Feedback for the competitive side

Hello Harmonix team and fellow mixers,

I have two issues (With potential solution) one pertaining to accessibility and the other pertaining to Competitiveness. I also have one issue with Packaging

1. With the current tournament rule to have only 2 copies of a card in a 30 card deck. The accessibility of gaining a second card or a set of second cards are quiet expensive. If I have a deck that ranges a variety of discover packs and playlists packs just for one or two cards from each is really expensive. So far from my understanding I seem to have plenty of variability in the red, blue, green, yellow cards that I really do not need duplicates of those. I seem to really need FX (White) and Wild Card duplicates. I would love the ability to purchase singles possibly for a slight markup like $1.25 or $1.50 mark up ( that way you get a deal and still are enticed to buy prior Discover Packs and Playlist Packs) or maybe we can get a Season 1 FX pack that contains all the Season 1 FX cards and same for Wild Cards. ( even at a price point of .25 or .50 markup per card, these numbers are based off of the $1.00 per card that the current MSRP breakdown when not on sale). Another solution is to change the rule to 1 copy of a card for a tournament Deck, this reduces the need to find those duplicate wild and FX cards.

2. Friends want to play, but can't throw down $100 for a board they do not need just to get base set of cards. I would like away to purchase Sweets, Controller, Blade, and Highness Playlists separately. I have friends that want to get some of the cards from the base sets with out having to buy a board since we already have one in the group of my friends.

It would be awesome If I could go out and buy a friend a deck as a present get them into the game and then let them buy what they want if they end up liking it. I think on the competitive side the price point for getting a competitive deck with FX cards locked behind 12 Playlist Packs and 12 Discover Packs , is a lot of money to have to drop into this game. I think if the FX Cards had better accessibility even if they are more expensive buying as a single, would be cheaper as players would get their duplicates with out spending tons of money just to get a non-starter 30 card deck.

Thank you,
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