Congrats with DropMix!

Way to go Harmonix!! I see the game is a top 2017 toy and is nominated for best family game of the year for the DICE Awards!!

I still haven't given it a go yet, but I'm definitely thinking of picking this up in the next few days!


  • Thanks for the kind words about the game! :)

    When you finally give it a go, feel free to come back here and share some mixes. Looking forward to hearing them!
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    Ok I finally broke down and bought the game. I guess a "few days" turned into a few months. :D

    I have to say that DropMix may be one of the greatest games ever made. I'm just not sure what category of game it belongs in: deck building? Board? Video game? It's arguably a culmination of all three.

    I'm just absolutely blown away by the tech involved in this though. I watched several videos before buying the game, but I just didn't expect the experience to be so refreshing, rewarding, and instantaneous when each card is played. I only just bought the game this past weekend, but I will be sure to talk about it with game and music enthusiasts alike for months if not years to come!

    Going forward I'm going to pick up a few more packs (already have two) and am looking forward to more announcements in regards to more songs from Harmonix/Hasbro. :)

    P.S. @hmxmudry Me and my girlfriend immediately made it a rule to save the mixes that are the result of any victories that happen. I will be sure to add a few of them to this thread soon. :)

    P.S.S. Anybody who reads this (I see this sub-forum section is kind of a ghost town) I just want you to know that this game is super freakishly awesome! Buy it. Don't wait. You will have no regrets!
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