WRUDRN 2018: Deep Blues Traveller Something.... Bruther


  • Take your time dude, hope you're back to feeling 100% soon.
  • sorry about your loss, take all the time you need.
  • My condolences to you and your family, LHV.
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    Guess who's back bruther . Back again pal. Hot dogs back dude. Tell a friend pal
  • Updating my album ranks for the year:
    1. Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer
    2. Florence + The Machine - High As Hope
    3. Jake Shears - Jake Shears
    4. Troye Sivan - Bloom
    5. Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending
    6. Sofi Tukker - Treehouse
    7. Jack White - Boarding House Reach
    8. Lily Allen - No Shame
    9. Gorillaz - The Now Now

    MNEK and Estelle both dropped albums today. Excited to give them a listen.

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    Sorry for your loss LHV. We wish you and your family well.
  • DrowGamer77DrowGamer77 Serious Business

    A member of my family just passed away, and I'm feeling a bit shaken by it. Don't be surprised if I don't really talk much here for a few days, will most likely just lurk for a bit until I feel a bit more conversational again.

    hit me up if you want to talk, buddy

    a friend in need, is a friend indeed
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    also, My PSN account just jot herpes to coincide with Lawdog's glorious return

    I'm not good at post 'consistency'. sorry
  • If I wind up having a hairline fracture out of this I am going to be so humiliated. It's feeling pretty uncomfortable today.
  • That is why I don't do sports...

    well the real reason is because it is hot outside
  • So the key to Beating Meat At Tennis is to simply not injure yourself and the forfeit win is in the bag!
  • To be fair, the heat outside, and me hating shorts is the same reason I did not do sports back as a kid

    but yeah time sure has happened... back when I made this account I was in high-school. In the 10 years since I got 2 degrees, had a terrible job, then got an amazing job. Some point in time soon I will finally get to move out of my mom's place
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    I'm pretty sure that @firedoom666 lives in a place where thousands (tens of thousands?) of people would die if the AC was shut off for a full week. It really IS too hot for outdoor sports there!

    No matter how hot it got as a kid, I would prefer to wear long pants while playing softball, because sliding on the grass / dirt with shorts on just sucks.

    I was already old when I joined the RB boards. But, just like everyone else, I'll never again be as young as I am today. I figure I have about 14 years left (max) where I can still participate in activities with relative safety, activities where falling to the ground is not an unlikely outcome.

    Or maybe that time has already passed?!?
  • I was fairly young when I joined the boards. I'm still fairly young now. Although... I don't deal well with heat, heh. It's been a pretty warm summer here (20-25c/68-77f) and all it does is make me lethargic and uncomfortable. As for sports, I don't care for playing them or watching them, but a good ol' medical condition (or three) took care of that problem for me, so no sports for me again.
  • its been the opposite for me. I love the heat and summer here has been below average for most of it. when I was younger I used to climb mountains (and sometimes fall from them). sometimes I wonder if I can still do it. maybe some day I will find out.
  • So apparently there’s a competitive scene for Shrek Super Slam of all games.
  • the highs here are still over 100 degrees, and will probably be that way for another month or so. I really don't like the sun

    I do love going on hikes, so from December to March I tend to do a hike every other week. But every year there are dozens of hikers hospitalized due to heat related issues, and that alone is enough to stop me from going outside then
  • Perhaps I'm supposed to land on my shoulder instead of my forearm? Do I need to re-train these instincts of mine?

    I'm supposed to go bowling today, it was my special request to celebrate my round-number anniversary with this job. With my right elbow sore (possibly actually chipped) I should probably do it left-handed. I've done it before, I'm not bad at it!

    Or maybe I just won't tell them and will go for it right-handed anyway, because I'm a dude and dudes are stubborn and dumb due to testosterone poisoning. Also I own special right-handed bowling shoes.

  • Also I own special right-handed bowling shoes.

    But are you as good at bowling as you are at tennis?
  • Never give up hope, youngster padawans. Starting at age 48 I worked myself into the actual best shape of my life. Then during my 51st year on this planet (the year that I was ago 50), I was able to win 7 disc golf tournaments, complete a marathon, and climb Mount Whitney.

    Now I have 4 years to get back in shape to try and do something interesting for year 60.
  • I beat all 7 others from my office, and didn't sustain any new injuries, woooooo
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    are we not talking about how @LordFlatus made a joke about 'Beating Meat' ?
  • are we not talking about how @LordFlatus made a joke about 'Beating Meat' ?

    Incredibly, we are not.
  • Even though Sir Paul has put the topic on the front page? IRONIC

    Oh damn we missed a birthday ....
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