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Hi Harmonix. You better go to your website, go to your community page, go to your blogs, go to Dance Central, and the other Dance Central, and listen to me.

Since every fan of Dance Central were obsessed, I would want you to make a new Dance Central game. It would be excellent if you did it for all audiences.

A character can't appear in all games, so why not take a break from Emilia and Miss Aubrey and put someone new in your game. You can bring back your old characters you didn't put on your Dance Central Spotlight, like Oblio, Angel and Li'l T. It would be great if Rasa and Lima returned too. Of course you should make your own characters for the game. Make sure not all your characters are from the United States.

I wish your game had content for kids. That would be cute! You can make characters who are children for kids to dance with. Maybe you can give us songs that are appropriate if you could make a new DC game for all audiences.

I would happily LOVE it if you made a J-POP Dance Central game. You can use J-POP rocks with a burning passion. Japanese is my favorite culture of all time.

I would like you to use fewer rap songs. Why not use more genres like Country, Latin, and rock songs from your Rock Band series. It would be amazing if you featured songs from everybody's favorite TV shows and movies and holiday songs. It would be lovely if you feature songs before the 70s.

It would be cool if you made an TV show mode for the game, where fans can warm up before the episode, and read quotes of what the character is talking about.

Yours very truly,
Jessica Pinkie-chu


  • Dance Central Museum will be released for XBOX ONE, PS4 and Nintendo Switch (Use the Joy-Cons).
  • Dance Central Museum will be released for XBOX ONE, PS4 and Nintendo Switch (Use the Joy-Cons).

    That's what I thought!
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    It's getting too late. You have to make Dance Central now! I always gave you advice for your new games, because me myself is the Real Deal.
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