Fritzy Katz's Rock Band 5 2018 Wishlist (With Tiers and Wishlist DLC)



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    "I Don't Want to Be" comparison

    Again, this is a song I'm not buying, haven't properly listened to, can't comment on much outside of the tiers themselves, etc.

    Unfortunately, this tier was not very close overall. Drums were spot-on, but guitar is one dot off, bass is two dots off, and vocals are a rare four dots off.

    Oh well, at least I've got one instrument right. So, that's good for me. :)

    I can see why Harmonix gave the Guitar a 2-dot, so I can accept that as it's a fair answer compaired to 1-dot. As for Vocals, I can see and understand why they gave it a 5-dot over a 1-dot, because of Gavin DeGraw's vocal pitch, so I can accept that. I was going to say that I disagree with Harmonix with their tiering of the Bass, until I heard the fast paced Bass riff on the first Chorus, which was probably because why they tiered it a 3-dot over a 1-dot, so I can understand why and accept it without disagreeing with them.

    So, long story short. 1 out of 4 ain't bad for me. Anyways, now that the tier comparisons are done, it's time for me to explain about the songs in Fritzy Katz's Foreign Selections 07 (Also Second to Last of the series). Hear they are...

    - Antisocial: Even France has quite a spectacular Music scene. The first song, which is this one, represents French Metal. It was a DLC in Guitar Hero 3 and it was in the On-Disc Setlist of Guitar Hero: World Tour. A very cool song that I enjoyed listening to and playing along to. It's too bad that Harmonix lost their MTV partnership, or otherwise, we would've had it during the RB3 era. Because like I've mentioned before, Harmonix doesn't go after those type of songs anymore, only songs that are popular in the US Charts, and Spotify.
    - Le Festin: Representing Nouvelle Chanson. I enjoyed watching Pixar's Ratatouille and I loved it's theme song, done by the lovely Camille. It's such a sweet, yet enjoyable song that is well suited for the Pixar movie in question, and might be suited for Rock Band too. I would love to play that song on Vocals, because it's such a good song.
    - The Last Seven Minutes: Representing Classic French Rock. You know the insane live-version of Jeff Beck's Scatterbrain, which was one of the songs in Guitar Hero 5's Setlist? I thought that was one of the most insanest live performed songs (The original one is kinda tame in comparison). Well, imagine the song (Scatterbrain Live Version) with Thijs van Leer of Focus as a guest vocalist. That was the impression that I had when I listened to this song (The third song of the pack). Such an insanely awesome song that I thankfully discovered thanks to Google and Wikipedia.
    - Entertainment: Representing Indie Rock. The first time that I've gotten a taste of Phoenix's discography was when I learned that Lassoo was a song in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. I was ecstatic that it was one of the songs in Rock Band 3, and it was a very fun song on vocals. This song is pretty cool too. I should listen to the other Phoenix songs sometime.
    - Hey Mama: Representing French Trap. I am well aware of how bad the reception for Nicki Minaj's debut in Rock Band was, and I can see why (Because most of the Rock Band community doesn't like Modern Pop). But I disgress, I think some Modern Pop songs are pretty solid enough for me to like them. And this song is no exception. I thought that this song was pretty cool. (And not technically a Nicki Minaj song, it's a David Guetta song).
    - Manu Chao: Representing French Punk. A true story: I was making up a fan-made Game Setlist for a Pop'n Music-type game (Pop'n Music is a Bemani game that has cute animated characters) that has characters that I like from various media. I wanted to choose like a French Punk song, so I chose this one, because it was from Rock Band.
    When I listened to it, I fell in love with it, and I seriously regret not getting it before it was taken down from the Rock Band music shop. I know it's a delisted song, and I know it's not coming back, because Harmonix said that they aren't bringing delisted songs back as Rewinds. But I would love to see a Delisted Song to come back as a Rewind, someday.
    - Bouge de lá: Representing French Hip-hop. I find this song to be pretty cool, even though, I'm not much of a hip-hop fan. I'm glad that I've discovered it via Wikipedia and Google, and got to listen to it on Youtube.
    - One More Time: Representing French House. It's cool that we have Daft Punk in Rock Band, via the song, Get Lucky. But I would like to see some of the more classic tunes sometime, like the songs from Discovery, including this song. Though, my favorites from that album are Aerodynamic and Digital Love. And I also enjoyed the anime that is tied to the album, Interstella 5555, which is done by the legendary Leiji Matsumoto (The man responsible for Space Battleship Yamato (or Star Blazers), Galaxy Express 999, and Captain Harlock). But still, even if we don't get any new Daft Punk, Get Lucky is good enough to keep me satisfied for now.

    So, without further ado, I present Fritzy Katz's Foreign Selections 07. Presented by Ms.Elizabeth Lyons (Who is yet another former victim of the Night Howler Crisis, until rescued and cured by Judy and Nick).

    - Camille - Le Festin (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Daft Punk - One More Time (Band Tier: Solid)
    - David Guetta - Hey Mama (Feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha, and Afrojack) (Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Les Wampas - Manu Chao (De-Listed Rewind)
    - Magma - The Last Seven Minutes (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - MC Solaar - Bouge de lá (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Phoenix - Entertainment (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Trust - Antisocial (Band Tier: Nightmare)

    Tomorrow will be the final British Selections and Foreign Selections packs. :)
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    A heads up, the Daft Punk tier link links to Bouge de lá's tier. Though I really like this idea of packs from all sorts of different countries! These were fun to do on my RB5 setlist as well, especially fun discovering new music for these packs!
  • @LiveHomeVideo It's fixed now, thanks for letting me know. :)

    And I'm glad you're liking my British and Foreign Selections packs. The last two (The last British Selections and the Last Foreign Selections) will be just as good. The last Foreign Selections pack will cover various countries (One of them will be from South Korea, because of the 2018 Winter Olympics).

    Once again, thanks for letting me know of my tier link snafu. :)
  • It's time for me to post the second to last Fritzy Katz's British Selections and Foreign Selections respectively. :)

    The last packs for the day will cover Central England (Which consists of East Mid-Lands, East of England, and Greater London) and Various Countries from the rest of the world that I didn't covered because there are so many respectively.

    First, let's take a look at the songs of Fritzy Katz's British Selections 08.

    - The Speed of Light: And now we're at the last stretch of England. We'll be starting with the genre known as NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal). Thanks to the X-Box 360 Version of Guitar Hero 2 (I didn't owned the game, but I've watched a video of a game play of The Trooper), I've gotten myself introduced to the sound of Iron Maiden. Such a really cool band that I've gotten myself to like, This song that I've chosen for this pack is from their recent album and is just as enjoyable as most of Iron Maiden's Discography.
    - Meet on the Ledge: Representing English Folk Rock (3 of 3). I never knew how good the Folk Rock scene of Britian can be just as good as the Folk Rock scene in the US, until I've listened to this song, from one of the oldest bands of the British Folk Rock scene, Fairport Convention (They still play Today). The song was very enjoyable, and I'm glad that I've gotten to listen to it. It's a real shame that Harmonix will ignore it, because of their stance of going after popular songs in the US Charts.
    - Show Me The Way: Representing Classic English Rock (3 of 3). We have the well famous live-version of Do You Feel Like I Do?, but yet, I'm still surprised that we do not have this song, which is another good classic from Peter Frampton, and is just as famous as DYFLID. Hopefully, we get this song too, as well as any other song from Peter Frampton's discography (Most likely Baby, I Love Your Way and I'm in You).
    - Goodbye Kiss: Representing English Indie Rock (3 of 3). I've enjoyed Kasabian's Club Foot (Playing it on Vocals is very fun), but yet I haven't listened to much of the band's other Discography (Though, justified, since Club Foot is the highest charted song in the US for that band). This song is chosen because it was certified platinum in it's home country. While it's not as energetic as Club Foot, it's still a good song that I liked.
    - Just Can't Get Enough: Representing English Synthpop. We have pretty much every popular song from Depeche Mode's discography, except for this song. I heard it first on a Gap Commercial (Also heard Mellow Yellow for the first time that way) and I didn't knew it was Depeche Mode song until me and my family got a second Depeche Mode compilation album that has that song in it. But then again, pretty much any song done by Depeche Mode are just enjoyably fun, and this song is no exception.
    - Mansize Rooster: Representing English Alternative (3 of 3). I first heard this song while listening to a song preview video of the European Version of Donkey Konga 2, as it was in it's music setlist. I'm absolutely shocked that we have 2 Supergrass songs in Rock Band and we still don't have Alright, which is from the same album as this song I've chosen for this pack. I liked this song better than Alright, because it is fun, energetic, and enjoyable.
    - Firestarter: Representing English Techno. I chose this song, because it has a Stand from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure named after it. And I think Hirohiko Araki has good taste in music, because this song is just so enjoyable, and as far as Techno songs go, I can see it work in Rock Band, because it does have Guitar Part. And I bet it will be fun on Vocals, too.
    - Bits and Pieces: Representing British Beat Rock. One of the bands that I've loved while growing up as a child is The Beatles, and I love Oldies Rock. I know that we'll never get an export for The Beatles Rock Band, but nothing will make me happy to have a British Beat Rock band other than The Beatles in Rock Band as DLC. A good solid one I can think of is The Dave Clark Five, who has such fun and energetic songs that I enjoyed listening to. Like this song for example, as well as other songs in The Dave Clark Five's discography, like Glad All Over, Can't You See That She's Mine, and Catch Us If You Can.

    And now, here it is, the Final pack of the Fritzy Katz's British Selections series, 08. Presented by another familiar face from the Mystery Track Pack game, Peter Volkovski.

    - The Dave Clark Five - Bits and Pieces (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Fairport Convention - Meet on the Ledge (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Iron Maiden - The Speed of Light (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Kasabian - Goodbye Kiss (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - The Prodigy - Firestarter (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Supergrass - Mansize Rooster (Band Tier: Challenging)

    The last pack of Fritzy Katz's Foreign Selections will be coming soon. :)
  • And now, I will explain the 8 songs that will be in Fritzy Katz's Foreign Selections 08 pack. :)

    - Yarilo: With the Olympics reaching it's end, we're at the very last pack of the Foreign Selections. But I've only covered countries that were very prominent in Rock Music (Mainly because those countries' biggest cities were in Rock Band 1 and 2's Career Mode, and there are so many countries that I didn't covered, that I wouldn't have time to cover them all. That's why I made this pack, to cover those remaining countries.
    The first song of this pack represents the (villain, to most people) country of Russia, and the Pagan Metal genre. In spite of the negative light that Russia have, according to most, it's culture in Music are unique compared to most European music. This song, which represents a rather unique Metal Genre, is just a delight to listen to. Who knew that Accordion can be effective in a Metal song?
    - Hold On: Representing my country, the United States of America, and the Southern Rock genre. I probably should pick up that one Alabama Shakes song that we have in Rock Band already. Because this song, which is by the same band, is just enjoyable. The Alabama Shakes are a pretty cool band. I should check out some more songs from their discography sometime in the future.
    - Bring a Little Lovin': Representing the country of Spain, and the Beat Rock genre. Another song I enjoy is Black Is Black by Los Bravos (Kinda surprise that not many people requested that song, though, they must've not listen to Oldies radio, so I can see why). However, I'm using this song over their well known hit, because I'm saving the other song for a future Wishlist Thread. I thought that this song was enjoyable as their bigger hit.
    - Dirty Paws: Representing the country of Iceland, and the Indie Rock genre. I've enjoyed Little Talks and Mountain Sound, from Of Monsters and Men's My Head Is an Animal album, because they are such enjoyable songs. This song is from the same album, and I think I heard it on a iTunes Radio station (Before the version with Apple Music). I hope we get more songs from Of Monsters and Men soon, because they are a solid band.
    - Liar: Representing the country of Estonia, and the Pop-Rock genre. I'm actually surprised that not many from the Rock Band community had requested Vanilla Ninja's Tough Enough, from Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2. Such a solid band with a really solid song, who knew that Estonia had such a good band? And this song, that I chosen (Saving Tough Enough for a future wishlist thread) is just as good.
    - Ang Huling El Bimbo: Representing the country of the Philippines and Pinoy Rock (Which is a Music genre from the said country) genre. I find this song very unique, yet enjoyable at the same time. I never realized how good rock music from the Philippines can be so good. It's a real shame that Harmonix will less likely go for this song, since they favor songs that are popular in the US Charts over foreign songs.
    - Main Hoon Romeo: Representing the country of India and Bollywood Music genre (Well not technically Bollywood music, but more like Indian R&B/Soul/Funk). Similar to the Manu Chao situation, I stumbled upon this song because I wanted to listen to a Bollywood song for my fan-made Pop'n Music game list and I chose this song, from a rather obscure animated film from India called Roadside Romeo, which is badly reviewed by critics. But I enjoyed this song from the film, because it's cool and enjoyable.
    - Gangnam Style: Representing the country of South Korea and K-Pop genre. Well, it is the 2018 Winter Olympics, and they are held in South Korea. And it's fair that I use a K-Pop song in this pack. And it's also fair that the song in question would be this Youtube favorite, by the talented PSY. If we're ever going to get a K-Pop song, and a new Foreign language song. It would most likely be this song, because of it's popularity in Youtube.

    Now, normally, I would have a Zootopia character present a pack from the British and the Foreign Selections pack, but not in this case. This time, I'm letting this guy from another Pixar Film that has made it into Kingdom Hearts 3 quite unexpectedly, because I never saw it coming, present the pack. And that character is Randall Boggs from Monsters Inc. (I'm using his Monsters University incarnation). So, without further ado, here is Fritzy Katz's Foreign Selections 08.

    - Alabama Shakes - Hold On (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Arkona - Yarilo (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Eraserheads - Ang Huling El Bimbo (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Kunal Ganjawala - Main Hoon Romeo (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Los Bravos - Bring a Little Lovin' (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Of Monsters and Men - Dirty Paws (Band Tier: Solid)
    - PSY - Gangnam Style (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Vanilla Ninja - Liar (Band Tier: Challenging)

    It was a fun experience for me, to gather all of these international bands from the British Commonwealth and most of the world and put them into 16 packs (8 for the British Commonwealth and 8 for the Rest of the World). Because I wanted to do something like this at the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics. And I had a blast tiering these songs. :)

    Sunday will be the usual Weekly DLC. :)
  • It's Sunday, time for me to post the next Weekly DLC. (Last Weekly DLC for this month) :)

    This week will have a total of 7 songs: A 3-song New Album Preview pack of Franz Ferdinand's latest album, Always Ascending, and 4 Singles (Including one that is technically the Last DLC of the Week). First, we'll walk through the songs of the New Album Preview Pack.

    - Always Ascending: It's a shame that we only have 3 Franz Ferdinand songs officially. Because they have other good songs that are just as memorable as the 3 songs in the Franz Ferdinand 01 pack. The Fallen, which is one of the songs in Guitar Hero Modern Hits, as well as one of the songs from my Rock Band 5's Wishlist 2nd Setlist Expansion, is a very good example. Though, I must admit that I haven't listened to a lot of Franz Ferdinand's discography, outside of the songs in the Franz Ferdinand pack and The Fallen.
    And it's a good thing that I've managed to listen to the title track of their recent album just recently, because it's just as good as the other Franz Ferdinand songs that I know and listened to. It almost kinda sounds similar to modern Fall Out Boy, except for vocal-style.
    - Feel The Love Go: This is another good song from the recent album. I like how it incorporates Saxophone (Provided by the talented Terry Edwards), since it was the first time I ever heard sax in a Franz Ferdinand song (I've checked that Love Illumination, from the album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, has Sax too). I think it suits the song perfectly, and I loved the Music Video, because it almost reminds me of those Music Videos you see in the 1980s.
    - Lazy Boy: I think of the three songs in this pack, this would be my favorite of the three. It's a fun, energetic, and upbeat song that I would love to play on Vocals, if we ever got it. But if we're going to get a new Franz Ferdinand song, it will either be Always Ascending or No You Girls. Of course, The Fallen also has a good chance of being used, due to it's usage in Commercials for NFL matches and it's somewhat high charting in the US Alternative Rock charts.

    This pack will be joined by these 4 standalone single songs, including one that is technically the Last DLC of the Week.

    - Seishun: This song is done by The High-Lows, who are a band formed by The Blue Hearts' Hiroto Komoto and Masatoshi Mashima. I can feel the vibe of their previous band in their second band's music, and I enjoyed the song that I've chosen from them. Currently, Komoto and Mashima still performs under their third band, The Cro-Magnons. I would like to see some of The Blue Hearts in Rock Band officially, but I don't think Harmonix will go after them.
    - Sky High: Hear's another classic 1970's One-Hit Wonder, that has the honor of having a Stand in Hirohiko Araki's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure named after it. I heard a cover version of the song on a Internet Radio station for DDR songs, and I was surprised to learn that the song in question was a cover. Because I always assumed it was a original. But I listened to the Original while listening to Oldies Songs on Youtube, and I thought the Original was very good compared to the version I heard from DDR.
    - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher: Surprise, you didn't think I would include a Jackie Wilson song in this thread, did you? Such a great and soulful vocal talent that I enjoyed listening to, due to my love for Oldies music. The first time I heard this song was on Ghostbusters II, which is a really good squeal film (Of course, some people don't think so (Mostly critics), but I thought it was a good sequal). I would love to sing this song on Rock Band, if we ever get it as DLC.
    - Last DLC of the Week (February): Well, it's finally over for RBN (At least on the PSN side, according to some), but I've gotten the RBN songs that I needed to keep me satisfied. The only thing for me to do now is wait until those songs gets re-released as new DLC for Rock Band 4. So, I figured, why not make the Last DLC of the Week a sad song as a fitting homage to RBN. Usually, those type of songs would have to be a ballad. There are several ballads that can make me shed tears, and of all the ballads out there, I've chosen this one.
    Since Rock Band 2, I was surprised that Harmonix, when they made their 20 free songs pack, chose a song from this band. My favorite J-Rock Band, since I've put two of their songs into both of my Wishlist thread (One was part of the 2nd Setlist Expansion for the first thread, while the other is a initial setlist song for this thread). I, to this day, regret not getting the 20 Free Song pack, thus, denying me access to this band. And I hope and pray that the band in question gets another song in Rock Band 4 soon, now that they have a documentry film as of recent.
    The band has some really, wicked cool songs. But they also have beautiful ballads. And this song, which is from the same album as Silent Jealousy, is probably one of the most beautifully made ballads ever made. And it's a very fitting sendoff song for RBN, because it's the type of ballad that can make me shed tears.

    And with that explanation done, here is New Album Preview 06.

    =New Album Preview 06 (Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending)=
    - Always Ascending (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Feel The Love Go (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Lazy Boy (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - The High-Lows - Seishun (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Jackie Wilson - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Jigsaw - Sky High (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - X Japan - Say Anything (Band Tier: Solid (SPOTLIGHT PASS SONG)

    And thus, that completes the Spotlight Pass for Rock Band 5's Rivals Mode Season 1. Hear's a recap of Season 1's Spotlight Pass Songs.
    - Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up to Dry
    - Incubus - Megalomaniac
    - 'Til Tuesday - What About Love
    - Dolly Parton - Jolene
    - The Temptations - I Can't Get Next to You
    - Heart - Magic Man/Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)
    - Hawkwind - Urban Guerilla
    - X Japan - Say Anything

    There will be a special DLC Pack on February 27, in response to a recent De-listing announcement that was made during the day that the new patch for Rock Band 4 came out. I hope you're looking forward to it. :)
  • As promised, on this day, a Special Wishlist DLC pack will be presented in response to a recent De-listing announcement that was made during the day that the new patch for Rock Band 4 came out. :)

    The special Wishlist DLC Pack in question is a 12-song pack of one of my favorite Alternative Rock bands, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was made in response to the announcement of Give It Away (Which was a Disc Song in Rock Band 2, as well as a song in Rock Band Blitz (Which is such a awesome game by the way). Although, I do have Give It Away in my Rock Band 4 Library before the announcement came, so it shouldn't be a big deal for me, right?

    Wrong. The Delisting Announcement is a very big deal for me, because I missed out on the Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs on Rock Band (Though, I did got Snow (Hey, oh)) via the Rock Band Track Pack Vol.2 Export, which was the only way to get it. I missed out on the other Red Hot Chili Pepper Songs (Tell Me Baby, The Songs from the Blood Sugar Sex Magik album, and the I'm With The Chili Peppers pack). The Delisting Announcement is a reminder of that sadness that I felt when I missed out on the RHCP songs that I didn't bought before it was too late.

    And with the delisting of Give It Away enviable, it means that the chances of any new RHCP songs in Rock Band are 0%. And Harmonix said outright that they're not going to renew Delisted songs for the unfortunate folks, like myself, to be bought again. Which is very sad, because I enjoyed their discography. But as many members of the Rock Band community said: Music Licensing is Tough (Which is sadly true, and makes me sad when I think about it). :'(

    But I still wanted to see more RHCP songs to come to Rock Band, in spite of the impossibility of that. Especially from their older albums before Blood Sugar Sex Magik (But chances of seeing Pre-Blood Sugar Sex Magik albums are very slim, in comparison to anything from there to their recent album, The Getaway (Though, Mother's Milk might have a slight good chance). So, this pack has 12 songs, from all 11 from their albums (With 2 of them being from Stadium Arcadium, and each song representing each of the two discs). The 12 Songs are.

    - True Men Don't Kill Coyotes: First up is this song from the very first Self-Titled Album, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. People tends to look down on the First Album for a very valid reason: It did not had their original guitarist Hillel Slovek and their original drummer Jack Irons. I, on the otherhand, beg to differ. I think the album was decent enough to be likable, but when it comes to songs from that album, this song and Get Up and Jump are my faves.
    - If You Want Me To Stay: Second is this song from the album, Freaky Styley. This album has some pretty solid songs, probably better than most of the songs from the First Album. Of the 11 albums, this is my No.4 on my top 5 favorite RHCP Albums. My favorite song from that album is this song, a hauntingly beautiful cover of a Sly and The Family Stone classic. Other good songs in this album is Jungle Man and The Brothers Cup.
    - Me and My Friends: Third song is from the third album, which is my No.3 Favorite Album, The Uplift Mofo Party Plan. The songs from this album are very good: Very fun and energetic. Sadly, it's also the last album with Hillel Slovek (Who died a year later after the album's release and Jack Irons (Though, not technically, because they did contributed to the RCHP's cover of Jimi Hendrix's Fire). This song is one of my overall favorites, because it's fun, energetic, and enjoyable. Though, my no.1 favorite from this album is Backwoods. Other favorites from this album are Fight Like a Brave and Love Trilogy.
    - Knock Me Down: Fourth Song is from the fourth album, Mother's Milk and is one of the songs from my Rock Band 5's Wishlist On-Disc Setlist. Mother's Milk is my No.1 favorite RHCP Album, because I enjoyed listening to every song from that album (Which is reason why I've released it as a full album pack back in my first Wishlist Thread). I had a first experience with this song via Guitar Hero: On Tour the first game and I enjoyed it. So it's my favorite song from that album. My other favorites are Taste The Pain and Nobody Weird Like Me. Oh yes, and the version that is being used for this pack (Which was also used in the First Wishlist Thread) is the Original Long Version, because it has parts that the regular version doesn't have.
    - Under The Bridge: Next song is from the Fifth Album, Blood Sugar Sex Magik. A well-beloved album that was given a full album pack thanks to Give It Away's inclusion as a song in Rock Band 2 (And sadly, the Album Pack was delisted because of music licensing related issues), but it's still a very good album, with some pretty solid songs. Yes, I know, it's a delisted track and it is not coming back. But what else can I say, it's a classic. Though, my favorite song from that album is My Lovely Man. Other favorites of mine from this album are Give It Away, Suck My Kiss, and Breaking The Girl.
    - My Friends: Next song is from the sixth Album, One Hot Minute. This is my No.5 on my top 5 favorite RHCP Albums. It's also the only album that has Jane's Addictions' Dave Navarro as the guitarist. Yeah, I know it's not very well received by music critics, compared to the other Rick Rubin produced albums, but I think the album is a very solid album. This song is pretty cool, even though it seems slow and easy, but is one of those songs that changes tempo mid-song. My favorite song from this album is Aeroplane. Other good songs from this album is Shallow Be Thy Game, Coffee Shop, and One Big Mob.
    - Around The World: Next song is from the seventh Album, Californiacation. Of all of the songs from that album, I'm surprised to this day that we didn't got this song when the I'm With The Chili Peppers pack came out. But like with Blood Sex Sugar Magik, the album, Californiacation, is a solid album with some good songs. This song and Parallel Universe are my favorites from that album (I was surprised when I saw Parallel Universe being chosen as one of the songs to represent Californiacation over this song for the I'm With The Chili Peppers pack. But it's too late now, because it's delisted). Other favorites of mine from this album are Scar Tissue, Californiacation, and Road Trippin'.
    - The Zephyr Song: Next song is from the eighth album, By The Way. By The Way is another solid album, with some pretty solid songs. My favorite song from this album is the title track (Which was in the I'm With The Chili Peppers pack, but was delisted). This song is also a pretty good song, because it seems fun enough for a full band, and could be very fun on Vocals. Other favorites of mine from this album are Can't Stop, Universally Speaking, and Dosed.
    - Hump de Bump: The next two songs are from the ninth album, Stadium Arcadium, and each song is from each of the two discs. This song is from the Jupiter Disc. It's a funky, energetic, and fun song that I wished it was in Rock Band 4 as DLC, right now. (Though, given the current situation, I'm afraid it's impossible, for now).

    (To be continued in the next post).
  • - Desecration Smile: This song is from the other disc of Stadium Arcadium, Mars. It's a pretty cool song, which is a given, since Stadium Arcadium is my No.2 Favorite RCHP Album. The album is packed with really cool and fun songs that I enjoyed listening to. When it comes to listing my favorites, it's these 10: Dani California, Snow ((Hey Oh)), Charlie, Stadium Arcadium, Hump de Bump (Which is the previous song above), Especially In Michigan, Wet Sand, This song, Tell Me Baby, and Death of a Martian. Another good song from this album that I like is Slow Cheetah. But what can I say, all of the songs from this album are good. Sadly, it's the last album with John Frusciante, but it's still a cool album, never the less.
    - Brendan's Death Song: The next song is from the tenth album, I'm With You. I'll have to admit one thing: I have never listened to the entire I'm With You album before (But I probably should at some point, as I have listened to every RCHP album). But I needed a rep for I'm With You, and I chose this one because it's the only single from that album that isn't in the I'm With The Chili Peppers pack. I thought it was a pretty cool song, and it got me thinking that if I listened to I'm With You in it's entirety, then I'm bound to find some favorites.
    - Dark Necessities: The last song is from the Eleventh and current album, The Getaway. Like with I'm With You, I have not listened to this album in it's entirety. But I have listened to Dark Necessities before, and I have to say that I've enjoyed it much as I did with pretty much every other RHCP songs. But I'll probably listen to The Getaway at some point, because I'm sure there's some songs that I can choose for my favorites.

    So, without further ado, here is the Road Trippin' - The Red Hot Chili Peppers Chronology pack.

    - Around The World (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Brendan's Death Song (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Dark Necessities (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Desecration Smile (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Hump de Bump (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - If You Want Me To Stay (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Knock Me Down (Original Long Version) (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    - Me and My Friends (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - My Friends (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - True Men Don't Kill Coyotes (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Under The Bridge (Delisted Rewind)
    - The Zephyr Song (Band Tier: Moderate)

    This is probably one of the longest posts that I've ever made, that I was forced to split it into two parts because I can't stop talking about RHCP, as they are one of my favorite bands. And I'll wait for the day they'll bring new RHCP songs to Rock Band 4 or 5 (Even though, it's kinda impossible at the moment). Anyways, tomorrow will be the last Rewind Selections pack. :)
  • It's Wednesday, which means, it's time for me to present my last Rewind Selections pack for my wishlist, as well as the last challenge theme for my Wishlist's Season 1 Weekly Challenge. :)

    =Fritzy Katz's Rewind Selections 08=
    - 4 Non Blondes - What's Up? (Rock Band 4 Rewind)
    - Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know (Rock Band 2 Rewind)
    - The B-52's - Rock Lobster (Rock Band 3 Rewind)
    - Blink-182 - Aliens Exist (Lego Rock Band Rewind)
    - Bryan Adams - Summer of '69 (Lego Rock Band Rewind)
    - Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting (Lego Rock Band Rewind)
    - The Doors - Break On Through (To The Other Side) (Rock Band 3 Rewind)
    - Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds (Rock Band 4 Rewind)
    - HIM - Killing Loneliness (Rock Band 3 Rewind)
    - Huey Lewis & The News - The Power of Love (Rock Band 3 Rewind)
    - Hypernova - Viva La Resistance (Rock Band 3 Rewind)
    - The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Fire (Studio Version) (Lego Rock Band Rewind)
    - The Killers - Somebody Told Me (Rock Band 4 Rewind)
    - Kongos - Come With Me Now (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    - Lacuna Coil - Our Truth (Rock Band 2 Rewind)
    - Little Big Town - Little White Church (Rock Band 4 Rewind)
    - Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell (Rock Band 4 Rewind)
    - The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin' (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    - Megadeth - Peace Sells (Rock Band 2 Rewind)
    - Muse - Knights of Cydonia (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    - New York Dolls - Personality Crisis (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    - Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky (Rock Band 2 Rewind)
    - P!nk - So What (Lego Rock Band Rewind)
    - Pixies - Wave of Mutilation (Rock Band 1 Rewind)
    - The Police - Next to You (Rock Band 1 Rewind)
    - Queens of the Stone Age - Go With The Flow (Rock Band 1 Rewind)
    - Queensrÿche - Jet City Woman (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    - Rush - The Trees (Vault Edition) (Rock Band 2 Rewind)
    - Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock (Rock Band 1 Rewind)
    - The Smiths - How Soon Is Now? (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    - Spacehog - In The Meantime (Rock Band 3 Rewind)
    - Van Halen - Panama (Rock Band 4 Rewind)
    =RB52018 Weekly Challenge Season 1 Week 8 (Final Week): Every Cowboy Sings a Sad, Sad, Song=
    - Emiko Shiratori - Melodies of Life (Special Case Spotlight*)
    - X Japan - Say Anything (Spotlight Pass Spotlight)
    - Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Legacy DLC Spotlight)
    *NOTE*: Normally, I would choose a song from the on-disc setlist, but the combination of both RBN's and Give It Away's delisting announcments made me chose this song as a special sendoff for both (Because it made me sad when I heard those announcements (Former: I cannot buy anymore RBN Songs for my Rock Band 2 and 3 libraries, and Later: There's a high possibility that we'll never get any RHCP songs that are new for Rock Band (Though, I Still want to see new RHCP songs in Rock Band eventually), which is why I chose the song from Final Fantasy IX from the Final Fantasy Song Pack over a On-Disc Song.

    I'll be posting a preview of what artistis to expect in March, soon. :)

    FUN FACT: Before it was officially announced as a Official Rewind DLC this week, the Rewind Selections 08 pack originally was going to have Spin Doctors' Two Princes from Lego: Rock Band. It was replaced with Aliens Exist after it's announcement.
  • Are you ready to know what the artists of March are? :)

    - Arcade Fire
    - Atreyu
    - Cheap Trick
    - Elton John
    - Elvis Costello
    - Green Day
    - Horslips
    - James Taylor
    - Judas Priest (Album Preview - Firepower)
    - Mumford and Sons
    - Smashing Pumpkins
    - Tom Jones
    - U2
    - ZZ Top
    - and More

    Tomorrow will be the first DLC of March. :)
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    I was going to post this yesterday, but combination of sleepiness, boredom, and waiting for the Two Princes Rewind to show up on the PS Store (Well, I already got it last night) urged me to post it another time. But, I'm going to post it today, so it's time for me to post the first DLC of March. :)

    The first DLC for this month is another Monthly Deep-Cuts pack from these three artists that has appeared in previous Rock Band games: Big Country (Rock Band 3), U2 (Rock Band 4), and Twin Atlantic (Rock Band VR).

    Hear are the three songs that will appear in this pack.

    - Inwards: In A Big Country is one of my favorite New Wave genre songs, and I'm so glad that it has appeared in Rock Band 3. It was also very fun to play on Vocals as well. This song, which is by the same band, and is from the same album, is also pretty good. It's nice to discover that a band that is known for their bigger hits can have some underrated gems like this track.
    - Valhalla: Rock Band VR has some nice obscure tracks from obscure artists that I did not discover via Guitar Hero, and the Twin Atlantic is no exception. The song that appeared in that game, I Am Alive, is a banger that I would love to have in my Library if it came as DLC. This song is from the album album as I Am Alive, and it's pretty cool too. Though, I like I Am Alive better, but still, this song is a cool song never the less.
    - An Cat Dubh: To be honest, I never thought that we would get any U2 songs until Rock Band 4 came along. I always assumed that U2 would be in the Led Zeppelin route (As The Edge appeared in Jimmy Page's film, It Might Get Loud, and Jimmy Page hates Guitar Rhythm games with a passion (Though, granted, Jack White also appeared in that film, but we got some songs from the bands he has appeared in, as well as his solo career song, Lazaretto). But apparently, Harmonix proved me wrong, and I'm glad that they did, because U2 is a pretty cool band that I like.
    Though, we still lack some of their other popular songs like With or Without You, Beautiful Day, Mysterious Ways, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, and numerous others that I can't list them all. I wouldn't mind seeing some deep-cuts from them as well, like this song for example. I find it pretty cool (Kinda like the Deep-Cut that we have in Rock Band 4, Cedarwood Road, which I've enjoyed as well).

    So, without further ado, here is Monthy Deep-Cuts 03.

    - Big Country - Inwards (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Twin Atlantic - Valhalla (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - U2 - An Cat Dubh (Band Tier: Apprentice)

    Sunday will have the first Weekly DLC of March. :)
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    It's Sunday, time for me to post the first Weekly DLC for March. :)

    This week's Weekly DLC will be split into two parts: First part will be a DLC Pack on Sunday and some singles, with (possibly) a Spotlight Song among those songs. And the second part will be a pair of two DLC Packs on Wednesday that co-responds to RB4's Weekly Challenge Theme, and (Possibly) the theme for RB52018's Rivals Mode Weekly Challenge.

    The DLC for Sunday is another Class of Rock Band 2 Reunion pack with these 4 artists: Elvis Costello, Cheap Trick, the Smashing Pumpkins, and The Go-Go's. The songs for this pack are...

    - The Flame: I'm surprised that after one song in Rock Band 2, and 3 well-known songs that are tied to a pack for Cheap Trick, that we still don't have this song. It's a really good ballad that I liked and should've been in Rock Band prior before 4's release. Well, hopefully, it will make it's way to Rock Band 4 as DLC eventually, because I want to play this song on vocals.
    - Watching The Detectives: Here's another Elvis Costello song that should've been released alongside Radio Radio (Possibly as a three pack with this song, Radio Radio, and Veronica). This song is a classic that deserves to be included into Rock Band at some point. Hopefully, it will be included into Rock Band 4 as DLC in due time.
    - Head Over Heels: I chose this Go-Go's song because I wanted to save Vacation for a future Wishlist Thread as one of the On-Disc songs, and this song has a very good position in the US Charts. And I'm glad that I chose it, because when I listened to it for the first time, I liked it.
    - 1979: It's been 10 years since we ever had a new Smashing Pumpkins song, and we still don't have their most well known songs (I've been waiting for the day for Bullets With Butterfly Wings and Tarantula to appear in Rock Band for 10 years and we still don't have them). But sadly, most of the Rock Band Community are under the impression that Smashing Pumpkins has went the Led Zeppelin route (Songs will not be offered because one member of the band refuses to play ball with Harmonix). However, I want to believe that we could possibly get a rewind of Today or Cherub Rock or a new Smashing Pumpkins song like BWBW, or Tarantula, or this song, another classic hit from the album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

    The Pack will be joined by these three singles, which are tied to this theme: Lions (Songs with Lions in their song title, Band with Lions in their band name, Songs that refers to Lions or special cases (Like one of our songs, which is from a well known Disney Movie that has Lions as their main characters).

    - Can You Feel The Love Tonight?: I am a fan of the Disney Animated Canon, and I enjoyed the Disney Animated Films for their memorable characters (especially the villains), funny moments,and their songs. The Lion King is one of my childhood favorites, because it has good songs (All of the songs, including this song), a good villain (Scar), and good funny moments (Timon and Puumba doing a luau scene to distract the hyenas while Simba and Nala sneaks into Pride Rock to confront scar). I have to say that Elton John did a good job collaborating with Tim Rice and Disney to make these great music.
    - Little Lion Man: I've enjoyed the two Mumford and Sons songs we have in Rock Band (I Will Wait is my overall favorite of the two). But I wouldn't mind seeing some more songs from them, if it's possible. Though, it would probably be this song. I find it pretty enjoyable as I Will Wait (Except for the profane f-word, but I can tolerate it), and I wish Harmonix would include it eventually.
    - Radar Love: Yes, I am aware that we have the original version by Golden Earring, and yes, I have included the original in a Rewinds Selections pack here. But I loved the cover version by White Lion, which has appeared in Guitar Hero Encore: Rock The 80's (And ironically, that cover is also a cover by Wavegroup). And seeing that we've been getting songs from Guitar Hero 80's Setlist more often during the Rock Band 4 era, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't get the White Lion cover over a rewind of the original of Golden Earring.

    And without further ado, here is the Class of Rock Band 2 Reunion 02 pack.

    =Class of Rock Band 2 Reunion 02: Underground Favorite=
    - Cheap Trick - The Flame (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Elvis Costello - Watching The Detectives (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Go-Go's - Head Over Heels (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Smashing Pumpkins -1979 (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - White Lion - Radar Love (Band Tier: Nightmare (The Band Tier is very identical to the Original Version's)

    This Wednesday will be a Pack that has songs that we don't have from Artists that were in Rock Band 4's Season 2 Spotlight Pass. :)
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    Wow, I've heard all but one song in this batch, that's rare. Though I'm just curious, where does the 3 dots on Little Lion Man's drum part come from?

    The only percussion in that song is a kick drum, which would be an objective zero, unless you misheard there being more percussion. I had this song tiered by @TheBonobo4 and he tiered it a 0 dots on drums, but like you, he also mistakenly tiered drums a 3 dots at first before re-tiering it. Interesting how you both misheard that.
  • @MCSMeister Thanks for catching my over sightly mistake. I didn't noticed that it was all Kick Drum, because I didn't payed attention to what instruments were used in the song, but the song's melody itself. The Kick Drums' tempo made me think that there were other drums parts used, but guess not.

    Once again, thanks for catching my over sightly mistake. I've re-updated the tier with the Drums to 0, to match TheBonobo4's tier. I hope you're looking forward to what I've got in store for Wednesday. :)
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    A Special Announcement that is not a Special Wishlist DLC. :)

    As you are aware, this month is the 1st Anniversary of Rock Band VR, which came with a bunch of cool songs from cool bands that I've gotten to enjoy thanks to it's release (The Temper Trap, Ghost, etc. just to name a few). And so far, we're only 10 songs away from completing it's soundtrack (But recently, Harmonix seems to be favoring long-overdue songs over VR Stuff (Which I don't mind, as long as it gives me some of the stuff that we should've had from the get-go. But I hope they don't ignore Rock Band VR for too long).

    Well, starting March 23rd, I will be presenting a list of songs on this thread for my Wishlist for Rock Band VR 2. Unlike VR 1, it will be supported with not just Oculus Rift, but also PlayStation VR (Meaning, Playstation will now have it's own Rock Band VR, thanks to the special technology that Harmonix helped Oculus produce). Much like with it's predecessor, it will use Freestyle Guitar Play, with Classic Mode, and will use a Setlist composing of Songs from previous Rock Band Games, Legacy DLC, and New songs that has never been released as DLC yet.

    Once again, I hope your looking forward to it, as well as the Wishlist DLC that will be coming tomorrow. :)
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    It's Wednesday, and it's time for me to reveal the first Week of Rock Band 5 2018's Weekly Challenge Season 2. The Spotlight Pass song for this week, from the previous DLC pack, is Can You Feel The Love Tonight? by Elton John. The theme for this season is Band-Tier difficulty.

    The second part of this week is a DLC Pack known as RB4 Spotlight Specials 01, which consists of Songs from Artists that are in the Rivals Seasons Spotlight Passes. For the first three weeks, I'll cover Season 2, 3, and 4's Spotlight Pass Artists and then from that point on, I'll release a special pack based on whatever the theme for Season 5 is. For this first pack, I'll be covering Season 2's Spotlight Pass. The songs are...

    - I Think I'm Paranoid: From Rock Band 1 is this Rewind track from Garbage. Though, I like some other songs from them (When I Grow Up (From the film Big Daddy), Why Do You Love Me?, and Only Happy When It Rains), but this song is still a decent song that I like.
    - Cat Scratch Fever: I must admit, that due to the current situation, I thought that getting any song from Ted Nugent was impossible, but apparently, Harmonix proved me and the Rock Band Community wrong. Of course, I'm very well aware that Nugent isn't very liked by most of the RB Community, but I still would like to get this song eventually.
    - Ninja Rap: Ice Ice Baby was kinda meh for me (But I don't hate it, though). But this song, however, is enjoyable. It's a real shame that Ice Ice Baby is the only big hit for Vanilla Ice, and this song is from a squeal that had bad reviews from movie critics, which means Harmonix is likely to ignore it, like with most obscure Deep-cuts and internationally known hits from international artists that are alien to the US.
    - A Little Piece of Heaven: I've seen some Rock Band Community members asking for this song, and I can totally see why. It kinda reminds me of a song from a Tim Burton movie, amped up to 11. I find it very effing awesome, when I heard it for the first time. Of course, it's a Avenged Sevenfold song, so I expected it would be the case.
    - Give It To Me Baby: The only Rick James I knew back then was Super Freak, and I didn't learned about this song, until I've saw a song list for DJ Hero. I've listened to this song, and I liked it. And due to it's use in a 1999 film, as well as it's position in the R&B and Dance charts, I can definitely expect to see this song in Rock Band sometime soon, if possible.
    - Hot Rails to Hell: I wanted to save Cities On Flames With Rock'n Roll for a future Wishlist thread, so I figured why not use songs from BOC albums that has yet to be used. I chose Tyranny & Mutation, and this was my song choice. When I listened to it, I loved it. It's a real shame that the possibility of getting this song is nil, because Harmonix is favoring what's popular on the Billboard Charts and Spotify.
    - Only Time Will Tell: I'm glad that we got Heat of the Moment as soon as we reached Week 7 of Season 2, because it added a new song from the GH80's setlist to Rock Band's vast library of DLC content, and gives me hope to expect 21st Century Schizoid Man or a Emerson, Lake, and Palmer song. But I wouldn't mind seeing another Asia song, and it will most likely be this song. I liked it, so I wouldn't mind seeing it in Rock Band 4 sometime, if possible.
    - Angry Chair: With the release of Down In a Hole and Them Bones, we're almost done getting all of the singles off of Alice In Chains' Dirt album. The only single that remains is this song, which is a pretty cool song (Though, Would and Them Bones are my favorite from the Dirt Album, but I still like this song too).

    This pack will be joined by another pack themed around Season 5's Theme for the corresponding week. And this week's Season 5 theme is themed around International Woman's Day (Which includes songs by Female Artists, Female Fronted Bands, and Songs about Females). So my pack is a pack of Reknowned Female Artists and Bands. The songs are...

    - New Kid in School: From Rock Band 2, is this awesome Rewind track from The Donnas. Of course, I would like to see Take It Off some time soon, if it's possible, as that will add a new song for Rock Band 1's setlist. Of course, I know that getting this song as a official Rewind is impossible, but I would like to see it come as a Rewind, because it's a really good obscure On-Disc song that I enjoyed.
    - Cherry Bomb (Original Version): Yes, I am aware that we have cover of this song, yes. But I would like to see the original version of this song to come to Rock Band as DLC at some point, even though, that will be impossible, since we hadn't had a Original Version of a AMFB song since the Original Version of Creedance Clearwater Revival's Fortunate Son. Even so, I still would love to see the Original Version of a AMFB again, especially this song.
    - Everyday Is a Winding Road: Sad to know that we only have one Sheryl Crow song, just one. And yes, I'm aware that it's her biggest hit. But All I Wanna Do should've been in a 3 song pack, with two other songs from Sheryl Crow's discography. And one of the songs that would most likely be in that pack is this song, which was heard in a Nissan Silvia commercial and was in the soundtrack for Erin Brockovich. But if we ever get any new Sheryl Crow songs, it would most likely be this one.

    And without further ado, I present RB4 Spotlight Specials 01 and Ladies of Rock 01.

    =RB4 Spotlight Specials 01: Season 2 Spotlight Pass Artists=
    - Alice In Chains - Angry Chair (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Asia - Only Time Will Tell (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece of Heaven (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Blue Oyster Cult - Hot Rails to Hell (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid (Rock Band 1 Rewind)
    - Rick James - Give It To Me Baby (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Vanilla Ice - Ninja Rap (Band Tier: Warmup)
    =Ladies of Rock 01=
    - The Donnas - New Kid in School (Rock Band 2 Rewind)
    - The Runaways - Cherry Bomb (Original Version) (Band Tier is identical to the Cover Version's tier)
    - Sheryl Crow - Everyday Is a Winding Road (Band Tier: Challenging)
    =RB52018 Weekly Challenge Season 2 Week 1: Rock'n Roll Freshmens=
    - Imagine Dragons - Demons (On-Disc Spotlight Song)
    - Seal - Kiss From a Rose (Setlist Expansion Spotlight Song)
    - Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (Season Pass Spotlight Song)

    This Sunday will be a another DLC Pack that will feature a pack of songs from the Founding Fathers of Celtic Rock, which is a appropriate choice for St.Patrick's Day. I hope you are looking forward to it. :)

    EDIT: Added the tiers for the RB4 Spotlight Specials 01 songs.
  • It's Sunday, which means it's time for me to present more Weekly Wishlist DLC. :)

    Saint Patrick's Day is coming this week, and what's a better way to celebrate it than with a Pack of songs from an Irish band. And I decided to go for a more semi-obscure band that I haven't listened to before until recently, and that band is Horslips. I've been listening to their music at recent times, and I've enjoyed it. I've chose these three songs for their pack.

    - Trouble (With a Capital T): This was the first song I've listened to and I'm glad that I did, because I've enjoyed it a lot. I'll say that it's my favorite song from this band for now (Still haven't listened to the rest of the band's discography).
    - The Power and the Glory: This was a pretty good song that was likable. It's from the same album was the previous song (Which I liked better, but this song was a good song too).
    - The Man Who Built America: A decent song from a different album, which was one of the few albums to be charted in the US Charts. Yes, I'm aware that I chose these songs over their most well known song, Dearg Doom, which was covered by Slough Feg. But I'm fine with these choices.

    To join this pack are these three singles, which follows this theme: The Color Green. The songs that will be joining this pack are...

    - Green, Green Grass of Home: Yep, it's another song that has a Stand from Hirohiko Araki's Jojo Bizarre Adventures named after it. A sweet and gentle song from the man who brought you It's Not Unusual and She's a Lady. I wished it heard it on Oldies Radio stations, but unfortunately, I didn't until now (I've got Youtube to thank for that).
    - Green Tambourine: Here's another 1960s classic that needs to come to Rock Band as DLC, sometime soon. It was used as the outro song for Recess: School's Out movie, and it's a nice song for it's genre. Hopefully, it will come to Rock Band 4 as DLC soon.
    - X-Kid: I'm glad that we've gotten most of the bigger hits from Green Day, but I felt like we're missing some other good bangers from them, like Nuclear Family, and this song, which was in Rocksmith 2014's setlist. It's from the third album from the ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! trilogy, which is ¡Tré!, and it's the only single from that album. Hopefully, we'll get that song soon (Probably in a Green Day pack with some other songs).

    And without further ado, here is the Horslips 01 pack.

    =Horslips 01=
    - The Man Who Built America (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Power and the Glory (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Trouble (With a Capital T) (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Green Day - X-Kid (Band Tier: Solid)
    - The Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Tom Jones - Green, Green Grass of Home (Band Tier: Apprentice (SPOTLIGHT PASS SONG)

    This Wednesday will have a pack that will cover Artists who were in RB4's Season 3's Season Pass. :)
  • Nope, it's not either of those two. (But I would like to do a Tom Jones song in my Wishlist Thread sometime).

    You absolutely were not foreshadowing there. ;)

    Still, Horslips are a criminally overlooked band. Definitely not going to have to steal your pack idea at some point...

    With Green Day, I can think of a few songs I'd have before X-Kid, even from the trilogy such as Bang Bang, Revolution Radio and some of the pre-Dookie songs and deep cuts from the Insomniac/Nimrod/Warning (though you might have got them in your previous thread, iunno). Similarly, that wouldn't be one of the Tom Jones songs I'd immediately pick either, though I suppose it fits with the green theme. Good shouts though.
  • Welp, it looks like one of the newer Wishlist DLC from this thread will be making their debut in Rock Band proper as official DLC. :)

    - Bad Company by the band named after the song will be coming this week.

    And that song will be coming with a 1990s One-hit wonder that I like (Del Amitri's Roll To Me), which makes this week a good week for me. As usual, I'll wait for either @MCSMeister or @Vexus to make comparisons with my tiering of Bad Company. :)
  • Radiohead97Radiohead97 Rising Star
    In my (unpopular) opinion, I prefer the Five Finger Death Punch version of Bad Company
  • In my (unpopular) opinion, I prefer the Five Finger Death Punch version of Bad Company

    I can respect your opinion, but I only listened to the original, I haven't heard the cover by FFDP (My favorite song from that band is Hard To See).

    I mean, yes, I can see why people liked the cover over the original, but I like the original more, because it's a classic. But I probably listen to the FFDP cover when I can. (Heck, there's a couple of RHCP songs that are covers that I like over the originals, but just because I like the covers doesn't mean that I shouldn't dislike the Originals).

    So once again, I can respect your opinion. :)
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    It's Wednesday, time for me to post the second half of this week's Wishlist DLC and the next Wishlist Rivals Challenge for this week. :)

    This week's is the next pack of the RB4 Spotlight Specials 02 pack series. This one will cover Bands and Artists from Rock Band 4's Rivals Mode Season 3 (a.k.a. The Decade Season) Spotlight Pass. Hear are the songs in this pack.

    - School Days: As soon as Season 3 came, I was ecstatic that we got Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode, which is not only a 1950's song (And I love music from the 1950s), but also a song that not many people, myself included, would think that we get at all, as the song never appeared in a Guitar rhythm game (But it has appeared in a music game, DDR Disney Mix). And now that we have it, I'm hopelessly going to hope that we get another song from him, like this cool track, which it's a line from it's lyrics shares the title of Chuck Berry's documentary film from 1987, Hail! Hail! Rock'n Roll. (Also, first 1950s song for this Wishlist Thread).
    - I Feel Sanctified: I chose this song because it was the second most searched song of Wild Cherry. Yep, it's a Deep Cut, but it sounds very similar to Play That Funky Music in melody, except with different lyrics. But either way, I like it.
    - Nightmares: Another highly-charted song from Violent Femmes, much like American Music (Blister In The Sun isn't a charted song, despite it's popularity (And I don't know why Blister wasn't charted), and I wasn't familiar with. I've gave it a listen via Youtube and I've liked it.
    - Creep: Another Rewind from Rock Band 1. Never listened to much Radiohead outside of Karma Police until Rock Band 1 came out for the first time (True story). And now that I had, I gotten to add new favorites from this band in general (Namely Paranoid Android, I hope that one comes out to Rock Band soon). I thank Harmonix for allowing me to discover more Radiohead outside of Karma Police.
    - Holy Water: Thanks to Rock Band 4, I've gotten to enjoy playing modern Country songs, which I never listen to. And thanks to Rivals Season 3, I've gotten to enjoy playing Save A Horse (Ride a Cowboy), which was one of the songs in DropMix (The song was very fun on Vocals). This song came up when I was looking for a Big & Rich song, and I've listened to it. It was a nice song that I liked (Though, Save A Horse, I like better).
    - Death In Fire: Hear's another Amon Amarth Song from the Amon Amarth pack in Rocksmith (My goal is to get all the remaining songs from that pack into this Wishlist Thread). I have to say that after listening to it on Youtube, I can gladly say that the song is a banger.
    - If Only: I've enjoyed the Queens of the Stone Age songs we had in Rock Band as of current, but I wished we got their songs from pre-Songs For The Deaf. Namely The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret and songs from the band's very first studio Self-Titled album. This song is from the said Self-Titled Album, and I find it pretty cool upon first listen to.
    - Purple Yellow Red & Blue: I was ecstatic when Feel It Still came to Rock Band as DLC (Easily one of my favorite songs from the era 2017), and was surprised at the same time when Harmonix got another song from Portugal. The Man from the same album as Feel It Still. I figured that maybe I should include another PTM song from one of their earlier albums. I chose Evil Friends because of it's higher charting, and I chose this song, because it was in FIFA 14's Soundtrack. I find it a pretty cool song (Though not as cool as Feel It Still).

    This pack will be joined by a pack to match the week theme for Rock Band 4's Rival Mode Season 5. This week's theme is a Road Trip Theme (Likely songs that has a Road, Travel, Rolling, or a name of a Place). So I figured, why not do a pack based on Bands named after locations in the USA. I chose these 3 songs for the pack.

    - Play The Game Tonight: This song was chosen because it was a highly-charted song on the music charts. I'll say that it was a good song upon first listen, but is it better than Carry On Wayward Son or Icarus - Borne On Wings of Steel? Nope, those two are better. (Especially Icarus, which I've heard via a Twitch stream).
    - Saturday In The Park: Another classic tune from Chicago that we've missed out on. A enjoyable, jazzy, song that I liked thanks to Oldies Radio (I've listened to most Classic Rock songs on there). Well, hopefully, we'll get this song soon (I don't mind if we got You're The Inspiration or Wishing You Were Here before it, but I want to sing this song on Rock Band, ASAP).
    - Wastelands: This song was in my first Wishlist Thread. Thanks to Guitar Hero Live, not only did I got to listen to bands that I've never listened to before until now (The Gaslight Anthem, Elbow, just to name a few), but I also got to listen to never before listened songs from bands that I have listened to before, like Gold On The Ceiling, and this song, which is from Linkin Park's The Hunting Party album. Kinda wished that this was the song from that album that appeared when it was a pre-order track for the X-Box. But what else can I say other than this song is a banger.

    And so, without further ado. Here is RB4 Spotlight Specials 02 with the American Road Trip pack.

    =RB4 Spotlight Specials 02 (Season 3 Spotlight Pass Artists)=
    - Amon Amarth - Death In Fire (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Big & Rich - Holy Water (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Chuck Berry - School Days (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Queens of The Stone Age - If Only (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Portugal. The Man - Purple Yellow Red & Blue (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Radiohead - Creep (Rock Band 1 Rewind)
    - Violent Femmes - Nightmares (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Wild Cherry - I Feel Sanctified (Band Tier: Moderate)
    =American Road Trip=
    - Chicago - Saturday In The Park (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Kansas - Play The Game Tonight (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Linkin Park - Wastelands (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    =RB52018 Weekly Challenge Season 2 Week 2: Sophomores On The Road=
    - Sam Roberts - Bridge to Nowhere (On-Disc Spotlight Song)
    - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (Setlist Expansion Spotlight Song)
    - Tom Jones - Green, Green Grass of Home (Spotlight Pass Spotlight Song)

    This Saturday will be an Album Preview Pack of Judas Priest's latest album, Firepower. I hope you are looking forward to it. :)

    EDIT: Added the Weekly Challenge.
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    edited March 15
    Wow, I never thought that I would ever see any other Wild Cherry song tiered here :p I'm probably one of the few people on this earth who has fully listened to their debut album. It's not the best funk album out there, but it has a few decent originals on it. The one you tiered is probably one of the more throwaway tracks on the album IMO, because yes, they were blatantly trying to rip off "Play That Funky Music"...with a Commodores cover of all things. If you want a better song to tier from it for the future, I'd suggest "What in the Funk Do You See" (my favorite from the album) or "The Lady Wants Your Money".
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    edited March 15
    Sorry for the double post, but gonna drop the "Bad Company" comparison here now.

    "Bad Company" comparison

    Not too shabby of a comparison! Guitar is spot-on, drums and vocals are a dot off, and bass is two dots off. Having just finished playing this, I can understand why one might think the bass sounds harder than it is, because it does get quite active and fun during the outro, but it's nothing worth 4 dots at all. However, there was also a really out-of-place strum lane in the intro (which definitely threw me off my first play, since you don't see those on bass often) and I feel like that alone could make the chart deserve a 3, but it's only a short part. As for the other tiers, I actually agree with a higher tier for vocals, because while I was able to FC it on my first try simply by following the pitch lines, there's a lot of ad libbing in the outro that could throw some people off. The only real difficulty with the drum chart is a handful of cymbal rolls, but those weren't too hard to figure out the rhythm of.

    Not a very difficult song overall, but still manages to be kinda fun, especially on guitar, which has two solos.
  • edited March 15
    @MCSMeister Nice! Another 1 out of 4 for me. :)

    Oh yes, I've listened to those two Wild Cherry songs you've suggested for me in the future if I ever want to do more from them, and I have to say that I've enjoyed both of them. Of the two, What in the Funk Do You See is the overall favorite for me, because it's just funky fun and energetic. And that guitar solo on The Lady Wants Your Money... A banger that I can enjoy to listen to.

    Thanks for comparing my tiers and suggesting those two Wild Cherry songs. I hope you are looking forward to what Sunday has in store for this thread. :)
  • It's Sunday, time for another weekly Wishlist DLC. :)

    The first half of DLC for this week is a New Album Preview Pack of Judas Priest's newest album, Firepower. I've been clamoring for a Rewind of Painkiller from Rock Band 2 ever since Rewinds became a thing. I've chose these three songs for the pack, and listened to them, and I have to say that I've enjoyed all three of them. The songs for this pack are...

    - Lightning Strikes: The first single from the album. It's quite a cool song that I've got to enjoy (Of course, I enjoy most of the discography from Judas Priest). If we ever got any new Priest songs, then this would be the song that would come first (Hopefully, it will come in a pack with Painkiller and probably another song from the Firepower album).
    - Firestarter: The album title track, and the second single from the album. Now this is a banger. Easily my favorite of the three songs that I've chosen for this pack. Has the same energy of fun as Painkiller, which is a plus.
    - Never The Heroes: The third single from the album. Another Cool song that I enjoyed, as I have listened to it prior before making this post. Compared to the other two songs, it's tame-ish, but still a good song.

    This pack will be joined by these three singles, which follows this theme: The Element of Fire. The songs are...

    - Everything Now: I've been seeing quite a few members of the Rock Band Community clamoring for Arcade Fire's discography, and I can totally see why. I've listened to a few of their discography in recent times and I have to say that I've enjoyed their songs. Especially this song, which is from their latest album, which shares the same title as the said song. Yep, I know they made a fake Band-Centric game ad that was meant to promote their album, but I wouldn't mind seeing some Arcade Fire songs in Rock Band, for reals, eventually.
    - Fire and Rain: I haven't seen many Rock Band Community personal request for James Taylor, and I think I know why (Certain songs in his discography are too boring for their music taste). But if I wanted a James Taylor song in Rock Band, then it needs to be this song because I think that this is the more fun song from his discography. It's a classic that is mid-tempo and soothing.
    - Fire Burning: And last, but not least is this hip song from the Dance Central 2 soundtrack. It's was thanks to Dance Central that I've gotten to enjoy Dance-pop a lot more than I used to (I used to think Dance Pop nowadays was meh, but Dance Central helped me appreciate it a lot more). And this song is one of my favorite modern Dance-pop songs.

    So, without further ado, here is New Album Preview 07.

    =New Album Preview 07 (Judas Priest - Firepower)=
    - Lightning Strike (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Firepower (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Never The Heroes (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Arcade Fire - Everything Now (Band Tier: Solid (SPOTLIGHT PASS SONG)
    - James Taylor - Fire and Rain (Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Sean Kingston - Fire Burning (Band Tier: Moderate)

    This upcoming Wednesday will be another pack of the RB4 Spotlight Specials series, and then next Wednesday (March 28) will be a Artist Pack of an Artist who has songs on this Wishlist Thread's On-Disc Setlist (From both the initial setlist and the 1st Setlist Expansion). :)
  • It's Wednesday, which means it's time for me to present the second half of this week's DLC and this week's Weekly Challenge theme for this wishlist thread. :)

    The second half of this week's DLC is the third RB4 Spotlight Specials pack. This pack will cover artists that were in the Season 4 Spotlight Pass, including the two extras that came at the end of last December (And technically, one of the two bands is also part of the main Season Challenge). The Songs chosen for this pack are...

    - Youth Gone Wild: I'll have to admit, I was surprised when Harmonix released Skid Row last year of December, with 18 and Life being the first song from the Season 4 Spotlight Pass to be release as DLC (And I'm glad it did, because that's been a favorite of mine since Guitar Hero 80's. Such a beautiful, yet, bittersweet power ballad that I've enjoyed listening to). And now, we're almost done getting all of the singles from Skid Row's self-titled debut album. The only song I need next is this song, which is the debut single from that said album. It's my third favorite Skid Row song behind Slave to the Grind and 18 and Life, and it's a banger.
    - Never My Love: Since their cover of Hooked On A Feeling is their biggest hit song, I've looked up on Google to see if Blue Swede had any other big hits for them. And they had a cover of The Association's Never My Love. I listened to it just today, and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot better than the original version (Of course, I still like the original version too, because that was the first version I've listened to).
    - World In My Eyes: With Enjoy The Silence making it's release to the Rock Band DLC Library for reals, I figured why don't I finish off the Singles off from Depeche Mode's Violator album with this song, the last single from that album. Of the four singles from Violator, Personal Jesus and Enjoy The Silence are my faves, but I find this song pretty good too.
    - Man! I Feel Like A Woman: I mentioned earlier that I was unimpressed with the song selections for the official Going Country 10 pack, but I liked the Shania Twain song in that pack, though. But I still think this song should come in the next Going Country pack, if we ever got one, because this one is one of those fun Country songs that I liked.
    - In The Dark: I was tempted to choose Rock Me Tonight, but because of the notoriety of the song's music video, I decided to go with the path of less resistance: Another song from Billy Squier's Don't Say No album. And I went with the second single from that album, which is also the opening track for the album, and it's a great song to open the album when I listened to it, because it's a banger, much like The Stroke and Lonely Is The Night.
    - Shiver: Here's a cool song from Coldplay from Guitar Hero World Tour's on-disc setlist. Yeah, I know most of the Rock Band Community, apart from HMXOwl, are getting tired of seeing Coldplay again, but I'm not, because there's still some songs from their discography that I still wanted to see in Rock Band someday, like Violet Hill, Paradise, In My Place, and this song, which is very hard on Guitar, from the looks of it, but yet very enjoyable to listen to.
    - If I Am: My reaction to this: "Oh Goodie, Brick House is the Spotlight, Nice!" "Oh, oopsie! It's the other song that's the spotlight (Darn it)" "(Bought other song and played it) Wow, that was fun!" That was the my reaction when I found out that Absolutely (Story of a Girl) was the Spotlight over Brick House, and then later playing it. I had a fun time playing the Nine Days song on Vocals, because it's a fun song to play on that instrument. I checked Google to see if they had another decent song from their discography, and this song came up. Listened to it, and I liked it. It's a cool song that is enjoyable to listen to.
    - If You're Gone: Not going to lie, but even though, I was disappointed that Push still hasn't came as of yet, I actually enjoyed the Matchbox Twenty song that came during Season 4 of Rock Band Rivals. It's soothing, yet fun on vocals. And now that all five of the M20 albums has been repped, I figured why not get the last Certified Platinum song from their discography, which is this song from the Mad Season album.
    - Fake It: A carryover from RBN makes it's way into this pack. I'll admit that I haven't listened to much Seether, outside from Remedy (Which was in Guitar Hero On Tour Decades) and Broken (Which was the song that came to RB4 as DLC). But I have heard parts of Fake It on Guitar Hero 4 Wishlist Video on Youtube (That video doesn't exist anymore, I think). It's a shame that RBN was taken down, because this song is a banger. Well, hopefully, it will come to RB4 as Official Rock Band DLC, I hope.

    As usual, it will be joined by a single pack that corresponds to this week's Rock Band 4's Rivals Mode Season Challenge for this week... That's what I would normally say, but not for this week. Because this pack has 9 songs, I'll be using one song. Anyways, this week's Weekly Challenge theme for Rock Band 4 is songs about breaking up. And this song came into mind when I saw the theme.

    - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: I love Oldies Music, and I got into Oldies music thanks to Richard Simmons' Sweatin' To The Oldies and The Beatles. A cover of this song, from the talented Neil Sedaka, was in Sweatin' To The Oldies 2, which made me like the song, and made me listen to the original, which I liked as well. The version I'm using is the original 1962 version, not the re-record from 1975 (I don't hate the re-record. I just find the original version more enjoyable).

    So without further ado, here is RB4 Spotlight Specials 03

    =RB4 Spotlight Specials 03 (Season 4 Spotlight Pass Artists)=
    - Billy Squier - In The Dark (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Blue Swede - Never My Love (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Coldplay - Shiver (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Matchbox Twenty - If You're Gone (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Nine Days - If I Am (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Seether - Fake It (RBN Carryover)
    - Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like a Woman (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    =Extra Song=
    - Neil Sedaka - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Band Tier: Solid)
    =RB52018 Weekly Challenge Week 3: Junior-League Rockstars=
    - Cyndi Lauper - The Goonies R Good Enough (On-Disc Spotlight)
    - The Yardbirds - Heart Full of Soul (Setlist Expansion Spotlight)
    - Arcade Fire - Everything Now (Spotlight Pass Spotlight)

    This Friday (March 23) will be the release of my Rock Band VR 2's On-Disc Setlist. I hope you're all looking forward to it. :)
  • It is March 23, the first anniversary day of Rock Band VR. Time for me to post my wishlist for the on-disc setlist of Rock Band VR 2. :)

    =On-Disc Rewinds=
    - AFI - Girl's Not Grey (Rock Band 2)
    - Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Let It Ride (Rock Band 5)
    - Blur - Song 2 (Lego Rock Band)
    - Coldplay - Violet Hill (Rock Band 5 2018)
    - The J.Geils Band - Centerfold (Rock Band 3)
    - Journey - Any Way You Want It (Rock Band 2)
    - The Kooks - Naïve (Lego Rock Band)
    - Live - All Over You (Rock Band 4)
    - Metallica - Master of Puppets (Rock Band 5)
    - MGMT - Flash Delirium (Rock Band 5)
    - Rise Against - Tragedy + Time (Rock Band 5)
    - Shakira - Try Everything (Rock Band 5)
    - Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (Rock Band 1)
    - Smashing Pumpkins - Today (Rock Band 2)
    - Steely Dan - Bodhisattva (Rock Band 2)
    =Setlist Expansion Rewinds=
    - The 1975 - Girls (Rock Band 5 2018 (1st Setlist Expansion)
    - Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Rock Band 5 (2nd Setlist Expansion)
    - Funkadelic - Who Says a Funk Band Can't Play Rock (Rock Band 5 (1st Setlist Expansion)
    - Swing Out Sister - Breakout (Rock Band 5 (3rd Setlist Expansion)
    - X Japan - Silent Jealousy (Rock Band 5 (2nd Setlist Expansion)
    =Legacy DLC=
    - Audioslave - Like a Stone
    - Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage
    - Boston - Peace of Mind
    - Bush - Machinehead
    - Free - All Right Now
    - Grand Funk Railroad - We're an American Band
    - Hozier - Take Me To Church
    - Janis Joplin - Piece of My Heart
    - Weezer - Hash Pipe
    - Whitesnake - Still of the Night

    (To be continued on the next post)
  • edited March 25
    =Newly Debuting=
    - Amon Amarth - War Of The Gods (Genre: Metal)
    - AudioDamn! - Radar (Genre: Indie Rock)
    - Bearstronaut - Working Nights (Genre: Pop-Rock)
    - Big D & The Kids Table - Shining On (Genre: Raggae/Ska)
    - Black Beach - Self Portrait (Genre: Rock)
    - The Buzzcocks - What Do I Get (Genre: Punk)
    - The Cardigans - Carnival (Genre: Alternative)
    - The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Genre: Country)
    - Chucklehead - Stalagmite (Genre: R&B/Soul/Funk)
    - The Count Five - Psychotic Reaction (Genre: Rock)
    - Cream - Crossroads (Genre: Classic Rock)
    - The Cro-Magnons - Eight Beat (Genre: J-Rock)
    - The Del Fuegos - I Always Call Her Back (Genre: Rock)
    - Do As Infinity - Fukai Mori (Genre: J-Rock)
    - Emerson, Lake, & Palmer - Karn Evil 9: The 1st Impression (Genre: Prog)
    - Eminem - Berzerk (Genre- Hip-hop/Rap)
    - Epica - Beyond The Matrix (Genre: Metal)
    - Golden Earring - Twilight Zone (Genre: Classic Rock)
    - Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune (Genre: Rock)
    - Héroes del Silencio - Avalancha (Genre: Rock)
    - Hum - Stars (Genre: Alternative)
    - Incubus - Stellar (Genre: Alternative)
    - JAM Project - GARO ~Savior In The Dark~ (Genre: J-Rock)
    - John Mellencamp - Jack & Diane (Genre: Classic Rock)
    - Kid Rock - Bawitdaba (Genre: Nu-Metal)
    - Love and Rockets - Mirror People (Genre: New Wave)
    - Lynyrd Skynyrd - I Know a Little (Genre: Southern Rock)
    - MC5 - Kick Out The Jams (Genre: Rock)
    - Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now? (Genre: New Wave)
    - The Neighborhoods - No Place Like Home (Genre: Rock)
    - Oingo Boingo - Only a Lad (Genre: New Wave)
    - Piebald - American Hearts (Genre: Emo)
    - The Real Kids - Do The Boob (Genre: Rock)
    - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Factory of Faith (Genre: Alternative)
    - Robin Lane and the Chartbusters - When Things Go Wrong (Genre: Rock)
    - Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs.Robinson (Genre: Classic Rock)
    - Stuck In The Sound - Toy Boy (Genre: Indie Rock)
    - Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized (Genre: Punk)
    - Swirlies - Jeremy Parker (Genre: Rock)
    - Tal Bachman - She's So High (Genre: Alternative)
    - Ten Years After - I'd Love To Change The World (Genre: Classic Rock)
    - That Handsome Devil - Elephant Bones (Genre: Rock)
    - Thrice - Deadbolt (Genre: Rock)
    - The Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care (Genre: Classic Rock)
    - Triumph - Lay It On The Line (Genre: Classic Rock)

    In addition, the game will be released with a Pack of newer songs from that game into Rock Band 5 2018. More VR 2 Songs will come in later days.

    - Bawitdaba's Tier (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Deadbolt's Tier (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Highway Tune's Tier (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - I'd Love To Change The World's Tier (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Mrs.Robinson's Tier (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Twilight Zone's Tier (Band Tier: Moderate)

    This upcoming Sunday will be more DLC: the first half of the last bit of DLC for the last week of March. :)

    EDIT: Fixed a Typo Error (Gave I'd Love To Change The World the wrong genre, it's suppose to be Classic Rock, not Alternative).
  • =Newly Debuting=
    - Amon Amarth - War Of The Gods (Genre: Metal)
    - The Buzzcocks - What Do I Get (Genre: Punk)
    - The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Genre: Country)
    - Cream - Crossroads (Genre: Classic Rock)
    - Emerson, Lake, & Palmer - Karn Evil 9: The 1st Impression (Genre: Prog)
    - Eminem - Berzerk (Genre- Hip-hop/Rap)
    - Epica - Beyond The Matrix (Genre: Metal)
    - Héroes del Silencio - Avalancha (Genre: Rock)
    - Hum - Stars (Genre: Alternative)
    - Incubus - Stellar (Genre: Alternative)
    - MC5 - Kick Out The Jams (Genre: Rock)
    - Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs.Robinson (Genre: Classic Rock)
    - Stuck In The Sound - Toy Boy (Genre: Indie Rock)
    - Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized (Genre: Punk)
    - Thrice - Deadbolt (Genre: Rock)

    Seconding all these! Well, in so far as anyone can second Beyond The Matrix when it was in their own thread months ago! ;)

    Seriously though, excellent picks.
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