Issues with RB1 strat guitar

So I just picked up a new set of instruments for Rock Band. I was really lucky to nab a Rock Band Instrument Edition box. Now, everything was fine and dandy up until recently. I've barely played with the new guitar, and I've already got issues with it.

Right from the start I seemed to be experiencing random Overdrive activations, usually when the overdrive bar was full. This became somewhat annoying, especially when playing online, as I used it all up before the other players could activate theirs. I've never had this issue with any of my other guitars, either when I was playing my Höfner bass back on Xbox 360, or now currently on PS4 with my other Strat that I bought for the PS2 (but still works brilliantly) 10 years ago. I'm not even tilting the guitar slightly, and suddenly the overdrive is activated. Anybody know about any fix to this issue?

The other issue is actually far more annoying, and a game breaking issue. Just a moment ago I played some Rock Band 4 online on my said PS4 with this new RB1 strat that I got just a few days ago. But as I play, I seem to encounter a huge problem that completely destroys the game for me; random freezing. In that the guitar doesnt respond to any button prompts what so ever. The guitar doesnt respond at all, while the game/song playing (as well as any other players playing) continue without any hitch. This completely effed up the score for the band playing, and was quite embarrassing. Now, I've tried to turn off the guitar and on again, but really to no avail. This issue, as well as the other problem mentioned above, seem to happen quite randomly, and I honestly don't know why.

Is there anybody familiar with this issue, and know about any good fixes to this problem?
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