DJ Mode

We've been playing the crap out of DropMix, and we've discovered our favorite way of playing isn't truly an existing mode. We put it in Freestyle Mode, split the cards by instrument type (Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Keys, etc). We then split each of those piles to create our available DJing cards (or just do it for one person if you're playing solo). The goal? Create the best mix possible using the cards in front of you, taking turns to fade/cut in/out instrument tracks at the best moment using the fade tools on the screen.

White cards and rainbow cards get their own piles. We just use the white ones as another instrument, but utilize rainbow wild cards as a reset when we've hit a point where we can't continue the mix or we are just sick of the tempo/key.

It would be awesome to see a DJ Mode where it gave you a bit more granular control over the tracks, but the existing tools really are pretty good on a tablet. It would be great to have mode that gamified something similar to our set up in a "DJ Mode" AND to save the DJ "set" in its entirety.

Any ideas you guys have on how we can improve/modify our pretend mode?


  • I think that is a great idea. Dropmix could do what DJ Hero did but better if they wanted to.

    Having more controls similar to the 'virtiual dj' program would be awesome. Not only could that be a completely different way to play dropmix but could open it up to be used as an actual dj tool if people wanted it.

    Not sure how scoring would be in that type of mode though since making the mix "better" could be a matter of preference. Maybe having scoring similar to party mode but slower (IE insert a new drum track before the next 16th note count). Cool concept to think about, lets hope dropmix gets the attention/sales to encourage more production.
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