Looking for two more crew members - Rock 'n' Grohl [XB1]

HiscHisc Unsigned
Hey! We are looking to recruit two more members to our crew "Rock 'n' Grohl" on Xbox One.

I usually play pro-drums and own around 1700 songs myself, but play other instruments when the mood strikes.

Our other members are active and very good at working together to pick up any slack when life gets busy (as it does). Together we have been putting in enough spotlight score & XP to achieve our goal of reaching Bloodstone every week except for our very first as a crew.

We are quite active, within reason, and would like to recruit some members that would help us get our weekly song count up! Bonus points if you are a vocal God since we recently lost a very dedicated and skilled one.

We even use the Rock Band App every now and then to communicate with each other.

Search for us & send a request to join our crew in game! Cheers!
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