My Dropmix Soft Case Setup

gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned
edited February 2018 in DropMix
Hi All,

I've been working on getting my Dropmix and cards organized better since we can't use the packaging to hold card sets.

I bought a carrying case from - I highly recommend them - free shipping and great customer service.
The outside pocket holds 16 decks in soft cases and I have the rest inside the Dropmix Box.

And soft dice bags that hold cards perfectly from Ebay. This seller has free shipping and buy two sets get two sets free. Heck of a deal!!!

I bought the labels from Ebay as well. Here it is to show size - I overbought haha

Let me know what you think. My printer acted up and I stilll need to tweek colors now that I see how they look printed.

If anyone is interested I'll send photoshop file and/or individual cards


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