Vexus's Hypothetical Rock Band 5! (91 on-disc songs, DLC, RBN return requests and a sandwich)



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    Just going to contemplate what to replace iwrestledabearonce with...

    EDIT: Alright, contemplated. One of the bands I saw at Bloodstock this weekend, Onslaught, and their track "Godhead"!
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    This isn't a hiatus cut short, just yet another off-the-cuff tribute post, with tiers coming... with tiers coming.

    I think @FritzyKatz did a good Aretha Franklin tribute. Personally, I would have put Rock Steady in there, but that's just me. A damn good bassline, solid funk guitar licks and some great drum fills. Aside from that, I think he nailed an Aretha pack, so I don't really see a need to do one. Go check it out here. Band tier for Rock Steady: 4 (Challenging).

    No, I'm going to cover another female vocalist whose death was announced today: Jill Janus from Huntress. Jill had struggled with mental health issues for her entire life but was also a prolific creative who hand-made a lot of the band's merch. She ended up taking her life on Tuesday. Source. So, here's a pack of some of Huntress's bigger songs.

    Huntress 01:
    Eight of Swords [5]
    Zenith [D] (tiered by @LiveHomeVideo)
    Sorrow [5] (note: kind of a comically gory video - be warned if you have some issues with that sort of content)

    I went with one from each album, and each song is a lovely slice of thrash metal and has everything you'd expect from a good bit of thrash - fast chugging guitar, riffs for days, plenty of drum fills and pretty relentless aggression in the playing. Jill's vocals really did set Huntress apart though, being a mix of soaring cleans and ear-piercing shrieks. The only instrument I can see getting a low tier on any of these songs is bass... maybe.

    Regular service will resume... ehh, still looks like some time in September. I guess.
  • What do you call a passion project that's devoid of passion?

    I feel like this entire forum is pointless. I used to enjoy coming up with DLC ideas but one of the reasons I went on hiatus is that I haven't been lately. Tiering, coming up with blurbs about what I like about a song and/or what would make it a good fit for Rock Band, sharing those ideas... it's turning into a thankless chore. To date, my successful new song requests have been a whopping total of one song. If I were doing a one-dimensional themed list I'd likely understand but that's not the case. My requests span from black metal to chart pop, personal favourites to party bangers, friends of mine to international household names.

    It's not just me either. There seem to be more request threads and setlists now than ever in USL, at least since I started posting in it. There's a huge breadth of song requests of all types from all sorts of people. Some are genre specific, some are regional, some have other themes and some have no theme at all. Very few are having song requests translate into content for Rock Band. I'm grateful that not only are Harmonix still releasing DLC, especially free songs. I also like a lot of the RBN rereleases thus far. I just wonder who actually wants some of the new songs when nobody is asking for them in USL threads, and 99% of songs in USL threads seem to have no chance of getting into RB4.

    By no means am I saying this is the only reason for my hiatus. I'm struggling with mental health issues outside of this (in fact, RB4 and this thread have been coping mechanisms at times). I've been away at music festivals, both for work (2000 Trees, Leeds) and fun (Wacken, Bloodstock) and often lacked reliable internet access. When I've been at home, I've been resitting work for uni.

    I am not saying that my willpower will return immediately if it happens, but I would just like some reassurance that I and the rest of the USL community aren't collectively screaming into a void with no answer.

    Sorry if this seems petty or pathetic or anything, I just needed to get my feelings out there.
  • I mean, we just got "Broken" which was on a setlist I'm working on that I haven't even posted yet, so...progress?
  • If that counts, I'm up to three then.
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    I personally find it fun to both post request threads, and also look at what songs other people post on theirs. Even if most of what's on this subforum doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell on making it to the game (I'm responsible for a lot of the really weird requests) it's fun discovering new music here, and I've found several new favorites on this subforum over the years, actually!

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, your thread isn't without those that appreciate it, at least. I understand wanting to take a break though (I tend to do that quite often, judging by just how many separate tiers and setlist threads I have that have sorta just stopped), and I wish you the best with all you're dealing with!
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    Thanks for the kind words, @LiveHomeVideo! Those, as well as yours and @NightmareLyre's (Arguably) [genre] Band threads and this week's RBN return announcements have sparked some inspiration to keep going. Between getting some symphonic metal and a song at 927 on the RBN list, I feel like the options for potential rereleases just got blown wide open.

    Speaking of that symphonic metal song, I'm going to need to think of a replacement for Amberian Dawn's River of Tuoni.

    EDIT: Little rule change for my RBN rerelease wishlist - I'm not going to request more than one song at a time per artist, rather than just one song per artist ever. I mean, we got so much Amberian Dawn and because I was an idiot at the time I didn't get any of it. So, Valkyries is on the list.
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    Over the next week or so, I'm going to get tiers up for Rock Steady, the farewell pack and the Huntress songs, as well as what's coming further down in this post. First, I'm announcing that I'm going to be picking this back up again as a regular thing on Monday 10th September. I'll not be doing a catchup thing like FritzyKatz did for theirs, just posting weekly with DLC suggestions, Rivals posts and blurbs about why I like the songs in the posts and/or what about them I think would work well in Rock Band.

    For now:

    Variety singles: Just some nice stuff that it would be cool to have to tide you lot over edition
    Epica: Edge of the Blade [5]
    Frank Turner: Recovery [2]
    My Chemical Romance: Bulletproof Heart [4]

    At this point, I might as well have asked for the entire Holographic Principle album. And why not? It has grown on me a lot, to the point that it is dangerously close to supplanting Design Your Universe as my favourite Epica album. A mildly easier track than some I've requested on most things, this one still has tempo (or at least, apparent tempo) changes and some pretty furious guitar and bass work, plenty of orchestral sounds for the keys to take and a drum chart with plenty of solid, yet tasteful fills. Of course, there are some tough vocals in there too using a mix of operatic, pop/rock-ish and full-on death metal growling. I've requested enough Epica by now that you should know what you're getting into with them! The difference is that with Amberian Dawn returning, I can almost see us getting some Epica. Possibly. Eventually. Maybe if some more Nightwish comes out and sells decently.

    Frank Turner's an artist that we've not seen in years in Rock Band, but when he did get a song out it was (and in my opinion still is) the best free song we've got to date (though with This Will Be The Day coming out since, it actually has competition now). There's no reason not to have I Still Believe if you have RB3 and/or 4, so go get it. Needless to say, I would have paid for it, and I'd pay for more Frank Turner in Rock Band. Recovery is fairly similar in sound, with a pretty nice and varied guitar chart that's a mix of acoustic plucking and harder chords. Piano's a bit of a standout part here, getting a little solo at one point.

    Rounding off these singles is a My Chemical Romance song that was DLC in [whispers] GH Warriors of Rock [returns to spoken tone]. For me, it's a gem from an album that seems to divide opinion. It builds slowly with a keys-heavy intro and some guitar chords before going into the infectious emo-pop-rock that My Chemical Romance was so good at. The guitar chart includes a rather frantic solo, solid rhythmic work and some big-sounding long notes. Drums and bass kick in a bit later but really hold everything together.

    Next time, I've got a bit of a tribute to some of the other USL regulars lined up.
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    So at the weekend, I was taking part in a robot combat event I'm obliged not to talk about too much for the next few months. It does mean my tiers are taking a little longer than I thought.


    I'm still going to get on with the weekly posts. Starting... NOW!

    This week's DLC:

    There are some really cool songs out there that other people have requested, and to quote... well, me actually: "It's no bad thing that more of us are pushing for some of the same content". So...

    Variety singles: Respectful Nod Edition
    Horslips: Trouble (With a Capital T) [5]
    Killswitch Engage: Rose of Sharyn [5]
    Datarock: Fa-Fa-Fa [5]
    The Mars Volta: L’Via L’Viaquez [D]
    Warpaint: Keep It Healthy [3]
    Everything but the Girl: Missing (Todd Terry Remix) [4]

    Each of these songs has been requested in someone else’s request thread already. Some of these are songs I was familiar. Some really were not. Some were in the middle - bands I knew of, but not specific songs I knew. All of them have at least one nightmare or impossible-tier part too (points if you can guess which), so someone out there will find something challenging.

    First off is some Irish folk-rock courtesy of @FritzyKatz. My parents were actually pretty big fans of bands like Horslips, so there’s a bit of nostalgia with this song. Guitar and keys have very active parts, and the feel changes throughout might evoke memories of Green Grass and High Tides, though this doesn’t quite have the length of it!

    Killswitch Engage is one of those bands that occupies a weird sort of void for me. I’ve never disliked a song of theirs that I’ve heard, yet I’ve also never really gotten into. Rose of Sharyn was in @LiveHomeVideo’s Ohio Rock Band and is another fine serving of melodic metalcore from the band.

    The one song and band I hadn’t heard of going in, Fa-Fa-Fa is a surprisingly heavy indie rock tune from @NightmareLyre’s Norway Rock Band thread. There’s so much going on in this track that it should provide a varied, challenging and fun experience regardless of where you main. I can legit seeing this song’s tiers matching the relative ones NightmareLyre put - an act I’m dubbing “pulling a Karma Chameleon”. Spoiler alert: Mine will also match.

    L’Via L’Viaquez might have been right at home in Live’s “(Arguably) Prog Band” set, but it actually comes courtesy of @mlee117379 and their RB4 Keyboard Expansion setlist. I’ve linked the full-length version, but a shorter version would work fine in my opinion. This was one of the upper-tier songs in Guitar Hero World Tour on pretty much every instrument and will be tiered as such here too. Despite being in a keyboard-centric set, it would (and did) work great in a four-instrument game. Official video.

    Next is @GandWuser and their “Rock Band... But with WOMEN?!“ setlist, which gave us quite a few acts and tracks which overlap with my threads. Here's one that didn't until now, and it's a chilled out indie rock track by a band that's not to my usual tastes, but still very good. Warpaint's a band I'm a little bit surprised haven't turned up in Rock Band yet, and this would be a great starting point.

    Finally, a track from @coolkat's “Electronic Band“, which is an interesting concept but not one I think would work well without keyboards returning. Everything But The Girl has dabbled in various kinds of music from pop to folk and smooth jazz, but this house remix of Missing was their biggest international hit and led to them dabbling in electronic music in their follow-up album.

    Oh, I also promised a Rivals season, didn't I?

    Starting this season, there's going to be a bit of a change in how Rivals works for this thread. Vocals and drums still contribute to the spotlights as usual. Guitar, bass and keys will rotate in and out, with at least one song for each instrument being available. This allows most songs to be eligible for spotlighting, while also maintaining the two playable parts for guitar players. The first slot, which until now has always been one of my on-disc songs, will occasionally be a track from my keys expansion too.

    Incidentally, all the songs that I post in here will be ones I think would fit the four instrument setup, but I'll still tier keys anyway - think of it as an alt-charted and/or more likely guitar tier given some of Harmonix's recent charts. Any songs I like but think would require alt-charting or some kind of keyboard/other fifth instrument mode will turn up in Return of the Keyboard, but I don't have plans to post in there regularly.

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 4: Pinched from Harmonix
    Week 1: Tinkling the Ivories

    Play any song with a playable keyboard part

    Apart from this first challenge, each of this season's challenges is inspired by a previous Rivals challenge in Rock Band 4.

    Electric Light Orchestra: Evil Woman [GK]
    Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah: Lake Shore Drive [BK]
    a-ha: Take On Me [BK]

    The first spotlight of this season is Evil Woman. A band that I've been a bit surprised not to see in Rock Band yet (especially during the RB3 era), the cover of ELO's Out of the Blue album is @MCSMeister's display pic on the forums, and on the occasions that I don't beat them to the punch, they're known for comparing people's tier predictions with what Harmonix actually goes with. Evil Woman is from Face the Music rather than Out of the Blue, but it'll do as a representation! Evil Woman has some pretty rapidly strummed chords for guitar and a good mix of piano and string sections for keys to get into.

    Next is Lake Shore Drive, a song that represents... well, me. This thread's already pure self-indulgence (mindless and otherwise) so how much can a tiny bit more hurt? Lake Shore Drive is one of the on-disc songs from my keys expansion, as well as on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's soundtrack, which I made the thread for. I also thought I'd throw you in at the deep end for a keys-themed challenge. Those piano breaks could be a one-way path to RSI, so warm up on the bassline first! Next week it's back to normality in slot two - as in, one of the new DLC songs will be there.

    Finally, the song that I think suffers the most out of all of them for losing its keyboard part: Take On Me. I mean yeah, you could play the sparse, simple and bland guitar part for the XP/LP, but there's a synth bassline that goes through the entire song and an iconic lead synth riff in the keys chart that are both there instead. Not to mention a challenging vocal and fairly high-energy drum part. But really, Take On Me is a great song (I wouldn't have chosen it for a spotlight) but who does it represent? Harmonix themselves - they make the games, put out the DLC, host the forums and chose to let you put it in the game.

    Next time, I think at least one of you out there can guess who...
  • I appreciate the nod and agree Fa-Fa-Fa would probably be really fun in game, though I must admit I don't actually like the song myself and probably wouldn't buy it if it became available as DLC unless it was on a sale :tongue:
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    Cool idea for a pack, and it's cool that my setlist got acknowledged! Only thing, is that my setlist is Ohio: Rock Band, not Jew Jersey: Rock Band. There's a lot of state- or country-specific threads now, so I understand it can be hard to keep track what songs are from which.
  • Cool idea for a pack, and it's cool that my setlist got acknowledged! Only thing, is that my setlist is Ohio: Rock Band, not Jew Jersey: Rock Band. There's a lot of state- or country-specific threads now, so I understand it can be hard to keep track what songs are from which.

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    This week’s DLC:

    It’s a band we got as an on-disc bonus in Rock Band 1 and a further song I was convinced for the longest time was an RBN track but was just regular DLC. Two of these tracks feature their original vocalist and the third features the second one. This band also have quite a lot few in Rocksmith, appearing in an International Women’s Day pack and a pack of their own.

    Flyleaf 01
    Cassie [4]
    All Around Me [3] (Spotlight)
    Set Me on Fire [3]

    Our first song is a bit of a bass jam in a similar vein to I'm So Sick, though without quite the insane jumps that the vocals have in the other song. Guitar takes a bit of a back seat here, with some fast drumming carrying the bass and vocals through the verses. I'm all for more songs that do this, just to help alter the "bass is dull" perception that people have.

    So much paint! I actually asked LiveHomeVideo to tier this one, and I see why they tiered it as they did. Lacey's vocals are obviously the standout part here, with some lead licks giving the guitar plenty of variety, while the rhythm section has it fairly simple here. There's a bit of a change-up towards the end just to keep everyone alert, but nothing that makes it too crazy!

    Set Me On Fire is a track from Flyleaf's 2014 album, Between the Stars. This was the only album they did with Kristen May on vocal duty. In terms of guitar charts, it's a nice middle ground between Cassie's bass focus and All Around Me's guitar focus, having standout parts for both. Drums are solid and spacey, and the vocals are a bit more straightforward than the other two tracks (and reminiscent of Zombie by The Cranberries at points, I think). There are some synths in the background at points, but nothing too distracting.

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 4 Week 3: Let’s Hear It for the Girls
    Play any song that has a playable part that was played by a woman, or has a woman in its writing credits.

    We’ve had a few challenges that have had female singers as the focus, but if we’re trying to celebrate women in music then why limit ourselves to just vocalists? It’s Rock BAND, not Rock Singer, after all. Plus, how can we even have songs without songwriters?

    Fuzzbox: Pink Sunshine [BK]
    Flyleaf: All Around Me [GB]
    Social Distortion: Ring of Fire [GB]

    Fuzzbox is a band that have had many members over the years, but all of them have been female. The guitar line is a little plain in this one, so I gave the spotlight to the more present keyboard part instead. It’s an infectious, overlooked piece of British 80’s pop-rock that would suit a keys game, but would be pretty nice here too.

    There’s no keyboard part for All Around Me or Ring of Fire, so both get guitar and bass as their spotlight parts. Not much else to say about All Around Me really.

    “Vexus, you silly! Social Distortion are all men, and so was Johnny Cash!” True, and while Cash may have performed and recorded the most iconic version of this song, he neither wrote it nor recorded the original version. It was originally written by Merle Kilgore (who had a metal af surname by the way) and June Carter Cash, and was originally recorded by June’s sister Anita Carter. The Cash version would still earn you XP and LP, but I love this punk reworking of the song, and think it has a more fun chart on guitar and bass compared to its country counterpart.

    Stuff you can grind XP and LP on: WARNING: It's a huge list.
    Any song under the “female” filter for vocalist gender: All songs I've requested so far by Abba, Amaranthe*, Arch Enemy, Aretha Franklin, Arkona, Ashlee Simpson, B*Witched, Bananarama, The Beautiful South*, Birdy, The Birthday Massacre, Boyinaband ft. Veela, Brody Dalle, Cascada, Catatonia, CHVRCHES, Clean Bandit* ft. Zara Larsson, Coven, Deap Vally, Dee-Lite, Delain, Dolly Parton, Doro, Duffy, Eluveitie*, Emilie Autumn, Emmelie de Forrest, En Vogue, Epica, Evarose, Everything but the Girl, Fuzzbox, The Gathering, Girlschool, Gotye ft. Kimbra, Haim, Ho-kago Tea Time, Huntress, IDestroy, Janet Jackson, Joan Osborne, Joss Stone, Kate Nash, Kero Kero Bonito, Kittie, Lita Ford, Lovebites, Master Sword, Meredith Brooks, The Miracle of Sound ft. Lisa Foiles, My Indigo, Myrkur, Pale Waves, Paula Abdul, Peaks, Republica, Sara Bareilles, Shakira, Shakespears Sister, Sirenia, Slash ft. Fergie, Suzi Quatro, Superbus, t.A.T.u., Taylor Swift, The Ting Tings, Vanessa Carlton, Warpaint, Within Temptation, and Wolf Alice, plus all the ones already in RB4 (check RBDB for that list);

    Songs with female songwriters including (but probably not limited to): “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing” - Aerosmith (Diane Warren), “September” - Earth, Wind & Fire (Allee Willis), “Ring of Fire” - Johnny Cash/Social Distortion (June Carter Cash) and a bunch I probably missed;

    Songs with female performers that aren’t/wouldn’t be in the female-fronted category in the game: Andrew W.K. (”Music Is Worth Living For” and ”Never Again”), Animotion, Avenged Sevenfold (“A Little Piece of Heaven” only), The B-52’s (“Love Shack” and “Rock Lobster” - “Roam” already counts as a female-fronted song), B.O.B featuring Hayley Williams, Band of Skulls, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warner, Billy Idol (“Mony Mony” only), Bryan Adams (ft. Mel C - “When You’re Gone” only), The Buggles, Calvin Harris (ft. Pharell Williams, Big Sean and Katy Perry), Chumbawumba, A Day to Remember (“If It Means a Lot to You” only), DNCE, Frank Sinatra ft. Nancy Sinatra, Fleetwood Mac (”Go Your Own Way” - the rest already count as female-fronted songs), fun. (ft. Janelle Monáe - “We Are Young” only), Gorillaz**, Gunther and the Sunshine Girls, John & Yoko, the Plastic Ono Band, Johnny Blazes and the Pretty Boys, LEN, LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett & Goonrock, Lordi, Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera, Meat Loaf, Mindless Self Indulgence, New Order, Paul McCartney & Wings, A Perfect Circle, Pixies, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Seether ft. Amy Lee, Sick Puppies, Skillet, Sonic Youth (“Teen Age Riot” - “Kool Thing” already counts as a female-fronted song), Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, The Subways, Talking Heads, White Zombie, and The Zutons

    *Amaranthe technically have three frontpeople - two men (Henrik Englund Wilhemsson and Nils Molin) and a woman (Elize Ryd). I could see them in a similar position to Sonic Youth/Fleetwood Mac/The B-52’s where the lead gender for each song is decided on a case-by-case basis, but I threw them under the “female fronted” label since that’s what most music journos, casual fans and casual haters of them would do. It’s the same thing with The Beautiful South - Rotterdam is sung by Jacqui Abbott, but they have plenty of male-fronted songs too. From what I gather Clean Bandit are in a similar position, having a female member (specifically cellist/vocalist Grace Chatto) who’s not the designated “lead singer” and collaborating a lot with other singers. Even in songs without Grace’s vocals, her cello parts could work as an alt-chart for guitar, bass or keys depending on the instrumentation of the song. Eluveitie also change lead singers between songs, but Anna Murphy is unquestionably the lead singer on The Call of the Mountains.

    **Noodle counts okay?

    Next week is my take on the community challenge.
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    This week’s DLC

    I will never stop wishing for this band, okay? I mean I'll stop for a while again now but I'll always want them and more of them even if we got them.

    Epica 02
    Unleashed [5]
    The Phantom Agony (Live) [5] (Spotlight)
    Never Enough [3]

    Unleashed is a track with a few different versions, the most notable of which is a duet with Amanda Somerville. I’ve gone with the version from the basic/default Design Your Universe album, but I don’t see much of a change in the tiers for it. This one has some pretty catchy riffing on guitar, bass and strings behind the verses and some kind of half-time effect going on in the choruses. Devil-tier vocals, because of course, but the rest would sit a bit lower.

    The Phantom Agony is the title track of Epica’s first album, but this live version comes from their Retrospect concert when the band celebrated their tenth year in existence. While I can see the orchestral outro being cut short for gameplay reasons, the slowly building intro would stay in, I reckon. Normally I request studio versions of songs but generally don’t mind if we get live versions instead. This is the third exception, and one of the other exceptions I’ll talk about further down (as well as briefly touch upon the other so far). While I wasn’t at this particular Epica show, I’ve been at a fair few over the years and when they’ve played The Phantom Agony live they’ve used this rearrangement which gives it a bit of a disco flavour at points. Yes, really. Symphonic-progressive-gothic-death-disco metal. It’s a bizarre idea, yet it weirdly works, and it’s so unique that as good as the original version of The Phantom Agony is, I felt I couldn’t pass this one up.

    Never Enough is not just an Epica song, it’s also how much symphonic metal there is and will always be in Rock Band (bringing back all the Amberian Dawn would be a good start, by the way). It’s a relatively straightforward track on the guitars, mostly chord-based on guitar and with a few extra passing notes on bass to make it a little trickier. Tiers for this one would be some of the lowest possible for an Epica song, about on par with Storm the Sorrow apart from on keys, which would be noticeably lower.

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 4 Week 2: Protect your ears and stay hydrated!
    Play songs by any act Vexus has seen live

    Nightwish: Ghost Love Score (Live) [BK]
    Epica: The Phantom Agony (Live) [GK]
    Iron Maiden: Fear of the Dark (Live) [GB]

    A metal challenge? Well, kind of… I’ve worked in live events for several years and one perk of that fact is that I’ve seen quite a lot of bands for free. I’ve also paid to attend stuff I really love too, and a lot of my favourite bands are metal. Since live music is the focus of the challenge, I thought I’d use live tracks as the spotlights. This is sort of my version of the personal and community picks that have cropped up from time to time. Have fun, lead vocalists - you’ve got Floor Jansen (covering Tarja Turunen), Simone Simons and Bruce Dickinson to emulate!

    So, why this live version of Ghost Love Score over the studio version? Well, controversial opinion time (though this is one of my posts so that should go without saying) but Floor Jansen is the best lead singer Nightwish has had yet - even the Tarja purists have to admit she can more than match the original vocalist on this track, giving just as good a technical performance and a lot more emotion - not to mention that outro wail! This version also has a trickier bassline, with improvisation from Marco Hietala coming in particularly heavy in the outro. Keys players have the accompanying orchestral elements which mostly sit in the background during the vocals and the guitar solo, but also get the lead in a bunch of instrumental breaks, some of which would be charted as solos and one of which is a meme.

    I said it before, I’ll say it again: Progressive-symphonic-gothic-disco-death metal. Choosing the parts to use in this one and Ghost Love Score was pretty tricky. Part of me wonders if this should have had the bassline (due to the disco influence) and Ghost Love Score should have had the guitar part (since it has a solo, though so do keys and arguably bass). Perhaps I could have dropped keys from the spotlight on one and just had guitar and bass (maybe on The Phantom Agony, but no way on Ghost Love Score!). Kind of a no-win situation, since I don’t like the idea of 5-instrument spotlights being a thing, as it greatly limits what can go in the spotlight. Still, I'm happy enough with guitar, bass and drums getting 2 parts each for the spotlight this time around.

    I’ve never been to Argentina, but I have seen Iron Maiden live a couple of times. I generally love it when a guitar riff is just as, if not more singable, than an actual lyric. If the crowd reaction on this track is any indication… Fear of the Dark is one of the easier Maiden songs on both Rock Band and real instruments, but it’s still fairly tricky - the standard is raised a fair bit when talking about them!

    Other stuff you can grind XP/LP on: A much shorter list this time! Any song by any act from this list, plus Amaranthe, Arkona, Ash, Avatar, Biffy Clyro, Bowling for Soup, Deap Vally, Delain, Doro, Eluveitie, Emilie Autumn, Epica, Gojira, Himalayas, IDestroy, JayCee, Kamelot, Lovebites, Manic Street Preachers, Myrkur, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, New Found Glory, Oaf, Orphaned Land, Pallbearer, Saw Doctors, Watain, Warpaint and Within Temptation.

    ...yeah, weirdly I have requested a lot of bands I haven't seen! Next time, probably the most subjective challenge yet. I may need an attached document for this one!
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    This week's DLC

    I used to be a massive weeaboo and had other friends who were massive weeaboos. I still keep half an eye on what's coming out of Japan musically speaking though. There's some good stuff coming out.

    Variety singles: 日本の音楽版
    Lovebites: Shadowmaker [5]
    The GazettE: Silly God Disco [4]
    Band-Maid: Thrill (Spotlight) [4]

    The chances of us getting Japanese bands that aren't Dir en grey, Esprit D'Air, Babymetal or Crossfaith? Lower than I would like them to be. Well, it IS a request thread...

    Power metal anyone? This Lovebites track isn't quite as tricky as The Crusade, but is still a pretty unrelenting shred part on guitar, including multiple back-to-back solos. Plenty of speed is needed for the drums, bass and keys charts too. Vocals are a lot more straightforward compared to The Crusade, with less of the straight-up wailing present in the other song. Just the audio linked above, with the official video here.

    No, I didn't pick three all-female bands - just two and these visual kei prettyboys. Visual kei prettyboys with a catchy bass and horn riff that gets this track going, that is! Guitar has a funk flavour with its chord focus and syncopated rhythms, as well as a brief solo to keep things spicy. Vocals have some... let's just say interesting lyrics ("Cheesed with the power?" What?) but I think we can forgive them for that when the rest is a solid funk-rock tune.

    Finally, Band-Maid rounds us off with some solid hard rock. Catchy vocals, great riffs for both playable guitar parts and a solid if straightforward drum part with the odd fill to keep things interesting? Sign me up. Oh, and it has the most underutilised tool in music: A BASS SOLO! A bass solo that then transitions into the guitar solo which, while not as funky as SGD or as utterly brutal as Shadowmaker, should be a solid challenge in its own right.

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 4 Week 3: An Instrument, a Role, a Clef
    Play any songs with a really good bassline

    Spotlight songs:
    Brocas Helm: Cry of the Banshee [GB]
    Band-Maid: Thrill [GB]
    Rush: Caravan [GB]

    Sorry keyboardists, but no spotlight for you! Oh well, I only intended for a return of keyboards to just the ability to play keys charts on the guitar controller anyway.

    I first discovered Cry of the Banshee through Brütal Legend, and it was a track I immediately wanted in a Rock Band game. Right out the gate, you have this slide note on bass that builds to a frantic tap riff that guitar immediately joins in on. The rest of the song is ridiculously fast playing for drums, guitar and bass (the exact flavour of which changes up from time to time) with some almost roared vocals on top of it. Just to really solidify this as being a devil-tier guitar track (which it probably was already) you've got a fairly substantial guitar solo too. Mind you, said solo actually sounds easier than the bassline at times... Then at the end it all winds down with a slowed down and atmospheric bass/vocal outro. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THIS?!

    If bass-led madness isn't really for you, Band-Maid is a bit less hectic, but with a solo for both guitar and bass.

    What's better than one bass solo? TWO BASS SOLOS! To ignore Rush in a bass-themed challenge feels blasphemous. This particular cut (a preview single of then-upcoming album Clockwork Angels) has one of the most fun bass charts ever in Rock Band in my opinion featuring the aforementioned two solos, plenty of little flourishes and the main riff that carries the verses initially established by the bass. It's really more like a second lead guitar part an octave lower than a traditional bass part. It's also the only spotlight song with a playable keys chart but as I recall, it's nothing too special, so having the guitar (with its measly single solo) over it would be more fun, I reckon. "I can't stop thinking big"? Me neither pal.

    I'll add the list of other stuff to grind XP and LP in later, along with what the heck I'm going to replace "The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)" with! Next time, I'm going mainstream (for me anyway).
  • Replaced The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room) with Goth Girls. This probably says more about me than I am comfortable with it saying.
  • Vexus said:

    Replaced The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room) with Goth Girls. This probably says more about me than I am comfortable with it saying.

    I can relate to this.
  • Taking a couple of weeks out to work on personal projects and fill in some of my recent tiers.
  • A few three-pack ideas that use a mix of RBN and new songs/sandwiches, slightly amended from the predictions thread:

    The Agonist 01: Thank You, Pain; Gates of Horn and Ivory; Business Suits and Combat Boots
    Alestorm 01: Shipwrecked; Keelhauled; Wenches and Mead
    Alestorm 02: Back Through Time; Alestorm; Drink
    Amberian Dawn 01: Valkyries; Incubus; Magic Forest
    Arch Enemy 01: Nemesis; My Apocalypse; You Will Know My Name
    Band of Skulls 01: I Know What I Am; Himalayan; Death by Diamonds and Pearls
    Devin Townsend 01: Ziltoidia Attaxx!!!; Rejoice; Kingdom
    The Dillinger Escape Plan 01: Farewell, Mona Lisa; Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants; Milk Lizard
    Dir En Grey 01: Dozing Green; Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami; Merciless Cult
    Freezepop 02: Special Effects; Pop Music Is Not a Crime; Swimming Pool
    In This Moment 01: The Gun Show; Mechanical Love; Adrenalize
    iwrestledabearonce 01: You Ain't No Family; Boat Paddle; You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' Real Voice
    Kittie 01: The Truth; Cut Throat; Brackish
    Lacuna Coil 01: Survive; House of Shame; Heaven's A Lie
    Mastodon 01: Megalodon; The Motherload; Oblivion
    Psychostick 01: This Is Not a Song, It's a Sandwich!; Introvert Party Time; Dogs Like Socks
    Psychostick 02: Political Bum; Obey the Beard; We Ran Out of CD Space
    Skindred 01: Stand for Something; That's My Jam; Kill the Power
    Sonata Arctica 01: Flag In the Ground; Closer To an Animal; Tallulah
    Twin Atlantic 01: What is Light? Where is Laughter?; Audience and Audio; Heart and Soul

    Incidentally, most of these actually are songs with metal riffage...
  • A few top 10 lists.

    Top ten bands/artists we've yet to have in Rock Band that I'd like to see included:
    10. The Proclaimers
    9. ABBA
    8. Sex Pistols
    7. Within Temptation
    6. Ash
    5. The Saw Doctors
    4. Bowling for Soup
    3. Biffy Clyro
    2. Epica
    1. Manic Street Preachers

    Top 10 bands/artists with between one and three songs available to play in Rock Band 4 that I'd like to see more of:
    10. KT Tunstall
    9. "Weird Al" Yankovic
    8. Babymetal
    7. Frank Turner
    6. Rammstein
    5. Thin Lizzy
    4. St. Vincent
    3. Busted
    2. Muse
    1. Nightwish

    Top 10 individual tracks that I'm surprised we haven't had yet:
    10. "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus
    9. "Sweating Bullets" by Megadeth
    8. "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)" by the Beastie Boys
    7. "All the Things She Said" by t.A.T.u.
    6. "Now" by Paramore (with an honourable mention to singles from After Laughter such as "Rose Colored Boy" and "Hard Times")
    5. "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park
    4. "Whiskey in the Jar" by Thin Lizzy
    3. "Shadow Moses" by Bring Me the Horizon
    2. "Danger! High Voltage!" by Electric Six
    1. "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne

    I haven't forgotten this thread, don't worry!
  • Slight change of plan since I've been busier with personal projects than I was hoping. It's that time of year again when I do a seasonal, blurb-free giant pack!

    This Week's DLC:

    Halloween Pack: Vexus's Vampiric Variety Vextravaganza!
    Marilyn Manson: This Is Halloween [Spotlight]
    The Misfits: Astro Zombies
    Bobby "Boris" Pickett: The Monster Mash
    Ghost: Square Hammer
    The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing: Victoria's Secret
    Brainkrieg: Decomposing Pumpkins
    Delain: A Day For Ghosts
    Alice Cooper: Feed My Frankenstein
    Neil Young: Vampire Blues
    Mercyful Fate: Melissa
    Little Mix: Black Magic
    Cradle of Filth: Her Ghost in the Fog [official vid]
    My Chemical Romance: Vampire Money

    A bit of a metal focus but with a healthy slice of cheese and melodrama, this thirteen-pack should cover all the bases for a solid Halloween night of Rock Band.

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 4 Week 4: Tricky Treats
    Get your spooky on for this playlist of deadly delights!

    Spotlight songs:
    Siouxsie and the Banshees: Spellbound [GB]
    Marilyn Manson: This Is Halloween [BK]
    Babymetal: Gimme Chocolate!! [GB]

    Every Siouxsie and the Banshees song fits the theme on account of the band name, but this song does have a fun and creepy vibe with supernatural-tinged lyrics. Guitar's got some pretty fast triplet strumming in the choruses and some arpeggios that put this nicely in the middle tiers, with some fairly solid bass and drum work behind (including a couple of drum solos). Short and sweet, and pretty much the most essential Banshees track we haven't had yet in my opinion. Oh, and can we get their genre moved to New Wave or Punk? Pop-rock doesn't really suit them at all...

    This Is Halloween is a cover of the song from The Nightmare Before Christmas. As you'd expect from Marilyn Manson, it's an edgier take on the song, with noise rock and industrial tinges. Synths have the bulk of the fun on this track, meaning it would probably suit a five-instrument game better than a four-instrument one, but I figured that the film needed some kind of representation!

    Contrary to what metal elitists will tell you, there's nothing scary about Babymetal. So why is it here? Well, the guitar solo in this one is pretty scary, but by that logic I might as well have put Satch Boogie in. Actually, I picked Gimme Chocolate since it perfectly sums up Halloween - the dichotomy of demanding sweets and pondering how much of them you can actually eat before the inevitable consequences of your own gluttony. Cynical? Me? As a great philosopher once said: Yada yada yada yada, never never never! Fun vocals, tough guitar and drum parts and... a bassline that exists, I guess?

    (Thanks for your contributions to Babymetal, Yui! I hope we haven't seen the last of you!)

    Other stuff to grind XP and LP on: This playlist (Brainkrieg counts too but isn't on Spotify).

    Next time... well, it'll either be a return to the schedule or it'll be the Christmas pack.
  • Ayy, for the second time ever I can page @MCSMeister for a tier comparison. Guess it's Time to Say Goodbye to that one RWBY song in my disc setlist!
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    peeks head in

    You mean someone actually tiered that for a wishlist thread? Well, I'll be damned.

    Still not sure if I'm going to buy the song, but once I listen to it I'll make my decision (I'm guessing it'll be a firm "yes" based on what I read about the song :p )
  • edited October 2018
    It's not often that I have to replace songs, but when I do, I try and keep them similar in terms of genre, kind of appeal of a song and predicted difficulty. So if I'm taking out one fairly modern hard rock song with some pretty fast and difficult instrumentation and a solid female lead vocal, it only makes sense that I replace it with another fairly modern hard rock song with some pretty fast and difficult instrumentation and a solid female lead vocal.

    This is a band that somehow people have never heard of despite them being in Rock Band 4 and having a new single come to the series as DLC in the current Rivals season, and the song is one people have been kind of clamouring for instead of the song we got. It's "Love Bites (So Do I)" by Halestorm, and it's the track replacing TTSG.

    (Not to be confused with Alestorm, even if the French and the Cockneys pronounce them both the same.)
  • @Vexus While it is weird, you can actually complete RB4 with only playing 7 disc songs:
    U2 - "I Will Follow"
    The Black Keys - "Fever"
    Judas Priest - "Halls of Valhalla"
    Rick Derringer - "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo"
    Soul Remnants - "Dead Black (Heart of Ice)"
    Lightning Bolt - "Dream Genie"
    Dream Theater - "Metropolis Pt. 1"

    Not sure why you wouldn't want to explore the rest of the setlist but you do have the option to skip the other 58 songs completely. Like just pick the "Choose a setlist" paths in tour mode and Rockudrama doesn't have any premade setlists.
  • @grumblevolcano Good to know but what's the context here? XD
  • @Vexus Regarding the "never heard of Halestorm" discussions that have been appearing around the forums. While it's weird to not explore disc setlists, you can complete RB4 without playing I Miss the Misery once.
  • @grumblevolcano I suppose you also don't need to play the career mode to unlock all the songs either, so there's no incentive to play it.

    Even without that aspect though, they're a very prominent modern rock band. I can understand some of the old fogies not knowing who they are, or some of the people with very narrow music taste that Halestorm wouldn't fall into, but still...
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    The whole thing is just really strange to me. Rock Band 4's been out for 3 years, and if you have the game then you should at least have some familiarity with what is on it. Even if you haven't played every song on the setlist by now, I figure you would at least see the song and artist names on the disc setlist while scrolling through and recognize them from that.

    Of course, I may be biased because I've always treated the Rock Band games as a platform to discover music and always play every song on them. Harmonix has literally stated that they intend the games to be like "personal mixtapes", and I think that's a really cool mindset to have with these games. By not playing everything, you could be robbing yourself of hearing some great stuff.
  • That's pretty much how I put together the initial playlist of about 70 songs, but it soon grew to over 100 since I had so many ideas. Then I just relegated a few to DLC ideas to streamline the main setlist, keep things fairly varied, and give a bit of a shout-out to some of the smaller bands. There are still a few I've not posted that I had on that initial list - Pictures of Matchstick Men was one of them, a few of them have turned up either in DLC posts or in the keys thread, but a lot of them are "orphaned songs" I talked about a while ago (songs that are otherwise not bound to any others by a theme and whose artists I'm not too fussed about having a whole pack of).

    I'm actually happier with the keyboard setlist these days since a lot more thought went into that one - every song needed to be worth playing on keys while also being worth playing on at least one of the other four instruments and having a part for all of them. This one was just like "here are 91 songs that I would like to see added to the game. Hopefully, we'll get more than two of them in the space of a year!"
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