FX Cards - printable icon cheatsheet

jpw21683jpw21683 Unsigned
edited December 2017 in DropMix
As I've played DropMix with friends, one regular complaint has been about the cryptic icons on the FX Cards. What do the icons mean?

There is a help menu in the app with multiple screens that explains all the icons, but it can only be accessed from the main menu. Once you're in a clash game, you can't view it.

So I created a printable cheatsheet by taking screenshots from the iPad app. It fills an entire 8.5" x 11" page and isn't the prettiest, but it definitely helps in explaining what the cards do (especially if you forget mid-game)!

I've attached 300dpi print-ready PDF and PNG formats to this post. Hope you find it helpful! If anyone wants to help pretty it up, I'm happy to share the Photoshop file, too.


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