albums that you have suited to games (if you have ever)

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abit of a sad subject, but yet i found it interesting

are their any albums that you listen to whilst playing certain videogames like , (resident evil 2 and 3 - slipknot - iowa) and only listen to those albums with those games for a period of about 3 days

these are the games and albums i got suited to

all 5 pantera albums (cowboys era) ......streets of rage 1 - 3
slayer - reign in blood, diablous in musica ..... resident evil 4
slipknot - iowa .......resident evil 2 and 3
nirvana - nevermind ...........resident evil outbreak file 2
megadeth - peace sells ....but whos buying, rust in peace .........the simpsons: hit and run and resident evil 4
alice in chains - dirt ......sonic the hedgehog 1,2 and 3
creed - greatest hits ...........resident evil 4
afi - black sails in the sunset, the art of drowning, sing the sorrow ...........spider-man 2 and ultimate spider-man


  • battle_axe_of_doombattle_axe_of_doom Road Warrior
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    LMFAO @ creed being related to anything thats violent. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA

    creed blows in case u were wondering
  • ZkDotNetZkDotNet Rising Star
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    creed has a greatest hits album? creepy.

    Dunno how this fits in with the topic, but when I played the original civilization, I was listening to Master of Puppets non-stop, so now there's a constant mental connection between the two.
  • battle_axe_of_doombattle_axe_of_doom Road Warrior
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    well if thats wut he means by associating games with albums then i have this to say:

    every time i play knights of the old republic i always think of the deftones - white pony for some stupid reason

    gears of war - i usually play three albums when playing this game : words . . . by akercocke, choronzon by akercocke, and ruun by enslaved

    oblivion - kid a

    fight night round 3 - blood inside by ulver
  • beermanbeerman Opening Act
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    Any Tony Hawk game- any Fu Manchu album
  • ThePaskaThePaska Road Warrior
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    Oh yea plenty, I have tons of songs that when I listen to them it brings me right back the time I was first listening to it and which games I was playing. I really got into The Beatles while play WoW at one point when I made a horde character, so that image always comes into my head when I hear some of their songs.

    Also I listened to a lot of Smashing Pumpkins while playing Counter Strike...

    I like to listen to music while playing computer games for the most part, and so yea, I would get hooked on songs or artists and only listen to those, and play games to pass the time.
  • MonsterpoptartMonsterpoptart Opening Act
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    When i play Call of Duty i listen to only Pantera, SoundGarden, and All That Remains. so i guess that counts.
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    Monsterpoptart;34923 said:
    When i play Call of Duty i listen to only Pantera, SoundGarden, and All That Remains. so i guess that counts.
    thats what i mean by the title of the topic , but i couldn't put it in a short amount of words to make it make sense

    i say this because some people may not of understood the topic
  • TrantorTrantor Unsigned
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    I remember listening to Pink Floyd's Animals the whole time when I played Pool of Radiance (the original from 1987, not that crappy second part from a few years ago). Similarly, I will always associate Ugly Kid Joe's America's Least Wanted with the old Infocom text adventure like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or The Lurking Horror.
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    battle_axe_of_doom;34765 said:

    oblivion - kid a
    Haha, isnt that the truth.

    I listen to Franok Sinatra when playing Forza Motorsport, and I like to listen to very calm songs during games like GEars of War because it sounds funny.
  • draguladragula Unsigned
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    I can only really think of 2 occurences where i was hooked on a song or album while playing a specific game, no particular reasons why.

    1. Nirvana - Nevermind - GTA 1
    2. Rob Zombie - just Dragula - TFC
  • MrGrievesMrGrieves Rising Star
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    Everytime I hear 'Welcome to the Jungle' I think about GTA:SA
  • lorddavidlorddavid Opening Act
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    Only one I've really got is from Final Fantasy 8, as I can't play Estranged by Guns & Roses without thinking of it.

    First time I ever heard that song was while playing the game... and at the exact moment Axel sings "Why must everything drift away and die" Balamb Garden upped and sodded off down the ocean... talk about coincidence... more to the point, talk about emotional! I now have that scene in my head every time I hear that song.

    Other than that, I just tend to sort out a playlist on Winamp with my MP3's depending on what I'm playing, so it's never really a full album as such, just a stack of tunes, lol.

    Tho' saying that, when I play Warhammer or Magic The Gathering, anything from Hammerfall or Nightwish is perfect to set the mood. Blind Guardian can also be a good one for that too.
  • valityrvalityr Unsigned
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    A Twist In The Myth - Blind Guardian - Oblivion, due to putting it on repeat while completing the main quest.

    Whenever a song off of it comes up on shuffle, i subconsciously think '****, who's playing Oblivion?'
  • newwaytodienewwaytodie Road Warrior
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    Hah, yeah Blind Guardian and Oblivion. Does it get any better?

    And if you have never listened to death metal while playing Doom, I recommend you do so immediately.
  • DaesaniaDaesania Serious Poster
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    I have a few

    Everquest - I listened to a lot of Moby during those years as a teen - so now whenever I hear certain moby songs, I remember playing everquest

    Everquest 2 - I was listening to a lot of PIG and NIN during those times, so whenever I hear those two bands, makes me wanna re-instate my account.

    I know there are tons more, just cant think of them off of the top of my head.
  • PodruvanPodruvan Opening Act
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    For some reason Kansas reminds me of Final Fantasy IX. None of the other Final Fantasies. Just IX.
  • Dabog666Dabog666 Opening Act
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    Dark side of the moon with Oblivion.
    It would lull you into a coma
  • SaltinesSaltines Rising Star
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    Iron Maiden - The Trooper is tied with oblivion for the rest of time due to large repeats of the song whilst playing..

    Same with The Joekr And The Thief by wolfmother.
  • Young_NastymanYoung_Nastyman Rising Star
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    Dragonforce - Sonic Firestorm was on repeat while i played through the arena in Oblivion

    ...And Justice for All was all I listened to when I first started playing WoW

    Guns N' Roses - Anthology for Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2

    and Sum 41 - Half Hour of Power, Does This Look Infected?, and Chuck for the Tony Hawk series
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