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  • It looks like Harmonix must have watched Jojo's Bizarre Adventures on Crunchyroll (In case anyone doesn't know, I Want You was used as the ending credits song for the Diamond Is Unbreakable season). :)

    "joJo", huh? I know "Roundabout" and "Walk Like an Egyptian" from Cartoon Network so far, but didn't know this one, cool! There's your 3 spotlight songs, lol. So happy to see Savage Garden, keep those '90's hits coming! How about Stabbing Westward next? ;)
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    Wooooo!!! Nice week! Now just bring in Big Data and Alt-J. B)
  • jaystonepkjaystonepk Opening Act
    Didn't recognize by song title but I'll get Stolen Dance to go along with the pass. Not terribly excited for either but at least it's new to the platform music.
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  • Great week
  • JLynn943JLynn943 Unsigned

    Awesome. I didn't even realize that I wanted that song in Rock Band, but I'm absolutely getting it.

    I also love Stolen Dance, so I'm very excited for this week. Yay.
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    Past spotlight seasons have been a hearty mix of about half songs I actually would have paid for, and half songs I don't especially object to but wouldn't have actually bought a la carte.

    If that ratio keeps up, these upcoming weeks will be awesome.
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    Yeah, another pass for me, really not into either of these
  • My challenge prediction is all songs with "You" in the title, these being the spotlights:
    Savage Garden - "I Want You"
    Live - "All Over You"
    blink-182 - "I Miss You"
  • I like both! And love Savage Garden in general ! Please get more by them! <3
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    I'm really happy to see "I Want You". It is such a catchy song. But if we're talking JoJo, we gotta get "Last Train Home" as well to complete the set. That song is fantastic and sounds like something you'd here on the Weather Channel.
  • Fully expected some Bad Religion based off thread title.

    Never heard Stolen Dance, but just listened and I dig it. Hope the guitar chart is fun.

    I Want You is a maybe as of right now. Would've preferred Truly Madly Deeply or I Knew I Loved You.
  • Don't think that I've ever heard -Savage Garden - "I Want You"? I'll be grabbing both though. <3 and thanks @Harmonix :)
  • Very happy with I Want You, another request of mine that made it into the game. Stolen Dance is a big maybe as of now, but I might warm up to it with time.
  • "I Want You" is another great '90s song that I'm stoked is coming to RB!

    Never heard of Milky Chance or their song "Stolen Dance". It sounds pretty good from the preview video.
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  • Witticus said:

    razor63 said:

    Wait... when I saw the title, I Truly wanted a different track, one which I've been thinking Madly about. Then I saw which it was,and I was Deeply disappointed.

    In terms of playability, I’m much happier they chose I Want You. But really Savage Garden should have had a pack.
    You could still create a very good pack even with I Want You being released this week.
  • I liked Milky Chance's more recent album more, but Cocoon has about 75% less plays than Stolen Dance on Spotify so from a business standpoint I can't really argue with the choice.
  • Worst month in my opinion. I barely used my wallet
  • 3/27 to 4/9 - Rivals on sale on XB1

  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    PS4 users in the Americas looking to get some kind of savings can get a 20%-off-any-store-transaction coupon watching a video ('Quest') at https://live.playstation.com/ .

    This specific promo ends today (must claim coupon by end of day today, must redeem by April 30) - but they had a virtually identical promo last week (last week's was about The Show, this week is about Far Cry 5) - wouldn't be terribly surprising if there's another one next week too.
    I was hoping the Savage Garden track to be "To The Moon And Back", as it's probably the most guitar driven track from them that I know of. So a 2nd week in a row where a requested artist by me release "not the song I was hoping". But hopefully, it opens up the possibility later down the line.

    The other song I've never heard before so I looked it up on Youtube. It's okay but i probably won't be going crazy to buy it immediately.

    It sounds like from the previews that BOTH songs are utilizing separate audio recordings, although we probably won't find out until Friday for sure for those that may want to know.
  • I listened to Stolen Dance and it's ok, definitely glad they picked I Want You for the spotlight pass instead though.
  • Not the Savage Garden song I would have picked but it's alright. Again, don't know the Milky Chance song.

    I should save that as a template for these threads!
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