Just finished my card storage boxes

Here's where I got the images:


Here are the tape cases I used:


I printed out the .PDFs on a good color inkjet printer using the highest settings and a matte finish brochure paper.

I used a guillotine-style paper cutter to cut the labels out. I also just broke the spindles out of the cassette boxes by hand.

I am loving how they look.


  • Those. Look. Amazing! Nice job. :)
  • Very, very cool.
    How much space is in each tape case - meaning does each set fit nicely, is there tons of extra room, could you fit two playlists in there??
  • Eh, it's a little tight to for two playlists in the box. Plus, each box is specific to the playlist it contains.
  • Ok - so is it really loose with just one playlist though?
    Do they seem to rattle around a lot in there?

  • Yeah they do have some room in there. Great if you put sleeves on your cards
  • TuffDadSF said:

    Yeah they do have some room in there. Great if you put sleeves on your cards

    Right on.
    Got any recommendation for sleeves, or are they pretty much all the same?
  • The Cheap thin ones work best "100 Ultra Pro Premium (Penny/Soft) Card Sleeves" I've stacked many cards with these sleeves with no problems with dropmix reading the cards.
  • Odin ForceOdin Force Road Warrior
    edited January 2018
    These are smoking hot and so are you.

    I am absolutely making these next week. Thank you!

    This also seems like a more cost-efficient way to package and sell the playlist packs, but I'm no marketing genius.
  • Don’t know if they’d be more cost-efficient, but they’re certainly very cool looking.. Would be more attractive to see these in stores.

    My one hang-up with doing this is that I’m not positive this is how I want to orgazinze my cards yet.. So far, I have them separated by playlist just like this, but I’m starting to think that the more I collect - the more I’m gonna want to organize them by color/power.. That way - it’ll be much easier to create a custom “hand” before every game..
  • I love the creativity! This is still a work in progress but I wanted soft cases that took less space. Let me know what you think so far. I'm still thinking of what color bags to use for different genres/ etc

  • Very nice!
  • Delibird444Delibird444 Opening Act
    @TuffDadSF What do you store the tape cases in while you are not playing? I'm thinking about mimicking this setup. :open_mouth:
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