The Musical result should impact Points....

Right now, Drop Mix is NOT a music mixing game. It is a card game that happens to play music. You can play the card game with a D10 or D12 (for the Drop Mix button, and randomizing which cards get removed), and skip the board.

It would be more interesting if the actual Music + Timing was used as a game mechanic:
1) Get extra points for playing your card at a "good" time in the song. (Don't interrupt lyrics, some specific instrument solo, or do it when the beat drops)
2) Playing a card which has similar default Time/beat signature qualities as the current mix, or completely different from the current mix (extra points or negative points maybe).

Those are just 2 ideas off the top of my head to incorporate the Music into the game more.

What do people think? They could probably update the App for support like this.


  • That would just make the game very confusing imo.
  • I hear what you mean - the tech is awesome, but really the game itself seems less strategic than Uno - it's numbers and colors.
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