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Just figured I'd throw a thread dedicated to any love for music from the year 2018. Discuss about whatever albums or songs ya like if ya feel moved to do so!

Some recs from the last thread I did of this that's from this year:
@TheStuddz brought up Uncle, Duke, & the Chief by Born Ruffians for some catchy Canadian indie rock
@MythsOfMetal brought up some appropriate-to-name metal recs such as With Doom We Come by Summoning for some symphonic black metal, Currents by In Vain for some melodic black/death metal, Conqueror's Oath by power metal band Visigoth, and brought up stuff from Amorphis, Sigh, Vyre, Thy Catafalque, Augury, Aura Noir, and Cor Scorpii that he's psyched for coming out.

I personally really am digging Room Inside the World by post-punk-ish band Ought, if anything check out Desire, explodes to even a choir chant by the end of it.

Also Rock Band 4-alum Brandi Carlile put out an awesome country-rock album called "By the Way I Forgive You," while I'm not necessarily resonating with the lyrics as strongly as her previous The Firewatcher's Daughter, she is freaking singing her butt off on these tracks with a whole lot of passion.

Also check out After Hours by The Sufis for some fun psychedelic pop (also if you're a fan of some ding dang drum fills), and MGMT's new album Little Dark Age is just as strong as I felt they've consistently put out since Oracular Spectacular. A lot more new wave/synth pop-focused than ever, When You Die is my favorite out of it, if anything for the chorus.


  • Just an update: I don't hear a lot of buzz about much, but there's been some stuff that I think is gonna stick with me for a bit. For one, more than other recent years, I feel like I've heard a lot of pretty great straight-up rock albums this year.

    All at Once by Screaming Females is their sharpest stuff yet, check it out if ya like you some good grunge/proto-metal vibes.

    Andrew W.K.'s comeback album You're Not Alone is absolutely wonderful, his brand of pop-metal really hasn't aged badly at all surprisingly, and it's filled with oh so positive vibes.

    Freaking Judas Priest continues to be a kickass band and put out stuff that could stand with their best material imo called FIREPOWER.

    Another sort of comeback album that's great is Superchunk's What a Time to Be Alive. If you don't mind things getting overtly political, it's a lot rawer than their prior stuff, but just as fiery and catchy as ever, kinda reminds me of the recent albums Against Me! put out.

    I think Iceage put out their most "rock" album yet, called "Beyondless." Still some post-punk vibes throughout, but seems like it has such a blues-rock sort progression to it, like a Stooges/Rolling Stones sort of feeling to it.

    And if you're as much of a fan of garagey indie pop stuff as I am, I think Hinds might be one of the best bands doing it this year. Their new album "I Don't Run" is great, if you don't mind Spanish women trying to sing in English it's a fun little album full of great guitar leads and a rhythm section that actually moves around and doesn't just play off of one note.

    And that's about it. I will say outside of rock I don't think anything this year is gonna top Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae for me this year, that thing just doesn't let up. though I'm personally pretty excited to hear the new Beach House and Arctic Monkeys album that came out today.
  • The Wizard by Merlin. It's doom metal with a saxophone and trumpet, really psychedelic. The first song, Abyss, reminds me of King Crimson when they played something heavy.

    I greatly recommend it.
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    Vyre's and Aura Noir's new albums are excellent. Weltformel is 10 times better than anything Vyre's done before. It's epic spacey sci-fi black metal with good guitar riffs, leads, and a strong and varied vocal performance. Aura Noir's S/T is probably the best thing they've done since Black Thrash Attack, excellent black/thrash metal with dissonance and aggression, and just a badass attitude.

    Still waiting on my Ihsahn and Thy Catafalque CDs. Hopefully Amorphis' Queen of Time won't come too late either.

    Just discovered Judicator recently, but they're a cool power metal band that Hansi Kursch guested on one song from their album of theirs that they released back in late March.

    Cor Scorpii has a single, "Fotefar" for their album Ruin, to be released in June and it's quite good.
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    Possibly shameless self-plug since I helped restore the audio and mix/master it, but there has been a series of compilation albums over here called "Bærre På Jævel", which are compilations of North-Norwegian Punk (or as we say it, Pønk) and Hardcore bands throughout the years. This year we released the 3rd and 4th entries, spanning everything from classic Punk Rock to Grindcore to Hardcore and all sorts of other styles and sub-genres.
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    The new album from Light the Torch is worth a listen. Frontman for the band is Howard Jones, best known for his 9-year stint with Killswitch Engage. They hilariously market themselves as a hard rock band, but are very much straight metal. I think this is my favorite release of the year so far. Track 2 "The God I Deserve" is my favorite right now. It gets stuck in my head with its catchy chorus riff.

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