No Rock Central Connection [Europe]

Tori33Tori33 Unsigned
New to the game only purchased yesterday. I cant get to online play or store. Says client unable to connect. Is anyone having this issue or is it something i need to do? Cant wait to play online.


  • brookfieldworldorderbrookfieldworldorder Opening Act
    edited May 2018
    You will need the Rivals expansion to play online.

    Test your console's network connection.

    Also, take a look to see if there are any Xbox Live server issues in your region.

    You can also try Harmonix has a support portal at
  • Call your ISP and tell them to turn off the child locks they turned on without telling you.
  • Tori33Tori33 Unsigned
    Thanks both for the help. It was my isp child locks. Hate they do that without telling you.
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