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HMXOwl said:

DLC Week of 2/15: Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty!

This week, we’ve got a couple of big hits from Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty!

Another Goo Goo Dolls song comes to the Rock Band library, as “Slide” joins the previously released “Iris”. Released as a single alongside their album Dizzy Up The Girl in 1998, it topped both the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and Mainstream Top 40 charts. The guitar part features a lot of that great ‘90s acoustic strumming alongside the iconic riff, giving it some good variety. Frequent fills on drums tick up the difficulty on what’s already a pretty high energy part. Near the ending, solo vocals purposely bounces between lead and background parts, giving you a last test on breathing control.

A Matchbox Twenty song also joins Rock Band this week, this one from just after the turn of the century. “Unwell” is a single from the band’s third album More Than You Think You Are, which debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200. “Unwell” hit #5 on the Billboard Hot 100, and spent 18 weeks atop the Adult Top 40 chart. It was then nominated for the Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals Grammy in 2004. This song also features a memorable riff, and it’s a bit trickier to play than you may think! Rob Thomas brings another strong vocal performance, with a lot of nuance and an incredibly wide range for the harmonies.

Songs can be purchased individually for $1.99 each. The Rock Band Rivals Season 4 Spotlight Pass Plus can be purchased for $15.99.

  • Goo Goo Dolls - "Slide"
  • Matchbox Twenty - "Unwell" (Part of the Rock Band Rivals Season 4 Spotlight Pass Plus)

* Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, February 15th.


  • Fantastic week, especially excited for Unwell!
  • I have wanted "Slide" for the longest time! And while there are a few other Matchbox Twenty songs I'd have wanted more than "Unwell", I still have a special place in my heart for that song too! Another fantastic week.
  • This is my Second favorite week ever
  • So much possibility just lost on this week. Would pass on both if I hadn’t picked up the pass. Oh well. Was hoping for something edgier,
  • Holy shiiiiiii!!!!!
  • 2 weeks in a row, you've made me happy :)
  • dinomandinoman Rising Star
    Are we never getting the remaining VR songs?

    Also, yay on "Unwell" finally making it to RB... Those other three songs we got by them sucks compared to this one
  • Fantastic to see both Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty return. Still waiting for Black Balloon and Real World respectively, but these are fantastic gets!
  • 3pic81ueUnicorn3pic81ueUnicorn Not Active Enough
    Both are very amazing songs. This is by far the best week of 2018 so far and could be an early favorite for week of the year overall.
  • I really hope rewind songs are not done. There are some phenomenal RB1 songs that we definitely need.

    As for this DLC and previous weeks, I’ve been uninterested in any of the DLC for the last month and a half. It’s a bit disappointing that all the songs we’re getting are chord-heavy, melody-light pieces that all seem pretty much the same as each other on guitar/bass.
  • So....both artists are categorized as "Alternative" in the game, but didn't we already have an Alternative challenge a few weeks back?

    If this Season is still about genres at this point.

    No, that was only alternative 2003 and after, bundled with Indie Rock.

  • tdc002tdc002 Road Warrior
    Definitely grabbing both. I would've preferred "Push" or "Real World" over "Unwell." Yourself or Someone Like You was such a huge album in the '90s, it's insane we only have one song off of it.

    I REALLY wish both of these bands could've gotten packs though. What are ya gonna do.
  • XzalorXzalor Rising Star
    Wow this is a great week
  • grumblevolcanogrumblevolcano Headliner
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    So....both artists are categorized as "Alternative" in the game, but didn't we already have an Alternative challenge a few weeks back?

    If this Season is still about genres at this point.

    The last Alternative challenge included 2003-2018, this challenge will likely be the rest (i.e. pre-2003). What I wonder is if Absolutely will be eligible for a second time as 2000 is pre-2003.
  • Good stuff this week. I've wanted Unwell ever since the Matchbox Twenty pack. There are a lot of good choices for songs from artists we already have on the platform, and it's always nice to see some of them popping up.
  • On board for both.
  • GLaDOSGLaDOS Opening Act
    Probably getting both, always in for more MB20, hope "Real World" comes next.
  • So the decades spread so far with the spotlight pass (only 1 song to go):
    70s - 1 (Hooked on a Feeling)
    80s - 3 (18 and Life, I Remember You, Lonely is the Night)
    90s - 2 (Enjoy the Silence, That Don't Impress Me Much)
    00s - 2 (Absolutely (Story of a Girl), Unwell)
    10s - 1 (A Sky Full of Stars)
  • Nice! Both bands seemed pretty generic at the time, but they have done nothing but improve in my regard. It was actually a good time when melodic rock like this still penetrated the mainstream and you could hear a guitar solo on a pop station.
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
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    This week is personally a pass for me, but glad to see it pleases a lot of folks here! :)

    Also, fun fact: with the release of "Unwell", Matchbox Twenty now has one song each from all 5 of their albums in Rock Band. That's a rare scenario.
  • Everyone mentioning "Real World" and "Push", but no one mentions "Long Day"! I'd take "Real World" first, but "Long Day" is a very close second for me.
  • Awesome! Now give us Push.
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