionably late request, as is the norm now.

    "In the Forest/A Boy Who Can't Talk" by Planet P Project (from 19:12 to 24:55 in the video)
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    Sorry to have to put my foot down like this, but could you please pick something else for me to tier? After events that happened a few months ago involving Channel Awesome, I don't feel comfortable tiering anything related to Nostalgia Critic (other shows that used to be on that channel are fine, just not any Doug Walker things).
  • Sorry to have to put my foot down like this, but could you please pick something else for me to tier? After events that happened a few months ago involving Channel Awesome, I don't feel comfortable tiering anything related to Nostalgia Critic (other shows that used to be on that channel are fine, just not any Doug Walker things).

    Fine, here’s a song from my Pop Band setlist:

    DJ Shadow ft. Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak
  • Incredible Expanding Mindf*** - The Gospel According to the I.E.M.

    At first I kinda liked it, but I felt this kinda dragged on a bit too long. The more ambient parts were weird, but felt uneventful, and then the more rocking parts were really repetitive, with the same bass riff again and again. I think I get what he was going for here (mixing dark ambient stuff with some freeform guitar shredding) but due to it's repetitive nature and length of 13 minutes, I don't think this works for me.

    As a side note, while you mentioned this was instrumental, I still heard “ahh” vocals in a few spots as well as talking, so I opted to have a vocal tier. The tier for vocals is high due to the sporadic, unpredictable nature of the “ahh” vocals.

    Yeah, IEM's kinda hit-and-miss. It and Bass Communion result from Steven messing around on the instruments.

    "Detonation" is one of the few tracks off of To The Bone which I'd really want to play in RB. Mostly for the last 2-3 minutes, which I imagine will raise the tiers up pretty high on guitar and drums. At 9 minutes and 19 seconds, it's the only long-ish song that appears on an album where Steven took a change in sound compared to Hand. Cannot. Erase. that has drawn comparisons to Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.

    As for the delay, it was worth it since (Arguably) Prog Band's a setlist that I'd buy.
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    Since I recommended in your Prog Band thread that you should give Wishbone Ash a try, I'll recommend one their two big songs from Argus

    Wishbone Ash - Blowin' Free
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    Yeah, overall I wouldn't say I'm the biggest fan of Duran Duran in general or anything, but outside of the overplayed stuff they have some good songs, I think. This one is just so strange for them that I knew you'd dig it, so I'm glad I succeeded :p I'd love to see how the guitar chart would be handled on this one; it'd probably be pretty fun despite the weirdness of it, and the ocarina bit sounds like it'd be a nice change of pace from the repetitive synth. Only change I'd maybe make is bumping drums up a dot because the trap-esque beat sounds a bit wonky at times, but it's nothing too crazy, really. Regardless, really cool tier for a really weird song!

    I'm overdue for requesting a Bearstronaut song in this thread, so I think I'll throw another one of my favorites from Telecoast your way for my next request. This is also another pick from my "best songs discovered in 2017" list (though the more I think about it, I almost feel like I should have included "Tucson" instead, since that might be my all-time favorite from them now :p ). Unlike some of my recent requests, there's some guitar in this one and even a solo later on, but it's a bit sparse otherwise, so there might be some synths alt-charted throughout.

    Bearstronaut - "Curaçao" (from Telecoast, 2016)

    Also, this request doubles as a tie-in to a dream I had last week where I hung out with Bearstronaut and they played a private concert for me. T'was a fun time, they were such chill dudes (and they certainly seem that way in real life, as well!)
  • I picked up Roy Orbison's Mystery Girl album at a yard sale recently, because I knew I liked You Got It and his cover of The Comedians, and I ended up really enjoying a lot of the other songs.

    My request is for (All I Can Do Is) Dream You, a song that I think would be one of the best fits for Rock Band off the album.
  • This time around I'll request a woefully unknown classic metal track.

    "Heavy Metal Thunder" by Messiah Prophet (from Master of the Metal, 1986)
  • This time I'll try something a little more lively and eventful:

    Kathleen Edwards - "Copied Keys" (Back to Me, 2005).
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