can you mix packs up?? (just got the game)

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hi does anybody know if you can mix packs up?? like spread all the cards out on the floor after each game and mix them up so nobody would get the same cards they had last time


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    You may have figured this out in the last few days, but there are "rules" for constructing decks to keep things fair when playing VS modes. There's a "Deck Builder" in the Collection section of the Dropmix app that tells you the rules and even lets you put cards on the Dropmix device to see if the set of cards you want to use together are "fair" according to the deck building rules.

    Have fun!
  • There are 'tournament rules' for deck building, but for casual play you can do whatever you like. Shuffle all the cards into one shared pile, build decks from random cards, whatever. My prefered casual play style currently is to grab 2 playlists and shuffle them together, then grab a few of the wild cards from the decks we aren't using and mix those extras in.
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