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  • "Art of Dying" by George Harrison.
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    Okay, problem: The song I think I want to request is technically two songs by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention but it's a version that splices them together that's found on a compilation of theirs called "Call Any Vegetable." Kinda like "Fingertips," they're kind of meant to roll on together anyways. However, I cannot find this freakin song anywhere on any video site, at least without the "Topic" versions you tell me you can't actually gain access to. I could give you an eleven minute version of that song if you like, but A) that would actually be three songs and B) though that whole thing is probably the complete "suite," I'm pretty sure the extended part would just make everything devils anyway. Or I could just give you a video of the whole album I'm talking about and just give you the specific time that it's on. OR I just give up because it's probably too much work and arguably cheating on my half and just request a silly song by Brak from Space Ghost instead.

    Hmm... I could always see if I can find the version you want me to tier on another service such as Spotify or Tidal. If I can't I may ask you to link me to the album with a timestamp of the medley you want me to tier.

    I'm new here, and for my very first post I'm going to request a song you might not have heard of unless you play extreme sports games (in this case, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2):

    "Unified" by Dislocated Styles (Pin the Tail on the Honkey, 2001)

    Welcome! I haven't played that specific game, though I used to play a lot of Tony Hawk games at least, and if this game's soundtrack is anything like the soundtrack to that game, I should enjoy this! :)

    I thought MMMBop would be higher than four dots on vocals, considering each brother does their own thing in some parts of the verse. Not complaining, just an observation. Also I feel like it would've been the perfect track for Lego Rock Band

    Hmm, fair point. I may go back and edit that to be a higher tier; tbh I was gonna rate it higher, but was kinda nervous of being scoffed at for overtiering the vocals, so played it safe and went with four dots.
  • Okie doke, it's "Call Any Vegetable" by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention off of Mothermania from 1969 (Spotify got it under just Frank Zappa's name), though it's just "Call Any Vegetable" and "Soft-Sell Conclusion" from their 1967 album Absolutely Free bunched together. this is a YouTube link to the whole compilation, and it starts at 27:31 and ends at 31:53. Preciate it!
  • Deftones - "Elite" (from White Pony, 2000)

    Out of all the songs that could've been up for a Grammy (and won) out of this album, why this one? It's a great song, but it wasn't even a single.
  • Okay, so uh...any updates?
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    Okay, so uh...any updates?

    Sorry about the delay, last week was rather busy. I'll try to get these done today.
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    Sorry about the delay, but here are the tier requests for @Razor_Shark , @MCSMeister , @coolkat , @thebipsnbeeps , @mlee117379 , @Radiohead97 , @WingsOfSteel , and @JimmyLethal !

    Republica – Ready to Go

    This sounds vaguely familiar, perhaps I heard it often when I was little. Song's pretty alright, and sounds like it's be a lot of fun on Rock Band. Drums sound like they'd be really tricky, torn between five dots and devils here- Bass also sounds really fun, and guitar has a few moments that also bump it up to three dots (mostly the fast strumming bits).

    Foster the People – Pay the Man

    I wasn't really into the last song from this album, and this one isn't doing anything for me either. I'm really not a fan of the vocals (especially the pitched-up ones), and the production in general just seems confused and poorly thought out. There's also the same problem with the lyrics as the previous song, they just raise a lot of questions. As for tiers, it took two listens for me to get these results, and I'm still not 100% certain. The fast hi-hats throughout makes this a devil-tier on drums, and vocals also sound really weird and hard to follow, so having that as a devil tier as well. I figure most of the guitar chart would be the guitar throughout, thus the three dots, and bass has one tricky part that raises this from 0-1 dot to four dots.

    KIX – Don't Close Your Eyes

    This really reminds me of “Dream On” by Aerosmith. This is one of the better hair metal ballads I've heard, and wouldn't mind seeing it on Rock Band. Drums seem really laid back, though bass and guitar sound like they have some fun moments as well (also I'd imagine the piano before the guitar comes in would be alt-charted to guitar). Vocals are the definite standout, as well as the most difficult of these.

    The Mothers of Invention – Call Any Vegetable

    It's been a while since I've been requested any Frank Zappa. And wow this is quite the thing. It's stuff like this that makes the fact that Frank Zappa didn't do drugs unbelievable :p Either way, this was an amazing experience. As for tiers, I imagine this would be high tier all over, with vocals being especially high tier due to the randomness and off-keyness of it. Drums are tough to tier, due to the mix of some faster drum bits, as well as lots of times where the drummer isn't playing anything. I imagine some of the flute would be alt-charted to guitar, and as thus would raise the tier for that. Bass also has some fast parts that raise it's tier as well.

    Dislocated Styles – Unified

    This some is weird, but catchy, and sounds like it'd be a lot of fun on Rock Band. Guitar and bass sound like the chorus riff would be a fun challenge, and drums sound really funky, thus the high tier there. I imagine the vocals would be all talkies, since it's all rap vocals, thus the 0 dot tier there.

    Incubus – Anna Molly

    This song sounds like it'd be really fun to play! Not sure why I hadn't heard this before, this was apparently a big hit for the band. But sure, I'd buy this if it were DLC. Guitar sounds like there'd be a lot of fast strumming throughout, and the drums also sound like they'd be tricky. Bass seems about mid-tier, and vocals are varied and ranged enough to push itself into four dot territory.

    George Harrison – Art of Dying

    This song does seem rather familiar; thinking I may have heard it a lot as a kid, but haven't heard it since. This song's pretty cool, and I'd be down with seeing it on Rock Band. I imagine since there's plenty of guitar throughout there wouldn't be much alt-charting, though what bumps it up to five dots is the solo at the end (during the partial fade-out). Drums also seem to be doing a fast-ish disco beat throughout, so labeling that as five dots as well (that seems to be a common thing in this batch of songs, disco beats...). Bass and vocals seem a bit less tricky, so bass is getting three dots and vocals two dots.

    Deftones – Elite

    I believe I tiered this on a previous thread, but don't mind doing so again. This song is a testament to how diverse Deftones' sound can be; most of their more well-known songs are more shoegaze or alternative rock/metal influenced, then there's this groove metal thing. Sounds like it'd be pretty fun on guitar and bass, with lots of groovy riffs throughout. Drums also sound tricky, with some parts utilizing rides and snares in interesting ways. With vocals, I wonder if they'd chart the vocoder vocals as pitched or not, though either way I'd say 0 dots, since it'd all be the same pitch anyways.
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    The tiers for Anna Molly are pretty much perfect, in my opinion. I hope we get that song soon.

    My next song opens the soundtrack to "Baby Driver", one of my favorite films of last year and easily the best soundtrack of the year.

    The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Bellbottoms"
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    Sheesh, I really need to stop requesting songs that you don't like the vocals on...this is like the fourth one in a row! :p For what it's worth, these are probably the most non-FtP-sounding songs on Sacred Hearts Club, and I wanted to request them for that very reason, but there are some songs on it that I think are much more accessible by comparison. As all-over-the-place as this one is, I think you mostly did a good job of tiering it, though I didn't expect bass to be a 4 just for that one part during the bridge. It doesn't last very long (only about 15 seconds) and seems like it'd just be more active than the rest of the bass chart, but still doable. I'd probably swap the guitar and bass tiers, personally, because the guitar sounds like it's doing a fair amount of back-and-forth alt-strumming when it's present. All I have left to add is that drums sound like they'd be practically impossible to nail perfectly - at least in my experiences with Pro drums in RB4, the cymbals often don't fully register really fast hits, even if I play them correctly.

    Well, I promised I'd return to some Bearstronaut in the future, and with them releasing a new single this week, I think now's the perfect time for that! I'm really curious to hear what you think of this new sound of theirs; this song is taken in a completely different direction from their Telecoast stuff and I think it'd be a blast in Rock Band for just about everybody. It gets pretty strange at one point, too, and I think you'll like it for that.

    Bearstronaut - "Working Nights" (from Working Nights single, 2018)

    I know you don't mind the vocals in Bearstronaut's songs, so here's hoping this doesn't keep up that bad streak!
  • Oh hey, thanks for the tier! I was actually starting to get a lil worried there.

    My next request is a song from the same game: Bad Ronald - All A Dream (Bad Ronald, 2001)

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    Forever Young (continued) - Bob Dylan
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    Glad you enjoyed it, I'm still digging through all of that Frank Zappa stuff but his early Mothers of Invention era of music (like Freak Out to Uncle Meat) is great (or freaking *weird*) if you ask me!

    Going for a hot pop sensation at the time

    Chip Skylark - My Shiny Teeth and Me
  • Sorry about the delay, but here are the tier requests for @Razor_Shark , @MCSMeister , @coolkat , @thebipsnbeeps , @mlee117379 , @Radiohead97 , @WingsOfSteel , and @JimmyLethal !

    Republica – Ready to Go

    This sounds vaguely familiar, perhaps I heard it often when I was little. Song's pretty alright, and sounds like it's be a lot of fun on Rock Band. Drums sound like they'd be really tricky, torn between five dots and devils here- Bass also sounds really fun, and guitar has a few moments that also bump it up to three dots (mostly the fast strumming bits).

    You remember it from my hypothetical RB5 thread. We even got similar tiers for it - same drums and bass, I was one lower on guitar and vocals. I'm not taking that as a bad thing, mind. I just find it interesting when someone posts the same song as me to see how my tiers stack up with theirs.

    Got a request for one I've been struggling with - IDestroy: Lemons.
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    Time to break up the hair metal with some German synthpop!

    "(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena" by Sandra (from The Long Play, 1985).
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    King's X -- Rocket Ship
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    Just wanna give a heads up that I've not gotten to these yet, but I will try for them tomorrow!
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    Sorry for the delay, here are this week's tiers for @Radiohead97 , @MCSMeister , @Wildcat15 , @mlee117379 , @WingsOfSteel , @thebipsnbeeps , @Vexus , @coolkat , and @Razor_Shark !

    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Bellbottoms

    Not sure what I was expecting from this, but this surely was much different than what I could possibly expect :p I had fun listening to this, and sure this could be fun to see in the game! Guitar sounds like it'd have some tricky spots, but would mostly be manageable, while bass sounds a little easier than that. Drums get a higher tier due to the speed of the ghost snares and such. Vocals are hard to put a tier for, due to the sporadic and random nature, though I'm thinking since there's one tough, short part, but the rest would be easy, perhaps maybe two dots here.

    Bearstronaut – Working Nights

    So this sounds quite different than the other songs I've heard from this band. This was pretty cool, actually, and sounds like it'd be pretty fun to play on Rock Band. I like this weird, somewhat-bluesy-and-also-really-weird alternative rock sound they have here, hope to see more like this. As for tiers, guitar and bass have sporadic moments that would bump the tiers up to four I feel. While drums have some rather fast hi-hats and fills that give this a high tier. Vocals I'd say are a three, just because of the switching between octaves in the verses.

    Protest the Hero – Limb from Limb

    Congratulations on picking the first full-devil-tier song of the thread! This song is really cool, wish we could get some PtH on RB4. Hell, this song would have been great on RB3 with that keyboard solo. Whether or not the keys would go on guitar wouldn't really affect the tier here, since even without it guitar is all over the place. Bass follows guitar a lot through the song, thus the high tier there as well. Drums have a lot of triplet kicks that would make for a really tricky pattern on single bass, as well as some fast kicks and fills throughout. And vocals are also all over the place, thus the devil tiers despite also having a lot of gutterals.

    Bad Ronald – All a Dream

    I'm not really too big on party hip-hop lyrics (lyrics about girls, money, etc.), but instrumentally this song is pretty cool, and sounds like it'd be fun on Rock Band. Guitar sounds like it'd be pretty tricky with the shredding throughout, and the hip-hop beat on drums also sounds challenging. Bass sounds a little more straightforward, while vocals also sounds they'd be somewhat tricky due to how fast some of the singing is (the rapping would be talkies, but there's also fast singing throughout).

    Bob Dylan – Forever Young (Continued)

    I'm not real big on Bob Dylan, but this one sounded alright, and like it'd be fun on Rock Band. I imagine the harmonica solos would be alt-charted to guitar, but even then it's mostly five dot due to how I imagine the guitar in the verses would be (essentially I imagine it'd be one of those strum riffs where there's a mix of different chords and single notes, which at this speed sounds like it'd be pretty tough to keep a combo on). Bass sounds the most fun, with a lot of things that sound like they'd be fun HOPOcoasters, while drums would be challenging due to the really fast ride rhythms and fills. Vocals actually seem to be the easiest instrument here, which I'm not used to with a Bob Dylan song.

    Chip Skylark – My Shiny Teeth and Me

    Note that I just used the album image from Season 2 on iTunes, since this was never released on any albums or as a single as far as I can tell. I used to watch this show all the time as a kid. As a song, this doesn't really do anything for me, but I do still feel nostalgic :p As for tiers, I imagine at least the organ solo would be alt-charted on guitar, but wouldn't be surprised to see some more alt-charting, though either way it seems rather approachable on everything. Vocals are borderline 3-dot and 4, but went lower just because there isn't as much range to them as in a lot of 4-dot songs.

    IDestroy – Lemons

    This song is okay, it's one of the better recent indie rock things I've heard lately. As for tiers, I imagine guitar would probably be a high two dot, due to some quick chord changes in the “oooooowaaaah” parts, and bass for the same reason (only without chords there). Drums have a tricky fast hi-hat pattern in the verses, but what pushes it to four dots is the monster fill near the end of the song. As for vocals, there isn't much range to them, but I imagine they'd be a pretty solid 2-dot.

    Sandra – (I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena

    This song is pretty cool, it'd be cool to see this in Rock Band. For guitar, I imagine a lot of the synths would be alt-charted, with the only instance of guitar that I can hear being the solo. I imagine there'd be a lot of HOPOcoaster patterns during the bridge, thus the four dots. Bass seems a bit more laid back, while drums would be pretty much a nonstop disco beat, thus the high tier there. Vocals are a bit borderline 3 or 4 dot, though the range isn't really all that big, so I decided to go with 3 here.

    King's X – Rocket Ship

    I was kinda expecting this song to build up to something, but it was actually rather short. I liked what I heard, but felt it was a bit too short, and it coulda used a longer bridge or solo. The production was also kinda muddy and made it sound a bit less impressive than it coulda been (then again I listened to YouTube uploads, for all I know it could just be that the videos used really cruddy audio settings). I imagine guitar and bass would be a solid 3 dot, due to the chug riffs. Drums were mostly really easy, but the occasional fast kick or fill brings it up to 1 dot. As for vocals, the verses were a bit Jimi Hendrix-esque in terms of how they tend to flow all over the place freely, thus the higher tier there.
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    Great tiers for this crazy Bearstronaut song! Only thing I have to say is that I actually kind of expected drums to be devils on this one, since the song's considerably faster than "Tucson" (which also got a 5 on drums), but maybe the bridge at 2:05 neutralized the difficulty a little bit since it starts out kind of sparse for the drummer. I have a feeling the bridge wouldn't affect the other tiers too much (vocals just sound like talkies for the whole part, and guitar/bass are mostly distorted sustains), but the drum speed-up towards the end of the bridge might be enough of an extra "oomph" to warrant devils. Not gonna lie, though, with requesting this song I was a little worried you would think the song ended earlier than it did because there's some silence before the bridge, but hopefully that didn't happen :p

    And now I'm going to request a song from a goofy synthpop group that features a fat bearded man as their lead singer. Because, what else?

    Stepdad - "Will I Ever Dance Again" (from Wildlife Pop, 2012)

    Fun fact: This song has one of my favorite music videos ever. There's no guitar here, and knowing how you chart things, it's highly likely you'll chart synth sweeps to guitar yet again, so I won't be surprised if I see a high guitar tier for this one.
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    This is from a different BMX game, and a much more risqué one at that (don’t worry, there’s nothing NSFW in the video, it’s just the song, but the game itself...)

    Alien Breed - Crackling (Antidote, 2003)
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    Happy you enjoyed Bellbottoms. I heard it on the Baby Driver soundtrack and fell in love. The tiers are pretty solid too, though I wouldn't know how to tiers vocals either.

    Anyway, my next song is a song that got Nirvana in a bit of legal trouble because one of their songs had a riff that strongly resembles this song. Any and all charges were dropped after Cobain's death, but it's hard to not hear the similarities.

    Killing Joke - "Eighties"
  • Really nice tiers (though you accidentally tiered vocals a four when you said you put three), and nice to hear you liked it! I feel a lot of early synthwave, especially from Europe, tends to get overlooked.

    Now, for something completely different.

    "Rush B" by Sheet Music Boss (single video, 2018)

    I linked the playable version, for the sake of the charts, but if you'd like, feel free to tier the original.
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    Backstreet Boys -- Larger Than Life
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    coolkat said:

    Really nice tiers (though you accidentally tiered vocals a four when you said you put three)

    Thanks, fixed now! I was originally gonna have it be four dots, but decided at the last minute to reduce it a little, and must have forgotten to actually do so :p
  • "The Ocean" - Tegan and Sara
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    Thanks for the tier, were you more of a Skip Sparkypants fan??

    Me next request
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - The Hamilton Polka (from Lin Manuel-Miranda's Hamildrops catalog, where he's gonna drop a song after song throughout this year, 2018)
  • zzz hi hey I'm awake

    Alien Ant Farm - "S.S. Recognize" (from truANT, 2003)
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