Need Help!!! Rockband drum-set not working correctly.

I have an X-box One with and X-box 360 drum-set and guitar. I got the legacy adapter so I can use the instruments on my new console.
The guitar works perfectly but the drum-set does not. In order to hit the green drum on the screen, I have to hit the foot pedal on the set. In order to hit the foot pedal on screen I have to hit the green drum on my set. Also the red and blue drums hit at the same time on screen regardless if hit each one separately on my set. I have replaced my legacy once already hoping that was the issue but I am still getting the same results. How do I fix this?


  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    First quick question: have you replaced the batteries in your drum kit?
  • I put new batteries in it. My boyfriend bought it used and was told that it was tested on a 360 before it was sent to me so it didn't have batteries when I got it.
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    While I doubt there's environmental interference, I just want to also make sure you're not playing with the drumkit nearby, I don't know, a microwave or an aquarium or something.

    If it was already tested on a 360 and you've switched out the adapter, I honestly can't think of what it could be, because at this point all logic points to either the drums themselves or something around the drums being the culprit. But if it was tested on a 360 prior, then it probably isn't the drums. Thus, the above questions.
  • Ok thank you. It's near a giant 75in TV lol.... I was thinking there may be something on the game I could change
    but I bet this set of drums just don't configure correctly with this console.
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