Fritzy Katz's Rock Band 5 2018 Wishlist (With Tiers and Wishlist DLC)



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    And this post marks my return from my hiatus. :)

    And to celebrate my return, I'll be presenting this pack: My guess on the second Yacht Rock Pack in response to Harmonix's recent release. I haven't picked up the Yacht Rock Pack 01 yet (But I'll probably will at some point), but I'm glad that Harmonix is aware of the genre in question (And hopefully, they'll be aware of other notable genres to come. (Here's hoping they do a Surf Rock pack for reals).

    I discovered this interesting website dedicated to Yacht Rock, thanks to @MCSMeister, who posted the link on a seperate thread (The one for the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix soundtracks by @Vexus ) They had a Yachtski Scale, which I used to determine my three songs for this pack.

    I checked out the list, and chose these three songs, because they had higher rankings than other songs. These are my choices...

    - Love Will Keep Us Together: First up is this hit from the 1970s by the duo, Captain & Tennille, who has been referenced in Hirohiko Araki's Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. This song has the legendary session drummer, Hal Blaine, on drums, which is mentioned in the documentary film, The Wrecking Crew (You can watch this on Netflix, if you have an account for it). It's another good song that I like, due to me being a fan of Oldies Radio music (Since Yacht Rock falls into that catagory).
    - What a Fool Believes: Okay, I've heard of this song on a Oldies Radio station before. But I never knew the name or which band sang it, until recently. I had no idea it was by The Doobie Brothers, but I kinda recognize the vocalist as Michael McDonald, since he was a member of that band at the time. Like with the above song, it's another favorite of mine that I enjoy listening to.
    - Nobody's Business: Last, but not least, is this song: The second song to have a Yachtski Scale rating in the high 90s (The first was Rosanna by Toto, but that has been delisted in recent times). And it's the only one of the three that I hadn't listened to until now. Well, I've listened to it just today, and I can say that it is a really good song that I enjoyed listening to. So, without further ado... Here is my version of Yacht Rock Pack 02.

    - Captain & Tennille - Love Will Keep Us Together (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Doobie Brothers - What a Fool Believes (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Maxus - Nobody's Business (Band Tier: Solid)

    There will be some more Wishlist DLC Packs to come. I hope you're looking forward to it. :)

    EDIT: Fixed some typo errors, as pointed out by @MCSMeister
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    Great idea for a pack! "What a Fool Believes" seems like a shoo-in for a legitimate Yacht Rock 02 since that is one of the quintessential yacht rock songs, along with Christopher Cross' "Sailing". Glad I could introduce you to the official Yacht Rock site and its scale :p Some minor typos in the tier links, BTW - Captain & Tenille should be Captain & Tennille, and Doobie Brothers should be The Doobie Brothers.

    Also, Captain & Tennille are far from one-hit wonders. They had six other top ten hits throughout the '70s, plus one song that made it within the top 20 ("Can't Stop Dancin'" at #13).
  • This Wishlist DLC was originally intended for June 20th.

    The first of the Wishlist DLC that I had originally intended to present earlier is a Four-Song pack of songs by Artists that performed in this year's Firefly Festival, in response to Harmonix's Firefly Festival pack. I already did one for Cochella, which is a nod to their Cochella-themed Challenge for Season 0. And I figured "Let's do one for Firefly Festival as well, in response to their Discover pack."

    These are my four choices: All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar, with SZA on guest vocals. Lose Yourself by Eminem, Runaways by The Killers, and this song from my first Setlist Expansion for my previous thread's Tracklist: I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor by the Arctic Monkeys.

    Of the four songs I've chosen for this pack, I like 3 of the 4 (The one song I didn't cared for was the Kendrick Lamar song, because I'm not really a huge fan of Modern Hip-Hop (I prefer Classic Hip-Hop), but I included it anyways, because I needed to use at least 4 headlining Artists, and Kendrick is one of the four.) The Eminem song that I've chosen is regarded as the rapper's greatest masterpiece, and I totally see why, as I taken a great liking to that song in general. That said, it's not going to make me listen to the rest of Eminem's discography outside of that one and Berzerk.

    This pack will be joined by another 4-song pack. This one has four songs from my Rock Band VR 2 setlist. Those four are the songs from the foreign countries. Half of them are songs I've gotten to like ever since listening to them on Guitar Hero games, and the other half, I've gotten to like for the first time since listening to them this year. The four songs are...

    - Avalancha: Representing the country of Spain. First up is this song, which was in Guitar Hero 3's Tracklist as one of the bonus songs, by Heroes del Silencio. If there's one thing I like about European Countries: It's how cool their music is compared to music from my country, the UK, the former British Commonwealth Countries (Canada and Australia), and Japan. And this song is no exception. I loved it ever since Guitar Hero 3 came out, because it's a cool song that I like.
    - Lay It On The Line: Representing the country of Canada. Next song is this song by Canadian Rock Trio, Triumph. When I was making my tracklist for Rock Band VR 2, I wanted to have a Canadian Classic Rock Band that we don't have in Rock Band yet, and I chose Triumph for that reason. I chose this song, because it was their most beloved song by Classic Rock fans. I couldn't agree more with them, because I thought the song was awesome when I first listened to it.
    - Radar: Representing the country of Germany. Next on the list is this song by newly debuting German Indie Rock band, AudioDamn! When Rock Band VR was being made, I've listened to the song they had in that game, Lights Out, and I can tell you one thing: I loved it. I thought it was a really cool banger that I would love to have in Rock Band 4 as DLC (And I'm still waiting for that day to come). That was my reason why I wanted to put another AudioDamn! song in my Rock Band VR 2's Tracklist, and I went with their bigger hit, Radar, which I also liked after listening for the first time.
    - Toy Boy: Representing the country of France. Last, but not least, is this song from Guitar Hero World Tour's tracklist, by French Indie Rock band, Stuck In The Sound. Guitar Hero World Tour had some really cool tracks from foreign bands that I wouldn't know if it wasn't for that game. My favorites are the Beatsteaks' Hail To The Freaks, Kent's VinterNoll2, and this song. It's a really cool song that I like, and it's such a shame that the possibility of it appearing in Rock Band is nil, regarding the current situation with Harmonix when it comes to DLC.

    So, without further ado, here is the Firefly Music Festival Selections 2018 & the Rock Band VR2 Foreign Faves packs. (With the seventh week of Season 3's Rivals Mode).

    =Firefly Musical Festival Selections 2018=
    - Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Rock Band 5 Setlist Expansion Rewind)
    - Eminem - Lose Yourself (Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Kendrick Lamar - All The Stars (Feat. SZA (Band Tier: Apprentice))
    - The Killers - Runaways (Band Tier: Challenging)
    =Rock Band VR2 Foreign Faves=
    - AudioDamn! - Radar (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Heroes del Silencio - Avalancha (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Stuck in the Sound - Toy Boy (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Triumph - Lay It On The Line (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    =RB52018 Rivals Weekly Challenge Season 3 Week 7: Darkness=
    - Children of Bodom - If You Want Peace...Prepare for War
    - Slayer - Angel of Death
    - Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
    - Dir en Grey - Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Kuremitsuita Shankunetsu no Yami
    - Bullet For My Vallentine - Scream, Aim, Fire
    - Slipknot - Pulse of the Maggots

    There will be more originally intended Wishlist DLC to come later on. I hope you're looking forward to it. :)
  • If "Pulse of the Maggots" became a spotlight song in any way, shape, or form, every guitarist that plays Rivals would instantaneously leave this plane of existence for the sole purpose of not having to deal with the un-fc-able mess that is the guitar chart.

    Also, love the TrIumph selection! I say they deserve a pack, but in this day and age of Rock Band DLC, I don't see it happening.
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    @Coolkat Pulse of the Maggots is a Sidelight for my Week 7, not a authentic Spotlight song.

    Sidelights are different from Spotlights. They has no effect for placing your self into the higher tiers, since there's DeFacto Spotlight songs posted along side them. The sole purpose for playing a Sidelight is to unlock the special Cuphead Boss Battle Theme, Floral Fury (Which is the boss battle theme of Cagney Carnation), that I present as a special reward song for just playing them on any instruments. :p But I'm glad you're liking my music selections.

    This Wishlist DLC was intended for July 24th.

    For that day's Wishlist DLC, we have the final entry of the Rock Band The Quest Pack series. This one is called Darkness, and it's contents are all songs that are on the Level 10 Catagory of the Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness. The four songs in this pack are Adoration For None by Gojira, I Am Collossus by Meshuggah, All Hail The New Flesh by Strapping Young Lad, and from the anime, Death Note, What's Up People?! by Maximum The Hormone.

    This last pack of this series is the most heaviest I've present thus far. All of them are heavy bangers that I've enjoyed listening to. To complement this pack, also release on this day will be a Megapack with all the songs from all 8 packs of the Rock Band The Quest Pack series.

    Joining this pack is another pack, the next pack of the New Album Preview series. This one covers Panic! At The Disco's latest album, Pray For The Wicked. The songs in this pack are High Hopes, Say Amen (Saturday Night), and King of the Clouds. I've listened to all three of the songs, and I've liked them a lot. They all sound really cool. Of the three, Say Amen (Saturday Night) is my favorite.

    Also joining these two packs is the Last DLC of the Month of June, and these two singles that follows a simple theme. This theme is Finland, as June has two Finnish Holidays: Finnish Flag Day and Juhannus. We have a famous Finnish Band, and a American band that has a band member of Finnish-American Blood. The songs we have are...

    - Dumpweed: From Blink-182's album, Enema of the State, is this banging song that serves as the opening track to one of the Pop-Punk band's most beloved albums. I heard the song when Guitar Hero was big, and saw that most people had it in their wishlists. I thought it was a cool banger, and I wouldn't mind having it in Rock Band, if it ever does come.
    - Tragedy: Next up, is this song from the debut album of one of Finland's most famous rock bands, Hanoi Rocks. Since they are big in their native country, I can see Hanoi Rocks being another unlikely band, due to how obscure they are in the US, as oppose to their native Finland. But Michael Monroe, the band's lead singer, had collaborated with Guns'N Roses, and Harmonix is known to surprise people with unexpected DLC. And I would be pleasently surprised if they actually did got some Hanoi Rocks for reals.
    - Last DLC of the Month (June): Last, but not least, we have this song, from one of my favorite Video Game series that is getting it's third main game next year in January. The game in question has gotten a lot of buzz when E3 started, and I can tell you one thing: It looks amazing. The artist who did this song, has collaborated with the Video Game's creators before, and she's going to do the theme for the third game as well. So, without further ado. I present the Rock Band The Quest Pack 08 and New Album Preview 10.

    =Rock Band The Quest Pack 08=
    - Gojira - Adoration For None (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Maximum The Hormone - What's Up People?! (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Meshuggah - I Am Collossus (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Strapping Young Lad - All Hail The New Flesh (Band Tier: Impossible)
    =New Album Preview 10 (Panic! At The Disco - Pray For The Wicked)=
    - High Hopes (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Say Amen (Saturday Night) (Band Tier: Warmup)
    - King of the Clouds (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Blink-182 - Dumpweed (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Hanoi Rocks - Tragedy (Band Tier: Challenging)
    =Last DLC of the Month (June)=
    - Hikaru Utada - Simple & Clean (Band Tier: Moderate)

    June's Wishlist DLC is almost done. I just have three more sets of Wishlist DLC for that month before I do July's Wishlist DLC. I hope you're looking forward to it. :)
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    Oh yeah, I'm aware it's a sidelight, I'm just referring to it in that general case because as of now we just have a spotlight system ^^

    Love the Hanoi Rocks pick, the Gojira, SYL, and Meshuggah there!
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    Welp, it looks like another RBN Song that I've placed on this thread has been announced as Official DLC. That song is...

    - Hard To See by Five Finger Death Punch

    I've liked this song, ever since it appeared in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock's Tracklist. I managed to salvage it as soon as RBN was taken off the PS3 (and the XBOX 360) stores, and I'm so excited to have it back on Rock Band 4. Anyways, here's the next Wishlist DLC that was intended for June 26th.

    This next Wishlist DLC is the fourth entry of Fritzy Katz's 50 US States Selections. This one covers the states of California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The songs in this pack are...

    - California: Representing California is Soul to Squeeze by my favorite Alternative Rock band, Red Hot Chili Peppers. As soon as I made it to California, I immediately chose RHCP as my choice, because you know how I feel about this band. This song, which is from the Coneheads film, is a really nice, mellow, and cool song that I enjoy listening to.
    - Minnesota: Representing Minnesota is Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. Here's another long, overdue, good Alternative Rock classic from the 1990s. What I like about this song is that it's mellow, yet at the same time, amazing. The music video for it is kinda sad, but fits the song perfectly. For the Tier for this song, I've used the cover for the Compilation album, Black Gold, over the album cover for the album this song originated from.
    - Oregon: Representing Oregon is Harden My Heart by Quarterflash. A pretty cool song from the 1980s, that I wished I could've listened to more often. I wouldn't mind seeing it in Rock Band, should it ever come there. It's a cool song with a nice Guitar Solo that I dig.
    - Kansas: Representing Kansas is The Bridge by Paw. Last time, I've added one of the songs from this band's album, Dragline, which is Jessie by the way, on my first Wishlist thread. Since I liked how it sounded, I figured why not put another song from Paw into this thread. And I chose this one, because it was in Road Rash's soundtrack. I thought it was a really cool song, after listening to it once.
    - West Virginia: Representing West Virginia is Waiting On The Western World by Karma To Burn with Daniel Davies as a guest vocalist. This is my choice for the obscure Metal/Hard Rock band for this pack. Upon listening to it, first time, I thought it was a really awesome banger that I would've loved to see on Rock Band, had Harmonix not broken from their partnership with MTV. But sadly, they did, and chances of seeing this song are nil. But I would love to be proven wrong...
    - Nevada: Representing Nevada is Busy Child by The Crystal Method. Another good favorite of mine from the 1990s. Sure, it wouldn't be very fitting for Rock Band, and would be more at home in a Dance Central game or DropMix. But still, it could appear in Rock Band too. They have Chemical Brothers in RB, so I figured, why not put in The Crystal Method as well.
    - Nebraska: Representing Nebraska is In The Year 2525 by Zager and Evans. Another good song that I like after having listening to it on Oldies Radio Stations. It's kinda a melancholy song, due to it's lyrics, but yet it's still a good song that I like. I think it would be a very nice fit for the last DLC of Rock Band 4, once we move on to Rock Band 5 for reals (Or alternatively, it could work in a Rock Band 5 Tracklist as well).
    - Colorado: Representing Colorado is Just What I Do by Legitimate Front. Last year, as part of a charitable event, Harmonix offered the song, She, from Legitimate Front's album, Off The Hook. I thought it was one of the most coolest things they ever did, and it was thanks to that event that I've gotten to listen to Legitimate Front. That was my sole reason for choosing that band for my Colorado choice. Just listened to this song recently, and I dig it. It's smooth, yet funky good.
    - North Dakota: Representing North Dakota is Take Good Care of My Baby by Bobby Vee. I loved this song, due to me, being a diehard fan of Oldies Radio Music. It's a sweet (Though, Bittersweet seems to fit the mood, due to the lyrics), yet cool song that I enjoyed listening to.
    - South Dakota: And Representing South Dakota is Things We Do by Indigenous. I got introduce to this band's music by my dad, and immediately taken a liking for this band. As soon as I read on Wikipedia that they were from South Dakota, I immediately chose this band for my South Dakota choice. Upon listening to this song, I've taken a liking for it. I thought it was a cool, awesome banger that I would like to see in Rock Band, someday. Anyways, without further ado. Here is Fritzy Katz's 50 US States Selections 04.

    - Bobby Vee - Take Good Care of My Baby (Band Tier: Solid)
    - The Crystal Method - Busy Child (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Indigenous - Things We Do (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Karma to Burn Waiting On The Western World (Feat. Daniel Davies (Band Tier: Nightmare))
    - Legitimate Front - Just What I Do (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Paw - The Bridge (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Quarterflash - Harden My Heart (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul To Squeeze (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Soul Asylum - Runaway Train (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Zager and Evans - In The Year 2525 (Band Tier: Moderate)

    There's still some more intended Wishlist DLC to come. :)
  • This Wishlist DLC was originally intended for June 27th.

    With June 27th being the last day for Season 6 of Rock Band, I figured to release this pack to coincide with that season: A 6-song pack of Rewinds from my Rock Band 5 wishlist. It's been 2 years since I've first started my Wishlist Thread, and now one song from that said wishlist has been announced ever since starting my new one.

    This pack will have six songs: one song per decade. The six songs in this pack are...

    - Wooden Ships: First off is this song from one of the earliest known Supergroups, Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Another cool song that I've gotten to like, ever since listening to it on a recorded video of old recorded footages of my mom during her childhood. Crosby, Stills, and Nash is yet another long, overdue band that needs to be in Rock Band at some point. Well, we do have Buffalo Springfield and The Hollies in Rock Band, and it's only a matter of time before we get The Byrds and eventually, this supergroup.
    - Doctor Doctor (Live): Second is this song by UFO, from the album, Phenomenon. Though, since this is the live version of the said song from the live album, Strangers in the Night. The reason for choosing the live version over the studio version is because the former has a rock ending. Though, UFO seems more unlikely, due to how semi-obscure they are compared to others. But still, I would like to see this song in Rock Band, eventually...
    - Train Train: Third is this song, by famed Japanese punk band, The Blue Hearts, the first of three bands formed by the duo of Hiroto Komoto and Masatoshi Mashima. A really awesome Japanese band that I've gotten to like, ever since hearing a cover of one of their songs on a Internet Radio Station, but yet not many people would know about. Much like with UFO above, this song and band is pretty unlikely.
    - Touch, Peel, and Stand: Fourth is this song, by Days of the New. Another long overdue, 1990s Alternative Rock band that should've been in Rock Band at some point before Rock Band 4. I gotten to like this song a few years ago, which is my reason for including it into my Rock Band 5 Wishlist. Hopefully, it will come to Rock Band, either as official Rock Band 5 Tracklist song, or as a Rock Band 4 DLC.
    - Grounds For Divorce: Fifth is this song, by Elbow. It was thanks to Guitar Hero Live that I've gotten to like this cool, yet catchy banger. I'm surprised that I haven't heard of it when Guitar Hero was still a big thing, and I'm glad that I've gotten to listen to it as soon as I did. I'm hoping this song will come to Rock Band soon, because it's a good song that I like.
    - West Coast: Last, but not least, is this song, by Lana Del Rey. Now, here's yet another surprising long, overdue, artist that we probably should've gotten as soon as Rock Band 4 came out. Lana Del Rey has some really cool music that I gotten to like thanks to iTunes Radio, when it was still good (This song and Summertime Sadness are my faves from her discography). Well, since Season 7 is all about Contemporary. Here's hoping that we get something from Lana's discography soon.

    So without further ado, here is the Rock Band 5 Rewinds Selections Pack.

    =Rock Band 5 Rewinds Pack (All Songs are Rewinds)=
    - The Blue Hearts - Train Train
    - Crosby, Stills, and Nash - Wooden Ships
    - Days of the New - Touch, Peel, and Stand
    - Elbow - Grounds For Divorce
    - Lana Del Rey - West Coast
    - UFO - Doctor Doctor (Live)
    =RB52018 Rivals Weekly Challenge Season 3 Week 8: Journey's End=
    - Rainbow - Stargazer
    - Hikaru Utada - Simple and Clean
    - Rush - The Spirit of the Radio (Live)
    - Worshipper - Step Behind
    - Coheed & Cambria - World of Lines
    - Aerosmith -Kings & Queens

    There's one more pack of Wishlist DLC that was originally intended for a day of June that is coming soon. :)
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    This Wishlist DLC was originally intended for June 30th (The Day before Canada Day (July 1st)

    In (belated) celebration of Canada Day, I'll be presenting a 10 Song Pack of Canadian Bands and Artists. Similar to my 50 US States Selections series, it will cover all 10 Provinces of Canada. Of course, by Provinces, this means all regions, except for the three terrotories (Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavet). So, here are the ten songs, in order of which Province was established first...

    - Ontario: Representing Ontario is Try Honesty by Billy Talent. Considering that Ontario is the largest province of Canada, there are a lot of good bands from the province in question to choose from. But I went with Billy Talent, because I think the band in question deserves to be in Rock Band. Falling Leaves is going to be saved for another Wishlist thread, which is why I chose this song over it. I've listened to this song recently, and I can say that it's a pretty cool song that I like.
    - Quebec: Representing Quebec is Reflektor by Arcade Fire. I've probably mentioned it before, but I gotten to like Arcade Fire's stuff, after listening to it on Amazon Music. Last time, I've placed Everything Now as a Spotlight Pass song for my Rivals Season 2. Just listened to this one recently, and I have to say that it's a cool song. Different from AF's earlier stuff, but still a good song that I enjoyed listening to.
    - Nova Scotia: Representing Nova Scotia is All Over Town by April Wine. Somehow, slowly, but surely, I'm starting to like the Discography of April Wine, probably because I like Classic Rock in general. Of course, April Wine is another band that is unlikely to come (But if it does come, then the song in question would probably be Just Between You and Me, which I've posted on my first Wishlist Thread). But regardless, I've listened to this song recently, and I have to say that it's quite a banger that I like.
    - New Brunswick: Representing New Brunswick is L'Acadie des terres et forêts by Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire, the only Canadian French-language song in the pack. I couldn't find a decent band from Wikipedia, so I turned to Bandcamp's website and found this band. I listened to this song, and I have to say that I find it a very catchy banger that I would like to have in Rock Band.
    - Manitoba: Representing Manitoba is Blue Collar by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Apparently, I knew that BTO was from Manitoba, so choosing them for my Manitoba choice was a no-brainer. I'm happy that we got Takin' Care of Business in Rock Band, and I'm looking forward to the day that Let It Ride (as well as You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet) comes to Rock Band as well. I chose this song, because I thought the band's first studio album could use some little love. Listened to it just recently, and I have to say that's it's quite interesting (As in the "Nothing like I heard before" interesting), but I like it.
    - British Columbia: Representing British Columbia is Near To The Wild Heart of Life by Japandroids. Upon listening to this song just recently, I was like "Whoa! This song is really cool! I like it! How come I haven't heard it on Guitar Hero Live or an iTunes Radio Station?" I hope Harmonix would pick up this song soon (Probably during this season of Rivals, because they are focusing on Contemporary Hits).
    - Prince Edward Island: Representing Prince Edward Island is Stuck For The Summer by Two Hours Traffic. This song is yet another cool song that I've gotten to like, after listening to it recently. But also, yet another song that is obscure in my country that is probably going to be an unlikely get for Harmonix. But then again, I would like to be proven wrong, if they do manage to get it as DLC.
    - Saskatchewan: Representing Saskatchewan is Feeling Good by The Sheepdogs. Last time, I've included this band as part of my Fritzy Katz's British Selections series to coincide with the Olympics, because I heard some good things about them, and after listening to the song I've chosen for that pack, I taken a liking for the band's sound. Upon listening to this song recently, I still feel the same way: I liked how cool the song sounds like.
    - Alberta: Representing Alberta is a Rewind from Rock Band 3, The Con by Tegan and Sara. It was the first song I heard from them, as it was included in Rock Band 3. At first, I struggled with this song on Expert Vocals. But now that I'm getting better on Expert Vocals, I feel like this song is a walk in the park for me. Of course, having said that however, it's still a tricky song on Vocals. But it's also a good song to listen to.
    - Newfoundland and Labrador: And finally, representing Newfoundland and Labrador is Fast As I Can by Great Big Sea. Seeing how most of the songs in this pack are either from 2000s or 2010s, I needed a 1990s song, and I chose this one because it fitted the era. Upon listen, I can say that I liked it. I thought it was a nice, gentle, yet soothing song that I could listen to on a rainy day. And without further ado, I present Fritzy Katz's 10 Canadian Provinces Pack.

    - April Wine - All Over Town (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Arcade Fire - Reflektor (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Blue Collar (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Billy Talent - Try Honesty (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Great Big Sea - Fast As I Can (Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Japandroids - Near To The Wild Heart of Life (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire - L'Acadie des terres et forêts (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - The Sheepdogs - Feeling Good (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Tegan and Sara - The Con (Rock Band 3 Rewind)
    - Two Hours Traffic - Stuck For The Summer (Band Tier: Moderate)

    And that's it for June's Wishlist DLC. Later to come will be the first Wishlist DLC of July, starting with one that's intended for July 1st. :)
  • This DLC was intended for July 1st (In case you're wondering, I've changed my Avatar for today, from my recognizable Judy and Nick from Zootopia avatar to a boss character from a Mega Man X game (Vanishing Gungaroo from Mega Man X7). This will be my Avatar until the release of Mega Man X Legacy Collection. :) )

    The first DLC for July is the last entry of Fritzy Katz's 50 US States Selections series. And joining that, because July 1st is the start of the new month, is the 7th Entry of Monthly Deep Cuts series. First, we'll cover the Monthly Deep Cuts. This Monthly Deep-Cuts pack has Cluster Pluck by Brad Paisley, from the album, Play. Words I Couldn't Say by Rascals Flatts, from the album, Me and My Gang. And Magnolia by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, from the album, You're Gonna Get It.

    I'm pretty satisfied with the Deep Cuts I've chosen for this month, as I like all 3 of them. Of the 3, Magnolia would have to be my favorite. Oh yes, and also being released on July 1st is the Cuphead Boss Battle Song, Floral Fury, for those who hasn't played the Sidelights during my Season 3 Rivals Mode Weekly Challenges. For Season 4, this one will have a very fun theme. The entire theme for Season 4 will be dedicated to Hirohiko Araki's Jojo Bizarre Adventures.

    When I was growing up in the 1990s, I read in a Playstation Game Artical about a fighting game that caught my interest. It was a Fighting Game for Jojo's Bizarre Adventures made by Capcom. When I read it, I thought it looked interesting. So I turned to the Internet to do some research on the game. Surprisingly, I learned that Jojo's Bizarre Adventure was a Manga series.

    But what made me into a diehard fan of the series is the series' references to music. Because of that, I gotten hooked on JJBA ever since. And currently, the series is still going (It's currently on it's 8th Story Arc, Jojolion). And recently, the 5th Arc, Golden Wind or Vento Aureo, will be getting it's Anime Adaptation, which I am looking forward to. But enough about that, let's talk about the songs in the last entry for my Fritzy Katz's 50 US States Selection series.

    This entry will cover the states of Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii. The songs in this pack are...

    - Montana: Lycanthropy by Iron Cemetery (Had to look this band up on Bandcamp)
    - Washington: In Bloom by Nirvana (Rewind from the first Rock Band game)
    - Idaho: Paul Revere & The Raiders - Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)
    - Wyoming: The Lillingtons - Insect Nightmares (Same deal with my Montana Choice)
    - Utah: Neon Trees - Your Surrender
    - Oklahoma: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt.1 (Rewind from the second Rock Band game)
    - New Mexico: Beirut - East Harlem
    - Arizona: Mr. Mister - Broken Wings
    - Alaska: Portugal. The Man - Sleep Forever
    - Hawaii: Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song

    So, without further ado, here is Fritzy Katz's 50 US States Selections 05 and Monthly Deep Cuts 07.

    =Fritzy Katz's 50 US States Selections 05=
    - Beirut - East Harlem (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt.1 (Rock Band 3 Rewind)
    - Iron Cemetery - Lycanthropy (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - The Lillingtons - Insect Nightmares (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Mr.Mister - Broken Wings (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Neon Trees - Your Surrender (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Nirvana - In Bloom (Rock Band 1 Rewind)
    - Paul Revere & The Raiders - Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian (Band Tier: Moderate))
    - Portugal. The Man - Sleep Forever (Band Tier: Challenging)
    =Monthly Deep Cuts 07=
    - Brad Paisley - Cluster Pluck (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Rascal Flatts - Words I Couldn't Say (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Magnolia (Band Tier: Solid)
    =Extra Song=
    - Kristofer Maddigan - Floral Fury (Offered as DLC for those who didn't played Season 3's Sidelights)

    I'm almost caught up on my schedule. I just have one more set of Wishlist DLC intended for one day, as well as one that is intended for today. Once I finish those, I'll be all done. :)
  • edited July 12
    This DLC was originally intended for July 8th.

    For the DLC that was originally intended for last Sunday, we have the second entry of Classic Underground. We have 4 interesting never before heard of or obscure Classic Rock Bands that are overlooked by Classic Rock fans. And our four bands for this week is...

    - Bloodrock: From Fort Worth, Texas hails this band, which is famous for the song "D.O.A." Even though, it is far from a obscure Classic Rock Band, as it has a fair fan-base in the classic rock community. Many Modern-era Classic Rock fans haven't heard their other songs (Even I wasn't aware of this band until I watched a video from Dylan Legraves). For this pack, I am choosing the song, It's a Sad World. This is the Spotlight Pass song for the first Season 4 Week. Upon listening to it in full, I dig the song. I think it's a cool banger.
    - Buffalo: Next is this somewhat famous band from Sydney, Australia. This was one of the first bands of the late Slide Guitarist from Rose Tattoo, Pete Wells. They were one of the earliest Hard Rock Bands from the Land Down Under. The Band is notorious for the album covers for their two albums: Volcanic Rock and Only Want You For Your Body. But in spite of this notoriety, Volcanic Rock is considered the band's most memorable and beloved album by Hardcore Classic Rock fans. The song, Freedom, which is my choice for this pack, was covered by the Screaming Trees. It's another cool song that I've gotten to like.
    - Captain Beyond: Third is this supergroup formed by former members of Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, and Johnny Winter's backing band. When it comes to Supergroups, they tend to put out really good music that is just as good as the member's original bands. This supergroup is no exception. My choice for this pack is Raging River of Fear from the band's self-titled Album. Upon listen, I was like "Wow! This is a really cool banger! It's a darn shame that Harmonix will not likely pick it up for Rock Band DLC." Currently, this band is still active.
    - Truth and Janey: Last, but not least, is this band four piece band from Iowa, which takes it's name from both Jeff Beck's album, Truth, and the last name of the band's bandleader, Billy Lee Janey. They are best known for the album, No Rest For The Wicked. And from that album, my choice for this pack will be The Light. Upon listening to it, I would say that this is my second favorite song from my choices. It's another cool banger that we're not probably going to get for Rock Band DLC, due to how obscure it is.

    This pack will be joined by a pair of singles. And starting from this week until the end of my Season 4 Rivals Week, it will follow a theme: Spelling out the name of a Arc from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. And since this is the first week, it would be fair to start off with Phantom Blood. Regarding how they're going to be spelled out: It will take some names from either the band or the song title. So, our two singles are...

    - Phantom: For the Phantom part of "Phantom Blood", the first single is Phantom Limb by Gone Is Gone, yet another Supergroup, that is formed of members of Mastodon, At The Drive-In, and Queens of the Stone Age. A recent song from a supergroup who currently has 2 albums at the moment. It's yet cool song that I've gotten to like after listening to it recently. Hopefully, if we ever get a Rewind of At The Drive-In's One Armed Scissor, we could get some Gone Is Gone stuff along the way.
    - Blood: For the Blood part of "Phantom Blood", the next single is Bad Blood by Bastille, which is from my Tracklist for my Rock Band 5. It was thanks to iTunes Radio (When it was still good), that I've gotten to enjoy Bastille's stuff. This song and Pompeii are two songs that I enjoy listening to. So, without further ado, here is Classic Underground 02.

    =Classic Underground 02=
    - Bloodrock - It's a Sad World (Band Tier: Challenging (SPOTLIGHT PASS SONG))
    - Buffalo - Freedom (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Captain Beyond - Raging River of Fear (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Truth and Janey - The Light (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Bastille - Bad Blood (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    - Gone Is Gone - Phantom Limb (Band Tier: Challenging)

    And with that, I have caught up with my Wishlist DLC schedule! And later on, I'll be presenting Today's Wishlist DLC. I hope you're looking forward to it. :)
  • This Wishlist DLC was originally intended for yesterday. (I originally planned to do it yesterday, but it was getting late. So I decided to post it today).

    As you are aware, this month is July. July is known for being the National Ice Cream Month and the National Hot Dog Month. When I think of this fact, I immediately thought of Diners, as both Hot Dogs and Ice Creams can be found in those. And when I thought of Diners, I immediately thought of one of my favorite kinds of music: Oldies Radio Music.

    And that's exactly what my Wishlist DLC for yesterday is: A 8-song pack of Oldies Radio Music. I selected these 8 songs for my pack: Only You (And You Alone) by The Platters, Butterfly by Charlie Gracie, Diana by Paul Anka, Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day, Dream Lover by Bobby Darin, You're Sixteen by Johnny Burnette, Mother-In-Law by Ernie K-Doe, and Green Onions by Booker T. and the MG's.

    And now, Rock Band Rivals Season 7 has started, and once again, I'll be providing packs or sets of Singles that follows the same theme as the current week for Rivals. And this week's theme is Spotlight Song Artists. So I'll be presenting a set of 8 Singles that follows this theme. Each of them represents a different Spotlight Song Artist from a Different Season (Including the current season). The 8 Singles are...

    - Season 0: For the first of the 8 Seasons, Season 0, I'll be using a Rewind from Rock Band 1, Orange Crush by R.E.M (Which represents the very first challenge week for Rivals Mode (Songs with Love in their name). Back before Rock Band came, I haven't listened to much R.E.M, but once it did came, I've gotten to know this song, which became one of my faves.
    - Season 1: For Season 1, I'll be using another Rewind. This is one is from Rock Band 4, it's Halls of Valhalla by Judas Priest. It was thanks to Guitar Hero that I've gotten into Judas Priest's stuff, and upon playing this song on Rock Band 4, I thought it was another cool song that I've gotten to like. Having said that, however, I'm still waiting for the day that Painkiller comes to Rock Band 4 as a Rewind.
    - Season 2: For Season 2, I'll be using a song that is in Rock Band 4, but not as DLC. It's Catch The Blade by Duck & Cover, one of the menu songs from Rock Band 4. Daniel Sussman from Harmonix sure does knows how to rock the guitar. He was the guitarist for The Acro-Brats, and he's currently the Guitarist for this band as well (Who knew). I wouldn't mind getting another song from his new band, if Harmonix feels like it. About the song, I think it's a really cool song that I've gotten to enjoy.
    - Season 3: For Season 3, I'll be using High & Dry by Radiohead. Before Season 3 came, I was positive that we would never get another Radiohead song, ever. But when Season 3 came, Harmonix proved me wrong, which really made my day. This song is another cool song that I've gotten to like, after listening to it recently. I'm still waiting for the day that Paranoid Android comes to Rock Band 4 as DLC, though.
    - Season 4: For Season 4, I'll be using Paradise by Coldplay, from the album, Mylo Xyloto. It's the Owl's favorite band, and one of the few bands that most of the Rock Band Community is getting sick of. Having said that, however, there's still some Coldplay songs that I would love to have on Rock Band, at the right possible moment: That song from Rock Band VR, Birds, as well as Shiver, and In My Place from the Guitar Hero main games, Violet Hill, and this song. It's a nice, smooth, and soothing song that I enjoyed.
    - Season 5: For Season 5, my next song is this song by another band that is part of the December 2016 Update Patch for Rock Band Rivals. It's Sanctuary Cities by Parlour Bells. Another one of my favorite songs from the December 2016 patch is Never Let 'Em Hold You Back. I thought it reminded me of what David Bowie did back in his younger days, and I thought it was a very fun song on Vocals. This song also has the same feeling, and I wouldn't mind seeing it in Rock Band.
    - Season 6: For Season 6, my next song is The Hell Song by Sum 41. Just listened to this one, just today, and I have to say that I've enjoyed listening to it. I thought it was a really, cool, banger that I've gotten to like. No wonder why people had this song in their Wishlists. I wouldn't mind seeing this song in Rock Band, eventually.
    - Season 7: And for the current Season of Rivals, 7. Well, since it's the starting week for that said season, my choice is an Aerosmith song, and it's from the album, Just Push Play. It's Beyond Beautiful, which I've gotten to like, thanks to Guitar Hero Aerosmith. And so, without further ado, here is Fritzy Katz's Jukebox Selections 01.

    =Fritzy Katz's Jukebox Selections 01=
    - Bobby Darin - Dream Lover (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Bobby Day - Rockin' Robin (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Booker T. & The MG's - Green Onions (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Charlie Gracie - Butterfly (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Ernie K-Doe - Mother-In-Law (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Johnny Burnette - You're Sixteen (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Paul Anka - Diana (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Platters - Only You (And You Alone (Band Tier: Warmup))
    - Aerosmith - Beyond Beautiful (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Coldplay - Paradise (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Duck & Cover - Catch The Blade (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Judas Priest - Halls of Valhalla (Rock Band 4 Rewind)
    - Parlour Bells - Sanctuary Cities (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Radiohead - High & Dry (Band Tier: Solid)
    - R.E.M. - Orange Crush (Rock Band 1 Rewind)
    - Sum 41 - The Hell Song (Band Tier: Challenging)
    =RB52018 Rivals Weekly Challenge Season 4 Week 1: Phantom Blood=
    - The Doobie Brothers - Without You
    - Bloodrock - It's a Sad World
    - Yes - Roundabout

    Expect to see more Wishlist DLC on Sunday as usual. :)
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