Vexus's Hypothetical Rock Band 5! (91 on-disc songs, DLC, RBN return requests and a sandwich)



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    Sunday Special: Seven Seriously Selected Superlative Singles

    Goldie Lookin’ Chain: Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do | Band Tier 0: Warmup
    “Weird Al” Yankovic: Dare To Be Stupid (+KB) | Band Tier 5: Nightmare
    The Cat: Tongue Tied (+KB) | Band Tier 3: Moderate
    Toby Keith: Red Solo Cup | Band Tier 1: Apprentice
    Gunther and the Sunshine Girls: Ding Dong Song (+KB) | Band Tier 1: Apprentice
    Bloodhound Gang: The Bad Touch (+KB) | Band Tier 2: Solid
    The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing: Brunel | Band Tier 4: Challenging

    As you can clearly see, there is no particular theme with this lot of additional songs. The first song is Welsh rap group Goldie Lookin’ Chain, with their somewhat (though not overly, and certainly not to the point that the inevitable censorship would make the song too bland) foul-mouthed breakthrough song, Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do. It’s probably the easiest song that will ever grace this thread, being all-talkies (being a rap song) with simple instrumentation.

    Perhaps the most unexpected song on my list, given my somewhat well-documented views on alt-charting, Dare To Be Stupid is next. This Weird Al classic is a stylistic homage to Devo. I’d love to see more Weird Al in the game, and the such songs are the best chance of getting them into the game. I can see the lead synths being alt-charted to guitar, but I can let it slide due to how utterly fun this song would be!

    Red Dwarf, the British space sitcom, is the source of this fun little song. A moderate HOPOcoaster on guitar, this one is probably most challenging on vocals, with a fun little cheesy pop feel to the rest of the instruments. It also counts as a “same name different song”, thanks to the Grouplove song from RB4.

    I must admit, I didn’t expect to be doing a song with no drums on it so soon, yet here is Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith. This one’s another pretty easy one, though obviously not as easy as the GLC track. That is, unless you’re the drummer. Sorry drummers, but you have to sit this one out, I’m afraid! Perhaps it could be a good time to fetch your bandmates some beer… in a red solo cup, of course!

    La, la la la, la la la… That is going to be stuck in your head for a while, and for that, I apologise. Still, there’s not a lot of straight-up dance music that I think would really work with the Rock Band format, but this might just. There’s some pretty guitar arpeggios, though admittedly there might just be quite a few alt-charted synth leads in there too. Well, I never said my thread was perfect - just pretty close! ;) Like Delain in the last post, the official video uses a kinda truncated version of the song - official video this way.

    First of all, yes, sex is admittedly the main theme of The Bad Touch. That said, I can see most of the lyrics making the cut when as I recall, very little of the song was censored for the radio edits - heck, songs like Gay Bar got more than this one. Bass is the stand-out instrument here, and the solos are the main reason I’d want it adding to the game (as well as it going down a storm at parties). Guitar is sadly, once again, synth and horn alt-charts, drums are just okay electronic bits, and vocals are mostly talks with very little pitching. I can overlook all that just for the bass though!

    Onto the final song of this singles set, and it’s gone a bit steampunk - with emphasis on the punk! Brunel is a tribute to the great engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and the song itself seems to have a fair bit of Dead Kennedys influence to it. It’s fast, it’s got some sick guitar, bass and drum fills, and the only thing keeping it from being much higher in the difficulty tiers is that it’s over in less than two minutes.

    Obviously, there is absolutely no running theme with these songs. I just really couldn’t wait to put them into the thread, and I couldn’t come up with a good pack or single theme to unite them. They’re obviously not seasonal either. After all, what do any of these have to do with Easter?

    Like I said before, what could I even do for an Easter themed pack? Christmas is easy since Christmas-themed popular music is a thing. Valentine’s was so easy I did eighteen songs and still wanted to do more. Nation-related days (such as the Patron Saints Days or American Independence Day) are easy since I can just pick artists from the nation in question. Easter is pretty devoid of usable music, really.

    See you on Friday for a set of three songs from up around the American North-East.

    Many a truth is spoken in jest, and while this is of course an April Fool's joke post, I would probably enjoy any of these being added on some level or another. Not many of them are high up in my priority list though! Brunel and Dare to be Stupid are the two I can see being the most fun overall, but The Bad Touch would be great on bass. Yeah, a song that would be great JUST on bass. Shock horror!

    I also wouldn’t necessarily use the genres listed for each song. Any and all of them would fit under “Novelty” though I’d personally still use “Punk” for TMTWNBBFN and “Country” for Toby Keith.

    Oh, and I wasn't joking about the American North-East either! That's coming later this week.
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    Had to scroll pretty far down to get to my thread. While that's annoying, it's kind of a positive thing too as it means this forum is getting a bit more traction as of late. Ah, if only it would translate into comments though! :)

    I’m going to do things in a slightly different order this week, since the DLC theme is intertwined with the Rivals theme.

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 2 Week 2: Home For the Week
    Play songs by acts from “The North-East” of the USA (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey)

    Dion and the Belmonts: The Wanderer
    Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run
    Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealer Incentives: I Get By

    I put this relatively small area together because Massachusetts alone should give you a myriad of options, due to Harmonix’s penchant for putting in acts that are local to them and/or feature their employees as members - to the point that I believe they have used Boston as the focus of a Rivals challenge before! You also get New York in this one, giving you a huge amount of acts to work with once again.

    Speaking of New York, let’s start with Dion. If you’ve played Fallout 4 for any amount of time, you’ll probably be familiar with this tune. This is one of those rare songs where I can see the lead and backing vocals having different tiers, though there is saxophone solo where the lead part would be one of the harmonies, so your lead singer doesn’t have it entirely easy! Loads of long, drawn-out parts without much time to breathe. Drums and guitars have it dead easy on this one.

    I couldn’t cover New Jersey without Born To Run! It’s an epic song, and while it does have quite a lot happening instrumentally, I can see it working nicely without alt-charting. It does suffer a bit from what I call “The Epica Problem”, in that it would have been even better if we’d got it in the RB3 era for the keyboard parts and/or things like the saxophone solo being alt-charted to keys (one day I will explain my feelings on alt-charting. They’re… complicated). Still, it’s an amazing song, and one I am amazed we haven’t had yet.

    Finally, representing Massachusetts, we have a band with one of my all-time favourite names: Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealer Incentives. Like I sort of said before, Harmonix have (or had) a thing for putting music by their employees in their games, so why not put one of those songs in the spotlight this week? This RB1 on-disc song is a fun and quirky little number. Time changes, instrumental breaks, very sarcastic lyrics and all sorts of other elements make this one of my favourite songs by a Harmonix band BUT I DON’T BELIEVE THEM.

    This week’s DLC

    It’s just three singles that go with the spotlight theme.

    Variety Singles: North-East USA Edition
    Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run (Spotlight) (+KB) | Band Tier 4: Challenging
    Abnormality: Mechanisms of Omniscience | Band Tier Devil: Impossible
    Pat Benatar: Hell is for Children | Band Tier 4: Challenging

    Last week was relatively easy, so this week is relatively difficult. Makes sense, right?

    Born to Run I’ve already covered, in the Rivals spotlight rundown weirdly enough. Oh well, this order makes more sense for this week!

    Mechanisms of Omniscience is hella brvtal and gets the “every death metal song ever” tiering. For good reason, of course. Visions was something of an infamous song in RB2, with its combination of lo-fi production and unrelenting brutality masking what I thought was a pretty good extreme metal track, but what most players thought was just noise. The production’s far better on Mechanisms, and is exactly the kind of polish Visions needed, I feel. This is one that’s really just for me and the other people who like extreme music on here really! Oh, and it has a solo (albeit a brief one), which is the other thing I think Visions was missing!

    Finally, Hell is for Children is one of the few Pat Benatar (herself from New York) songs I think we really "need" in the game. It’s probably the darkest song of hers (at least between this and the ones already in the game) but it’s still a good one. A big guitar solo and some wonderfully emotive vocals make this a solid song in my book.

    Next week, we’re doing things in the proper order.
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    Picking out some rainy songs last week was fun, so this week I've got some sunny song ideas.

    Variety singles: Factor 50 Edition
    Rammstein: Sonne (+KB) | Band Tier 3: Moderate
    Ramones: California Sun | Band Tier 2: Solid
    Alestorm: Mexico (+KB) | Band Tier 4: Challenging

    Yep, two metal songs. To be fair though, the recent Rivals challenges have been pretty devoid of metal songs. Don't get me wrong, it was cool that we had Trust by Megadeth for break-ups, Visions for women's day and Raining Blood for rain and a handful of other songs, but that's still a big portion of my library that's mostly sat untouched lately due to it not being eligible. I doubt I'm alone in that. To say nothing about the total lack of punk rock!

    Sonne (German for "sun") is carried by an utter behemoth of a guitar riff, and was originally written to be Vitali Klitchko's entrance music. Thus, the vocals have lyrics such as "Die Sonne scheint mir aus den händen" (The sun shines from out of my hands) and "Die Welt zählt laut bis zehn" (The world counts to ten). Since Till Lindemann only uses pitched vocals in the choruses, the vocal intensity isn't too high, though there is the female vocal solo that pushes it back up. It's kind of like The Wanderer in that sense where the lead vocalist actually has it fairly light compared to one of the backing vocalists. Except it sounds very little like The Wanderer, but hey ho!

    California Sun is a fast, short blast of old-school punk rock. I don't think I have to explain this one. The drums push the song along while the guitars drop out in the verses, apart from a riff that mirror's the vocal line. Aside from that, it's a fairly typical early Ramones song--wait, it's a cover of a Joe Jones song originally penned by Henry Glover? And there's a pretty good version by The Rivieras that could also fit nicely into RB? Neat!

    Definitely not a cover, Mexico by Alestorm rounds this off. I tiered this under the assumption that no alt-charting would take place, but I don't see it affecting things much. Despite my usual distaste for it, I can see the 8-bit intro getting charted, along with the violin break just before the key change. Even without it, there's a fair bit of variety in the guitar chart, with its syncopation in the verses and instrumental breaks after the choruses. The aforementioned key change adds a bit of challenge to the vocals, though vocal line in the choruses follow the violin, giving singers something to lock in with.

    I actually saw both Rammstein and Alestorm at Graspop last year. Someone in a nearby tent had Sonne playing on their speaker on the Sunday morning, which made the refrain of "Hier kommt die Sonne" one of the first things I heard. Considering that it didn't stop shining all day and the heat reached the low 30s (celsius)... glad I managed to stay hydrated before and after Alestorm's set! Rammstein were also good on the Friday night. Kinda sad I'm not going back this year, but Wacken tempted me more this year.
  • Bit earlier this week since I’m going to be pretty busy. Loads of coach and train rides for me! Blame Epica - they're touring Europe at the moment and obviously, I have to go see them being the annoying fanboy I am! Blame Amalie Bruun too - she's supporting them as Myrkur!

    Anyway, Soak Up The Sun got mentioned quite a bit last week in the DLC announcement thread, which makes sense given the DLC and Rivals challenge had a sunshine and summer theme. I actually had this pack planned way in advance though. Without further ado:

    This week’s DLC:

    I feel like between this pack and the already present All I Wanna Do, this artist’s most essential tracks are covered.

    Sheryl Crow 01:
    Everyday Is A Winding Road (Spotlight) | Band Tier 4: Challenging
    If It Makes You Happy | Band Tier 2: Solid
    Soak Up The Sun | Band Tier 3: Moderate

    Everyday Is A Winding Road is my personal favourite of the three tracks here. The bongo (correct me if they’re not bongos) intro would likely be alt-charted to a couple of the drum pads, but the remainder of the song would stick to having the regular drum parts charted with the bongos coming back in occasionally, thus putting the intensity up a bit. The most prominent part on guitar is the repeated slide guitar lick, which goes into a rather odd-sounding solo. Sheryl’s vocal approach is a bit more straightforward than on All I Wanna Do, but with a fair bit of syncopation and unusual melodic phrasing. Crowded House fans might recognise the backing vocalist - it’s Neil Finn.

    If It Makes You Happy is a bit more alternative rock-sounding compared to the other songs here, mostly in terms of guitar tone. It kind of reminds me of Hole, and not just because I’d been listening to a fair bit of Hole recently from when I was picking specific songs for their pack. It’s also the most downbeat of the songs here this week, with overdriven guitars and different octaves used in for the vocals between the verses and choruses.

    Finally, Soak Up the Sun…I don’t think I need to talk about this one too much since people seem to want it anyway! For real though, this is the lightest of the three songs this week, with more of a pop feel to it and a bit less of a rock, folk or country feel to it compared to the other Sheryl Crow songs. That said, the Rock Band instrumentation is still there.

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 2 Week 3: Flyover Country
    Play songs by acts from any US state not featured in weeks 1 or 2

    Electric Six: Danger! High Voltage
    Sheryl Crow: Everyday Is A Winding Road
    Portugal. The Man: Feel It, Still

    Here is where we hit peak variety. Loads of places we couldn’t cover in the first two weeks, and I wouldn’t have minded spending a bit more time covering, but we only have eight and since the theme this season is a world tour, we can’t spend too long on just America.

    From Detroit, Michigan, Electric Six make their second spotlight appearance. It is an aim of mine to use every on-disc song in the spotlight at some point. Eleven down, eighty to go! I’m not a fan of alt-charting guitar (as I’ve said before) but realistically, I can see the saxophone solos being charted on guitar. I quite like the bouncy alternating bassline. Electric Six are sort of known as a “two hit wonder” here, so it surprises me that we got Gay Bar and two other songs, but not this one (AKA “the other hit”). I put that down to it being pre-RB3 and the song needing harmonies mode to be at its peak for vocals.

    Sheryl Crow’s from Kennett, Missouri. That’s why she gets to be part of the “rest of America” thing. Not much else to say on Everyday Is A Winding Road I didn’t say already!

    Finally, representing Wasilla, Alaska, it’s Portugal. The Man. I first came across this song in a Todd In the Shadows review of it and fellow Off The Charts 06 song “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons (and Todd, if you’re reading this, I think the “let me kick it like it’s 1986 now” line is a Beastie Boys reference - that’s the year Fight For Your Right and the Licensed to Ill album came out). Harmonix call it “a testament to old musical styles that has empowered the group and other artists today” and I think I agree with that. The lead vocal melody is a direct nod to “Please Mr. Postman” by the Marvelettes in the choruses, with the instruments providing a mix of funk and sixties-style pop.

    We’re going eight bit next week...
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    Variety singles tied in with the Rivals theme again? Not sure I see the point when most of this thread is made up of songs with good riffs. Even the last post had two songs that I'd say have riffs just as good as a lot of the ones actually in the challenge.

    ...oh go on then! In for a penny, in for a pound. Or something.

    Variety singles: Wait For a Good Riff Edition
    Epica: The Essence of Silence (+KB) | Band Tier Devil: Impossible
    Biffy Clyro: That Golden Rule (+KB) | Tier 3: Moderate
    Derek and the Dominos: Layla (+KB) | Band Tier 3: Moderate

    As I said in my last post, I went to an Epica show last night, hence why I decided to put my regularly scheduled post up early. An absolute 10/10 show and Myrkur was pretty amazing too. Wasn't too keen on the opening band though, and Myrkur's more about atmosphere and incorporating folk instrumentation than guitar riffs - though she will get a time to shine!

    Epica, on the other hand, have quite a few songs that would fit the "good guitar riff" theme. The Essence of Silence was the first one that came to mind for me. I find the heavier verse/lighter chorus structure to be rather underused (the opposite, fittingly, perhaps a bit predictable), and it's used to great effect within this song about introspection. Speaking of the lyrics (or rather, their delivery), it is an impossible-tier vocal song too. Even ignoring that I don't think there is an Epica song that wouldn't be an impossible on vocals, that note Simone holds in the final chorus (that high, long "AWA-A-A-A-A-A-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y~") I'd argue is almost like the last "KILLE-E-E-E-E-E-E-R-R-R-R-R-R-R~" from Painkiller or the Freddie's big "WHY-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y~" in Under Pressure - for a lot of people it's actually impossible, even taken down an octave or several. As for the riff itself, it's a very rhythmic HOPO-laden one with some little flourishes in it. It's quite a tricky-sounding one, and bass plays it too, so both get the devil tier even without the guitar solo.

    That Golden Rule is the second Biffy Clyro song I've come up with, and also the second from Only Revolutions. It has quite a few good licks and riffs in it, some of which get replicated on strings later on in the song. Playing it might have a bit of an alt-chart feel without actually doing it - a strange concept, to be sure! Still, if the theme is guitar riffs, I don't think you can go wrong with this one that's chock full of them.

    You also can't go wrong with a song by a guitar god, so I picked one that has two - Eric Clapton and Duane Allman. Layla is one of the most iconic riffs that's been in the thread to this point as well, making it pretty much essential for the theme. Duane Allman, Eric Clapton, an iconic riff from a classic song that's bafflingly enough never been in a music game (though no doubt not for lack of trying). I don't think I need to sell it beyond that!

    Oh, how all three of these songs made we wish we still had keyboards though!
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    Looks like a song from your wishlist is getting released for the first time with "Karma Chameleon"! Since you do some tier comparisons yourself, it's up to you if you want to compare it on your own or if you want me to compare it.
  • @MCSMeister Not only that but Pictures of Matchstick Men was going to be in this thread waaaaay in the future as part of a Status Quo pack. You take Karma Chameleon (bearing in mind it's relatively tiered to everything else in my initial 91) and I take Matchstick Men?
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    Sounds good. On top of that, I requested the song for @GameMaster439 to tier a couple years back as part of a Culture Club pack, so I might bring that in too so we can compare a relative and non-relative tier.
  • For now though, I'm replacing Karma Chameleon with The Presidents of the United States of America's version of "Video Killed the Radio Star". Tiers for that and the prediction for Matchstick Men will be up later.
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    Pictures of Matchstick Men Tier Prediction: Band Tier 2: Solid
    Video Killed the Radio Star Tier: Band Tier 1: Apprentice

    The Buggles version is a classic and if we were still in the RB3 era I would have gone with that. This is going to be a pattern even more than it currently is, I'll warn you now!

    I also just noticed that I put Karma Chameleon as "alternative" in my tier post. That's a mistake I can't believe I didn't catch until now. Genre should be New Wave, to match Do You Really Want to Hurt Me.
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    "Orphaned Songs" and a previous Rivals theme

    I have a lot of songs on my wishlist. No duh. Some of them I've grouped together into packs, others I've grouped together thematically. Others, I haven't grouped together yet. These are what I call my "orphaned songs". I also did a few variety posts for the last few weeks of Rivals, so I thought I'd go and put some together for the rest of the season. Starting at the beginning:

    A variety of women who really do rock

    Meredith Brooks: [Am I allowed to say the title of this song on here?] | Band Tier 3: Moderate
    Girlschool: Race With the Devil | Band Tier 4: Challenging
    Pale Waves: The Tide (+KB) | Band Tier 3: Moderate

    The first theme of Rivals Season 5 was songs by female singers and female-fronted acts. My biggest criticism of this was that it didn’t account for female performers in roles other than lead vocals (except Kim Deal for some reason). Sure, you had people like Lzzy Hale who pull double duty, but why not go further? Have your guitarists, bassists and drummers count too! Still, all three songs here have a female singer.

    The title of the first song might be why we haven’t got it, but it’s a decent one nevertheless and would fit perfectly with a lot of what’s been added to Rock Band in the last season (though maybe not the last two weeks). Besides, we got Beethoven’s C***, God Damn and This Bastard’s Life, so… Anyway, it’s straight down the middle for guitar and drum difficulties - even the solo doesn’t add too much trickiness. Vocals have a pretty narrow range but some interesting melodies with some highs towards the end.

    Girlschool was part of the NWOBHM, and this cut fits in nicely among acts like Diamond Head, early Iron Maiden, Saxon etc. Relentless drumming, riffs for days (making it a fit for the "good riffs" challenge) and lyrics about being hunted down by the devil, this is textbook NWOBHM in the best way possible! Fans of 60s psychedelic rock may remember the original version by The Gun, which was also pretty metal before metal was a thing.

    Finally, another band with not only a female singer/guitarist but also a female drummer, Pale Waves are a pretty new pop-rock band with a gothic-inspired aesthetic. As lazy a comparison as it might seem, I get a bit of a The Cure-meets-Paramore vibe from them. Beware: The Tide is catchy as heck, with a really sticky guitar riff and vocal melodies.

    Normally I'd say see you on Thursday for a return to the Rivals themes, but given this week's actual DLC announcement, I have no idea what will be next!

    (in before "you did a post about women who rock and didn't mention Simone Simons? who are you and what did you do with Vex?")
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    We also have "The B**** is Back" by Elton John (uncensored in game, that word is detected by the swear filter here though), so there's another case for that song being possible in the game.
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    @LiveHomeVideo I actually forgot we had that!

    Now, back to my regularly-scheduled mindless speculating. This week’s another variety week, so let’s take a look at the spotlight theme first...

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 2 Week 4: The Great White North
    Play songs by acts from Canada

    The Birthday Massacre: I Think We’re Alone Now
    Neil Young: Rockin’ in the Free World
    Alanis Morissette: Ironic

    Did you know radio stations in Canada have to play a certain quota of Canadian music? Well, so do you this week! I’m barely scratching the surface of what Canada has to offer musically. After all, where is Rush? The Agonist? JUSTIN BIEBLER?!

    (In my initial 91, in the pipeline and about a billion miles away from this thread, respectively.)

    The Birthday Massacre are my second favourite export from London, Ontario, after A Dose of Buckley. One thing that Harmonix have done from time to time is taking a well known pop song and using a cover of it that fits more naturally within the guitar/bass/drums/vocals instrumentation of Rock Band, which we’ve seen before with songs like The Muffs’ version of Kids In America and Korn’s version of Word Up. In this case, it’s a cover of a cover, as it takes more after Tiffany’s rendition of I Think We’re Alone now with the vocal delivery and the synth accompaniments rather than the Tommy James and the Shondells original. The Birthday Massacre add more emphasis to the guitars and utilise acoustic drums rather than purely electronic.

    In terms of Canadian acts that have been cruelly missed out, Toronto’s Neil Young is probably the peak example. Rockin’ in the Free World comes with a big outro solo, plenty of drum fills and a steady bassline. I’d be interested to see how Harmonix end the song - GH effectively adds a big rock ending, which amuses me since BREs were never a thing in GH the way they are in RB. You could almost call it...

    Ironic is the final track of the spotlight. Arguably the biggest of Alanis Morissette's songs, this one has a more relaxed vibe to it compared to the rest of the songs in the spotlight or the pack. The drums and bass don't come in until the chorus, and a good portion of the guitar chart is acoustic guitar rather than electric. Ironically, the lyrics don't contain any actual examples of irony, but we knew that anyway!

    This week’s DLC

    No intro needed - it’s…

    Variety singles: Canada Eh-dition
    Neil Young: Rockin’ in the Free World (Spotlight) | Band Tier 4: Challenging
    The Birthday Massacre: In the Dark (+KB) | Band Tier 2: Solid
    Kittie: Charlotte | Band Tier 5: Nightmare
    (I would also take The Truth in a faux-Rewind!)

    Not much else to say on Rockin’ in the Free World. Moving on!

    In The Dark arguably fits better than most Birthday Massacre songs given my opinions/hot takes (delete as appropriate) on alt-charting, being one of the band’s most guitar-driven tracks. Rhythmic chord strums in the verses and choruses, with a riff that I can see being a pretty neat little HOPO stream make this one of the band’s more rockish songs. Overall, they're one of the many bands I wish we'd gotten during the RB3 era.

    So Charlotte is a pretty intriguing little number. It opens with some chugging and heavy drumming, then goes into half-time for the verses, has some heavy nu-metalish riffing for the choruses, has a brief bass solo... There's a lot going on in this one which I think would make it a very fun song to experience in Rock Band. Anyway, if A Dose of Buckley is my favourite export from London and The Birthday Massacre are second, Kittie are third.

    And finally, as I was tweaking this post, Pictures of Matchstick Men came out for Spotlight Pass holders on Xbox, so here's the tier comparison:

    Drums were perfect, everything else was one too high, though I did accurately get that bass would be higher than guitar. I can kind of see it being either, but I've not played yet to really judge them properly.

    Next time is either another tier comparison with @MCSMeister, next week's main content, me getting tempted by this week's Rivals theme, or me going back to one from earlier in the season. I'm not even going to commit at this point!
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    I would love to see Rockin' In The Free World as DLC, as it's one of my faves from Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. :)

    Kinda surprising to see the Weekly Challenge Spotlights are first, and the DLC is afterwards, rather than the other way around. But still, nice choices for the Canada week.
  • I would love to see Rockin' In The Free World as DLC, as it's one of my faves from Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. :)

    Kinda surprising to see the Weekly Challenge Spotlights are first, and the DLC is afterwards, rather than the other way around. But still, nice choices for the Canada week.

    It's not the first time I've done it (first time was the North-East US variety week) and currently isn't planned to be the last time I do it. I might stick to the normal order in future, not sure yet.
  • Not to steal the thunder from @MCSMeister but I just looked at the tiers for Karma Chameleon that Harmonix and I put and hot damn. :open_mouth:
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    So, as I hinted at, I'm going to do something a little different for this comparison and make it a three-way comparison - your tier, Harmonix's official tier, and @GameMaster439's tier of it, which I requested for him as part of a Culture Club pack with "Church of the Poison Mind" and "I'll Tumble 4 Ya". Though he's inactive now for the most part, I thought it'd be fun to bring his tier in since I don't really bump old threads for comparisons anymore.

    On a side note, I realize that I've never embedded the tier comparison in the actual post (mostly because I always forget that can be done on these forums). So, let's do that, shall we?

    As you suggested earlier, you did a fantastic job, with everything spot-on except for a 2-dot difference on drums. I'm impressed you got so close with a relative tier. GM439's tier, on the other hand, didn't get anything correct - bass and vocals being a dot off, while guitar and drums are two dots off. I will say that I find it interesting that both you and GM439 thought drums would be 2 dots. Maybe you guys didn't hear as much of the drums as there actually are in the song, as the beat is pretty fast and gets tiring after a while. Though it maintains a pretty steady rhythm throughout, the main deviations are identical fills before the choruses, plus a part in the bridge that has you play numerous snare rolls (which I'd say would account for an extra dot alone).

    Other than that, bass was incredibly easy (honestly, I think it could pass for a high zero dots, but there's some hammer-ons sprinkled in the chart), while guitar was a weird mix of actual guitar, synths, and harmonica, plus an easy harmonica solo that's only like 16 notes. I almost think the guitar chart, as it's charted, could warrant a 2 if only because of the slight erratic nature of the harmonica, plus the alt-strumming synths, though they're slow and not challenging. Finally, vocals are typical Boy George vocals and are only tiered a dot higher than DYRWTHM. Not all that challenging if you know the song well.
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    @MCSMeister Weirdly enough, I was least confident about my drum tiering but out of the three songs I've predicted tiers. I'm actually on 2/3 for them - the two being Unwritten and Pictures of Matchstick Men. Drums are the one instrument I don't play particularly, so they're the one I'm least experienced with. I guess I must have missed a lot of the hits when I tiered Karma Chameleon, which accounts for the two dots difference.

    (An alternative, less self-depreciating take on it is that I picked some REALLY hard drum songs for my initial wishlist!)

    I can't say I disagree with any of the actual guitar tiers for the songs though. Matchstick Men does go off-time a bit when the drums drop out, which has caught me out a few times, but it's nothing too drastic.

    On an unrelated note, I'm torn about this week's Rivals theme. I've complained that some of the other themes are ludicrously vague, but this one seems to go beyond. Then again I did have something kind of planned related to videogames...
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    You know what, sod it. I'll do it.

    Variety Singles: With Apologies to Lana Del Rey Edition
    Master Sword: Isle of the Sky Spirits (+KB) | Band Tier Devils: Impossible
    The Protomen: The Hounds (+KB) | Band Tier 4: Challenging
    Miracle of Sound: Edge of the World (ft. Lisa Foiles) (+KB) | Band Tier 3: Moderate

    So the theme here is that each of the songs is inspired by a video game. Isle of the Sky Spirits is from a Legend of Zelda-themed progressive metal band called Master Sword, which a friend of mine told me about. This particular track is inspired by Dragon Roost Island from The Wind Waker specifically. Drums have a pretty tough job at the beginning, but settle down as the song progresses. Vocals and guitar have the toughest job here thanks to the range and long notes of the former, and the strumming pattern and solo of the latter (which also brings bass up quite a bit).

    Here's a genre I didn't expect to request in Rock Band - swing! Though for the sake of consistency with Light Up the Night, I've listed The Hounds as a "rock" song. This is another track from The Protomen's second Megaman-inspired rock opera album, Act II: The Father of Death. I can see both guitar tracks being pretty tricky due to the rhythms used. Guitar would switch between a few parts, with some soloing and long notes while bass stays fairly consistent, creating charts which I reckon would be different, yet evenly challenging.

    Symphonic rock with a female vocalist on the other hand? That's very me! Yet, this song is probably the easiest of the three songs here, despite the fact I tend to rate symphonic songs pretty high in difficulty (though to be fair, I do pick the ones that would be difficult more). This one still sounds pretty good though, and fits the theme as a tribute to the Tomb Raider games.

    So yeah, we're on games this week, so there are some songs about games.

    EDIT: Almost forgot the tiers. Oops!
  • Vexus said:

    Anyway, if A Dose of Buckley is my favourite export from London

    very good taste

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    Oh hey, speaking of London (the more famous one, admittedly), today is St. George's Day.

    Variety singles: St. George's Day Edition
    The Ting Tings: Shut Up and Let Me Go (+KB) | Band Tier 3: Moderate
    DragonForce: Fury of the Storm (+KB) | Band Tier Devils: Impossible
    Republica: Drop Dead Gorgeous (+KB) | Band Tier 3: Moderate

    Since George is the patron saint of England, I went with three (mostly) English bands. Narrowing this down was a nightmare since there is just so much that could represent England. I decided to go with a song that was a pretty big hit several years ago, a band with "Dragon" right there in the name (a loose connection to St. George and the Dragon), and one of the bands from my initial setlist.

    Shut Up and Let Me Go is the most groove-focused of the three songs here, with the rhythm section providing the background for the vocals and guitar to play over. The Ting Tings are pretty adept at creating utter earworms that will stick with you for the best part of a decade - even now I still get this, Great DJ and That's Not My Name playing in my head from time to time. YOU'RE WELCOME.

    Fury of the Storm is a DragonForce song. I don't think I need to say anything more than that. Bass is fast, guitar is ridiculous, drums are also speedy. It's long, it's loud, it's pretty heavy for power metal, it's DragonForce.

    The guitar is actually the easy bit for Drop Dead Gorgeous, with mostly just long notes that shouldn't be a challenge. This is one of the songs I'd suggest for anyone who gets "stuck" on bass because the other guitar player is hogging the role. The song's raw energy is pretty infectious, which makes it a great choice for local play.
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    We are out of North America this week and onto another continent.

    This Week’s DLC:
    Three singles AND a pack? I spoil you~

    Variety Singles: Édition Européenne (OR: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GH3 Soundtrack)
    Scorpions: Rock You Like A Hurricane | Band Tier 3: Moderate
    Superbus: Radio Song | Band Tier 2: Solid
    Héroes del Silencio: Avalancha | Band Tier 3: Moderate

    First off, we have a German metal band with the kind of reputation on the continent that bands like Iron Maiden have within the Anglosphere, I was rather surprised we got a different Scorpions song in RB4. I would have expected Wind of Change or this song. It’s eighties metal at its finest with some great guitar leads and what I call a “big dumb chorus” that might not make much sense, but is damn fun to just belt out!

    Repping France, we have Superbus with one of those rare non-English language songs. I think this is the first time I’ve ever had to talk about one, so let’s talk. I don’t factor language into vocal tiers. Yes, I get that singing outside of one’s native language is difficult, but there are going to be players for whom French (in this example) is their native language. Besides, you’re marked on your ability to hit notes, not pronounce words (wait, didn't I have this rant in LiveHomeVideo's thread?) Anyway, Radio Song is one of those rare songs where I can see the bassist having as much fun as the guitarist, if not more. It’s actually a pretty great bassline! Drums are simple enough too. It's a pretty little piece of pop-rock.

    Finally, from Spain we have Héroes del Silencio with another song that’s not in English. Avalancha is a pretty down-tempo hard rock song with a strong groove to it, the guitar part having some solid licks in it. It's got a pretty mighty sound to it, with some great belted notes on vocals.

    Of course, how could I possibly cover European music without mentioning Eurovision?!

    Eurovision Song Contest Past Winners Pack
    Abba: Waterloo (+KB) | Band Tier 3: Moderate
    Katrina and the Waves: Love Shine A Light (+KB) | Band Tier 3: Moderate
    Emmelie de Forrest: Only Teardrops (+KB) | Band Tier 4: Challenging
    (I was torn on whether to use the official videos or the Eurovision performances for this one. Went with the official videos since the studio version would most likely be used in RB if any made the cut, as was the case with Hard Rock Hallelujah.)

    Abba are one of those rare bands that had a career (in the UK at least) after their Eurovision victory. Winning the contest for Sweden in 1974, this song often tops the lists of greatest Eurovision songs ever. I can’t say I disagree too much. Then again, Eurovision songs that aren't guilty pleasures are a rarity - even Hard Rock Hallelujah is pure cheese to me! This is a song that would be an amazing party pick, if a bit straightforward on instruments, but utterly essential if you own at least two microphones!

    As a Brit, I figured I should pick a UK winner, and there’s only been one in my lifetime. As such, it was a no-brainer that Katrina and the Waves should get their second song into Rock Band. My other options? Bucks Fizz, Brotherhood of Man, Lulu and Sandie Shaw. Not exactly a great set of options for Rock Band, I’d say… Still, this is the only song I’m posting this week that wouldn’t count for the Rivals theme I’m doing this week - more on that later. It's a simple enough pop-rock song with a choir for backing vocals.

    The sole (pun kinda intended) Denmark representative this week is Emmelie de Forest, with the newest song of the three in the pack. This one's a powerful mix of folk-rock and pop, with a bit of extra emphasis put on the drums. I can see the flute being alt-charted to guitar at points. The bass is pretty sparse but has a few tricky bits that just keep it out of warmup.

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 2 Week 5: Don’t Forget Iceland!
    Play songs by acts from Europe (but not the British Isles just yet!)

    Epica: Beyond The Matrix
    Scorpions: Rock You Like A Hurricane
    Europe: The Final Countdown

    There’s quite a wide variety of music out there in Europe, but I’ve decided to focus on just the metal for the spotlight songs. Of course, you’re not limited by genre, and the DLC certainly isn’t!

    Epica are from The Netherlands, and I talked about them at length when I gave them a three-pack. Beyond the Matrix is a pretty new song of theirs but is already becoming something of a fan favourite. Quite rightly too - there’s quite a bit of variety in this one in terms of sounds and feel. While difficulty doesn’t necessarily equal fun, this would have plenty of both - heavy passages, big uplifting choruses, a bassline that carries the verses and loads of change-ups worthy of a decent prog song. Take it from me though - bouncing to this in 25+ Celsius heat is fun, but exhausting! It even works as a stripped down folky acoustic kinda thing.

    Guitarists, I know the easiest song in the spotlight for you is that Nightmare-tiered Scorpions song, but at least the other five DLC songs don't come close!

    Sweden alone would have made a great spotlight region (Waterloo for the new DLC/pass spotlight song, this for the legacy song and The World Is Yours from the disc perhaps?) so it seems fitting to give one of their acts a spotlight place, and who better than a band that A: are 100% confirmed as a rewind, B: are literally called Europe in a week that puts Europe in the spotlight and C: have a song that is as mighty as The Final Countdown? I should not need to explain this song. It’s The Final bleedin’ Countdown!

    For next week, I want you to memorise this.
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    This week's theme is positivity, huh? That's really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really not me, but I'm still going to do it and do it faster than I've done any Rivals theme so far.

    Variety singles: Positively Mental Attitude Edition
    Muse: Feeling Good (+KB) | Band Tier 2: Solid
    Andrew W.K.: Music Is Worth Living For (+KB) | Band Tier 3: Moderate
    Monty Python: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (+KB) | Band Tier 1: Apprentice

    First off, a show tune that wasn't originally by Muse. Feeling Good was originally written in 1964 by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint-The Smell of the Crowd and has been covered by an absolute tonne of people. This version is both well-known and sufficiently "rock" for my tastes. Besides, it's moar Muse! The song's built around a descending chord progression and bassline with a pivot at the end of the progression returning to the initial chord. The drums have a few fills in there to keep things lively, and the vocals have plenty of improv from singer Matt Bellamy.

    If we're doing uplifting songs, then Andrew W.K. is mandatory. There's just something about a big, bombastic rock song about how much value music gives to life that seems like it would be perfect for Rock Band. It almost sounds like some sort of worship music, only rather than some sort of deity, Andrew is praying to the concept of music itself. Vocals have the roughest time here, the rest is fairly simple.

    I started off with a song from a musical and I'm ending with one from a movie: Monty Python's The Life of Brian. The original scene doesn't use the full arrangement, hence the link being different above. Because we Brits are weird like that, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life is our most popular funeral song. If/when the DLC stops, this song is my top choice to end the series on, even if it's a doddle on every instrument.

    You know what's got a message to it that's a bit more me?

    Paramore: Rose-Colored Boy (+KB) | Band Tier 4: Challenging

    Check the original video too, used a purely audio link above due to a skit-type-thing in the actual video. I was torn between this, For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic and Fake Happy (and would probably take any of those too) as my snub at the concept song. The entire After Laughter has a retro synthpop feel to it with this song, in particular, reminding me of Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - you know, the perfect arrangement for lyrics about being unable to relate to positive thinkers. The guitar would have a fair bit of variety to it, with the bassline being pretty active. I can see this being pretty fun on everything.

    First time I've ever picked a song that actively goes against the theme, and most likely the last!

    EDIT: Rose-Colored Boy is my 200th song suggestion, unless I've missed out something from the Spotify playlist (which stands at 199 since Fuwa Fuwa Time isn't on Spotify for some reason). Feels like some sort of milestone!
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    So, do I get half a point for predicting a retrospective Rivals theme?

    EDIT: With last night's announcement that RBN songs would be returning as regular DLC, I thought I'd pick out the top twenty songs nineteen songs and a sandwich I'd like to see return. Some of these might turn up later in this thread in packs and variety singles at some point. I'm not going to tier them, however, as I understand that the songs are going to be pretty untouched from how they were in RB3 aside from being up to RB4 standards. Some of them are ones I didn't get around to having before, but most of them are ones I owned in RB3.

    Anyway, here they are. Special rule: No more than one song per artist at a time, even if a bunch of them have multiple songs I'd like to see come back. Songs are listed alphabetically by band name rather than in any sort of preferential order.

    The Agonist: "Thank You, Pain"
    Alestorm: "Shipwrecked"
    Amberian Dawn: "River of Tuoni" -- confirmed 22/8/18
    Amberian Dawn: "Valkyries" -- replacement for River of Tuoni
    Arch Enemy: "Nemesis"
    Band of Skulls: "I Know What I Am"
    Devin Townsend: "Ziltoidia Attaxx!!!"
    Dir En Grey: "Dozing Green"
    Drowning Pool: "Bodies" -- confirmed 22/5/18
    Esprit D'Air: "Shizuku"
    Evanescence: "Going Under" -- confirmed 29/5/18
    Five Finger Death Punch: "Hard to See" - confirmed 10/7/18
    Flight of the Conchords: "The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)" - confirmed 02/10/18
    In This Moment: "The Gun Show"
    iwrestledabearonce: "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon" -- confirmed 14/8/18
    Jerry Naylor: "That'll Be The Day" (Seriously, pretty much the only videos of this are RB3 gameplay videos)
    JOANovARC: "Say Sayonara (Japanese version)" (will take either the Japanese or English version, though)
    Kittie: "The Truth" -- replacement for Bodies
    Lacuna Coil: "Survive" -- replacement for Going Under
    Mastodon: "Megalodon"
    MC Frontalot: "Goth Girls"
    Onslaught: "Godhead" -- replacement for Tastes Like Kevin Bacon
    Otep: "Smash the Control Machine"
    Psychostick: This Is Not a Song, It's a Sandwich! -- replacement for Hard to See
    Skindred: "Stand for Something"
    Sonata Arctica: "Flag in the Ground"
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    A bit early, but I was ready to go so why not?

    Let’s face it - if I were to count the UK in Europe last week, we would have made that challenge so bloated it wouldn’t have been funny. Ireland, you can ride with us since there is a lot of cultural exchange between our nations. Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, I don’t think you actually have any bands in Rock Band and I certainly couldn’t name any but you can join us too I guess?

    This week’s DLC:

    In America, they’re considered a one-hit wonder with a song that was in a movie. In most of the UK, they’re considered a one-hit wonder with a song that was covered for a crappy charity single (a reminder that this exists, so charity is no excuse for bad music!). In Scotland, they’re cultural icons with a musical based on their songs and a movie based on that musical. Seriously.

    The Proclaimers 01:
    I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) | Band Tier 0: Warmup
    Letter From America (Spotlight) (+KB) | Band Tier 2: Solid
    King of the Road (+KB) | Band Tier 1: Apprentice

    The first song is the hit, and I’ve deliberately not put it in the spotlight. The idea is to create interest in their other songs a bit. Still, let’s talk about the hit, as dirty as it feels calling it such. This is one of the simplest songs I've ever requested, with the guitar part consisting of three chords. The bassline is mostly the root notes of said chords (with a few octave notes), and the drums are a simple beat carrying it. Vocals have a pretty straightforward and repetitive melody. Simplicity is no bad thing of course (said the symphonic metal fanboy) and this would be a blast for parties and such.

    The spotlight song is my personal favourite Proclaimers song. Guitar's a bit more varied than in I'm Gonna Be, with a few little flourishes that would take it up a few spots in the tier ranks. This is by far the hardest song on vocals of the three, with loads of highs and emotion put into the delivery that would be difficult to replicate, but I don't think it quite reaches Impossible tier. Bass and drums are pretty simple and keep the song flowing along nicely.

    Finally, a song that's a cover of a Roger Miller song, with a prominent smooth jazz-influenced bassline and country-esque slide guitar and drums. Bit of a weird mishmash, but I like it. Fun fact: The Roger Miller version was a number one in the UK, the USA (on the country and easy listening charts anyway) and, of all places, Norway.

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 2 Week 6: Lion Heart
    Play songs by any act from one of the countries of the British Isles (The United Kingdom [England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland], the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Bailiwick of Jersey or the Bailiwick of Guernsey)

    Did you memorise that video I linked last time about the difference between Great Britain, the UK, England, the British Isles and so on? If not, no worries, it's confusing enough even for those of us that live here, but what would count towards this challenge is stated in parentheses above. Nevertheless, our islands have been key in the shaping of popular music as we know it today. As such, here’s a bunch of varied artists in terms of both sound and size. This week, guitarists get a bit of a break compared to last week's metal shred fest!

    IDestroy: Vanity Loves Me
    The Proclaimers: Letter From America
    The Cranberries: Dreams

    IDestroy are another band I’m kinda pally with. A Bristolian "party punk" trio, the rhythm section has the trickiest time in this track, with a bass break part-way through the song that would likely be charted as a solo. It's a short song, but very energetic and quite likely to catch you off-guard if you're not careful.

    Nattered about Letter From America already.

    Finally, I thought I'd put a Cranberries song in the last slot, as this would give us songs from the three most populous nations in the British Isles - England, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. In the end, I want with the song I thought had the most interesting instrument parts, which was Dreams. Nothing against the other songs, but Dreams has the most up-tempo vibe, and some pretty nice guitar arpeggios that keep the guitar chart interesting.

    Next week, we’re going to at least two lands down under.
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    The upcoming Rivals season will be a retrospective of the different eras of Rock Band DLC. As such, I thought I'd go back to my first Rivals season (another retrospective) and evaluate how likely my requests were.

    Rock Band 1:
    • Metallica: Master of Puppets, rewinds, retrospective pack - I think Metallica's been straight-up ruled out for the time being, mostly due to licensing costs. I live in hope, but I know it's not likely especially when pack 01 of theirs was one of the first to be delisted.
    • Radiohead: Paranoid Android: There are hints that we might be getting a Creep rewind, which in turn has also generated hype for other Radiohead songs, including this one. I'm going to chalk this one up as plausible.
    • David Bowie: Suffragette City: It's already available as rewind DLC. I could definitely see other works of his getting in - a Space Oddity rewind, Rebel Rebel, The Jean Genie, Blackstar and Starman all come to mind immediately.
    Rock Band 2:
    • Lacuna Coil: Spellbound: With RBN songs returning, it's possible that Survive from the same album might come back. However, Shallow Life isn't a particularly popular album in LC's fandom from what I recall, and they've released three since. Possibly a bit too niche these days, but I could see this song making it if any does - that or something either older (such as 1.19 or Heaven's A Lie) or newer (Nothing Stands In Our way or House of Shame). Possible, but unlikely and with Survive as the most feasible song of theirs.
    • System of a Down: Bubbles: There are a few big SoaD songs that could easily make the cut without having too much cut from them (Sugar, for instance, or a Rewind for Chop Suey). It's a tough one to call because I'm sure they've had songs delisted, but Spiders is right there in RB4 itself. Could easily go either way for the band, maybe not the specific song.
    • Fleetwood Mac: The Chain: I feel like this must be one of the most wanted songs we haven't got. Similar case as System of a Down as in there's a lot of delisted content, but an on-disc song from RB4 (and I think Go Your Own Way's a rewind). Again, hard to tell (and am I imagining this or wasn't there an actual technical issue preventing The Chain at one point?)
    • Devo: Uncontrollable Urge: If either Devo track gets a rewind, I reckon we'll get Whip It before this one. Not impossible, but not the most likely either.
    Lego Rock Band:
    • KT Tunstall: It Took Me So Long To Get Here But Here I Am, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, Hold On: Rocksmith just got one of these songs recently, along with Other Side of the World and Suddenly I See, so assuming Ubisoft don't have exclusivity or anything (which would be dashed unsporting since RS and RB don't even share a niche anymore) I can see a bit of a chance for Black Horse and a Suddenly I See rewind, then either Hold On or Other Side of the World. To be honest, I put the first song in partly as a joke because it's been so long since Lego RB and we never got more KT!
    • Blur: Parklife: I'm amazed we got There's No Other Way and a cover of Beetlebum to be honest. There are plenty of Blur songs that would be good, but I get the feeling they're possibly a bit too UK-centric to make further appearances.
    • Ray Parker Jr.: Ghostbusters: Maybe as a rewind (or maybe not given that the Ghostbusters brand took a hit from the reboot), otherwise I can't see us getting more Ray.
    Rock Band 3:
    • The Cure: A Forest, Boys Don't Cry, Fascination Street: All pretty feasible given that we got Lovesong as an RB4-era DLC song, along with possibly a few other big Cure songs such as Lovecats, a Just Like Heaven rewind and Close To Me.
    • Primus: Wynona's Big Brown Beaver: Possibly given that we've had a lot of alternative 90s stuff lately, though none of it sounded like Primus (though what does?). We also had a pack in Rocksmith a while ago, so they're clearly still okay with licensing stuff other than Jerry Was A Race Car Driver and John the Fisherman to music games. Another maybe.
    • Bob Marley and the Wailers: Get Up, Stand Up: AKA pretty much the biggest Bob Marley song that's not DLC already. I reckon it will get rewound at some point.
    Rock Band 4:
    • Arctic Monkeys: Do I Wanna Know?, When the Sun Goes Down, Fake Tales of San Francisco: I don't see Fake Tales making it, but some of their other big songs could. R U Mine helped kick off DLC again at the tail end of the RB3 era, so maybe something similar could happen again?
    • Imagine Dragons: I Bet My Life, It's Time, Demons: Obviously the former's already on the disc and won't come out as DLC unless an RB5 actually does emerge at some point, but I can definitely see the other two making it into RB. Imagine Dragons have trickled in gradually since launch, so it's very feasible.
    • St. Vincent: Rattlesnake: Can definitely imagine more St. Vincent coming out, but maybe not that specific track, most likely something from Masseduction.
    Rock Band 5: I know it's not a real thing, but there are a few relevant bands and songs to talk about anyway.
    • Sweet: Blockbuster: I wouldn't have thought that old British stuff that I don't recall crossing the Atlantic particularly would be realistic for RB at this point, but then Pictures of Matchstick Men happened and now more Sweet seems feasible. Fox On the Run seems a bit more likely, though.
    • Slade: Cum On Feel The Noize: I wouldn't have thought that old British stuff that I don't recall crossing the Atlantic particularly would be realistic for RB at this point, but then Pictures of Matchstick Men happened and now some Slade seems feasible. The Quiet Riot version seems a bit more likely, though.
    • Mud: Tiger Feet: I wouldn't have thought that old British stuff that I don't recall crossing the Atlantic particularly would be realistic for RB at this point, but then Pictures of Matchstick Men happened and now I think I'm running this into the ground. The other two 70's British glam bands seem a bit more likely, though.
    • JayCee: Domino: This song is why this thread is a wishlist and not (usually) anything even resembling realistic expectations.
    • Electric Six: Gay Bar: It got delisted, and I don't think relisting is likely or has a precedent. Still, I can see Danger! High Voltage coming at some point.
    Rock Band Network:
    • Skindred: Warning: I have no idea if Skindred have much of an international following, but they're somewhat of a big deal over here and they have a new album that came out just recently. I don't hold out too much hope for a Stand For Something rewind, but some of the stuff they brought out after could work its way in.
    • Alestorm: Captain Morgan's Revenge: Possible, they have two RBN tracks that could make the jump to RB4 (I reckon Shipwrecked is the more likely of the two) and have had a few albums since Back Through Time. Straight in the middle for plausibility, I think.
    • Freezepop: Doppelgänger: I can easily see Special Effects getting ported, but I'm a bit doubtful of us getting more of them or other in-house bands.
    DLC and Track Packs:
    • Muse: Six pack: Possibly a similar situation to Metallica, but Hysteria is still up as far as I know. Very odd we never got more, since I believe both the devs and the fandom have both wanted more for a while.
    • Green Day: Bang Bang: Possibly not now that the hype for Revolution Radio has petered out, but I could see some older stuff getting in.
    • Living Colour: Cult of Personality: It's still up, but unfortunately I see them as a one-and-done band.
    Hope my rambling was enjoyable!
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    First off, here's a little bit of due diligence:
    • The 200 mark: I hit that earlier than I realised, since I was using the Spotify playlist and added one for Fuwa Fuwa Time. I omitted five the seven April Fools novelty songs from that, meaning that the actual 200th request was five tracks before Rose Colored Boy - in other words, Love Shine A Light. Well, it was still a female-fronted pop-rock song!
    • Chop Suey: Above I predicted the possibility of a rewind for Chop Suey. This is impossible, as it was already rewound and I either forgot or just never knew about it. I already had it from the RB2 export, so whatever!
    Second, I have a few ideas for my third Rivals theme and was wondering what I should go for. I have already planned out the songs, so it's not about me coming up with ideas but sharing them:
    • Songs That May Or May Not Be About Buildings And Food: The theme for this set is lyrical and title content, and each week has a topic that the songs in the spotlight all fit. Some of the artists: The Beautiful South, The Lemonheads, Band-Maid
    • What Do You Like?: This is a retread of Season 4, but with the genre divisions altered to ones I think would make more sense. Artist preview: Avril Lavigne, Goldfinger, The Verve
    • A Journey Through Time: Another Harmonix retread, but going backwards rather than forwards. A few of the artists I'll use: Haim, Pantera, Fuzzbox
    Whichever seems most interesting will get used first.
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    So, this week's Rivals theme was one I found a bit tricky to pin down. The thing is, you can never be entirely sure where the next big thing will come from, and if a song or artist makes it big then there's every chance they might end up in Rock Band at some point. In the end, I decided to go with just the two nations, seeing as next week is effectively a "none of the above" for the previous weeks' of the United States, Canada, Europe and this week's locations - Australia and New Zealand. Those two have more in common with each other than the rest of Oceania, I reckon. Plus, Oceania does technically include Hawaii which was already covered by the third USA week (or would be if we had Hawaiian music).

    This week’s DLC:

    If we're doing Australia, then AC/DC feels pretty much necessary.

    AC/DC 01:
    It's A Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll) (Spotlight) (+KB) | Band Tier 3: Moderate
    Cover You In Oil | Band Tier 2: Solid
    Let There Be Rock (studio version) (Rewind)

    As far as I'm aware, the Live pack is still available for purchase online and exporting. As such, I thought I'd mostly avoid repeating songs from the Live pack with one notable exception...

    It's A Long Way to the Top might just be the first Rock Band song to have a duelling bagpipe/guitar solo, and is arguably the biggest song of theirs not to be featured in Rock Band. I probably wouldn't alt-chart the bagpipes to guitar, but I could see them working okay as a keyboard alt-chart if they somehow came back. The main reason is that is it's supposed to be a call and response part, which I feel would be mitigated by having the same player playing the part.

    The next song is a bit more of a forgotten one, and a bit slower and groovier than you might expect from AC/DC. Still good though, and it gives a bit of variety to the pack.

    Finally, straight of Rock Band 2 is the studio version of Let There Be Rock. This is the trickiest and fastest one of the three, with a load of guitar solos (even if one of them is basically a walking bassline played on guitar) and unrelenting drums.

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 2 Week 7: Antipodean Adventure
    Play songs from acts from Australia and New Zealand

    Gotye: Somebody That I Used To Know
    AC/DC: It's A Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)
    Men At Work: Down Under

    Somebody That I Used To Know is first, though quite where Gotye fits is debatable. Belgian born, but Australia-based, but then this song's a collab with the New Zealand singer Kimbra... Still, this really simple tune (instrumentally at least) is one that I'm surprised we never got back when it was huge. Gotye uses a pretty wide range and Kimbra does a pretty good job of matching it, making this a bit of a workout for vocalists.

    (Not very) seriously though, bagpipe controller when?

    Where do I start with Down Under? It's an 80's banger, to the point that the protagonist will sing it if it comes on the radio in Saints Row 2, assuming you have the right voice selected for them. It's by an Australian band, with loads of Aussie slang and references in it. It's about Australian identity, the erasure of Australian history in the name of progress and how the rest of the world views Australia. It was an absolute no-brainer for the legacy song to go in the spotlight.

    We’re nearly done now! Let’s wrap up this season by seeing where we’ve missed out.

    Still waiting on opinions for next season. Will add tiers for new stuff soon
  • For your next season, I would like to see the reverse Season 3 (The Backwards in time), because I enjoyed Pantera's discography, and I've been longing for the day that Cemetery Gates would appear in Rock Band as DLC, as that is my all time favorite song from them.
  • For your next season, I would like to see the reverse Season 3 (The Backwards in time), because I enjoyed Pantera's discography, and I've been longing for the day that Cemetery Gates would appear in Rock Band as DLC, as that is my all time favorite song from them.

    Then consider that in the lead~
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