Career mode, new shows.

How many new gigs are available in total and what DLC do I need to open them?


  • Close to infinite, they just keep coming.
  • MrBennUKMrBennUK Unsigned
    Interesting, and how many would you say you have?
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    I'm pretty sure they're procedurally generated with assorted metadata being used to make them, so the answer would basically be "all of them" and "all of them," respectively.
  • LeCH24LeCH24 Opening Act
    And what is the cost of this free weekend?
  • I would like a more specific answer please. For all you hardened fans! I have 26 venues and a total of 122 gigs available to play. Does anybody have any more than this? I would be willing to make a full list to compare and see if I am missing any. Cheers
  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    Someone who works for HMX told you "close to infinite". How much more specific do you need?
  • Specifically I'm asking what DLC do I need to unlock all gigs in all venues? For example when I got a load of Green Day DLC it unlocked a Green Day gig. Is there a list of what gigs are available? There must be a definitive answer. I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm just a huge fan. We have played almost every day for the last decade. Number 1 on leader board for last 3years. If nobody knows that is ok.
  • grumblevolcanogrumblevolcano Headliner
    edited October 2018
    Maybe there's a bug with how tour mode is supposed to generate new shows but I've had 199 shows ever since the legacy entitlements were fixed and no shows have been added as a result of buying RB4 DLC (only from legacy entitlements being fixed). Could be I'm missing a show because of the few pre-RB4 era songs I don't have but it seems far from infinite.

    The artist shows I've unlocked are:
    - Pixies
    - The Doors
    - Weezer
    - Billy Joel
    - The Offspring
    - Nickelback
    - Guns N' Roses
    - Spinal Tap
    - Iron Maiden
    - The Who
    - Johnny Cash
    - The Clash
    - Pat Benatar
    - Disturbed
    - Rise Against
    - Linkin Park
    - Nirvana
    - John Lennon
    - Fall Out Boy ("Fallout Boy" typo not fixed)
    - Rush
    - Nine Inch Nails
    - Judas Priest
    - Pearl Jam
    - R.E.M.
    - Bon Jovi
    - Alice in Chains
    - The Police
    - The Cars
    - Roy Orbison
    - Foreigner
    - Foo Fighters
    - AC/DC
    - blink-182
    - Queen
    - Green Day
    - Ozzy Osbourne
    - Megadeth
    - Fleetwood Mac
    - No Doubt
    - Pantera
    - David Bowie
    - Soundgarden

    If it was meant to be that RB4 DLC counted towards adding artist shows like for example having a certain number of Aerosmith songs would unlock an Aerosmith tour mode show then tour mode will be more enjoyable once the issue is fixed.
  • Thank you GrumbleVolcano. You definitely have gigs I do not. I will download a couple of my favourite artists from your list and see if a new gig 'pops. Infinite is the biggest number there is ;) In fact it's not even a number. If I know computer coding there will be a finite number of gigs available. Thank you again.

  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
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    Wow, sounds like it has been way too long since I played Shows Mode, I bet I have a lot of interesting options waiting for me!

    I interpret "nearly infinite" to mean that there is a whole matrix of options that go into defining each gig, technically. Maybe something like (100 bands) x (4 instruments that are the focus of the gig) x (15 cities / venues that can host the gig) x (several other variables) = millions and millions of combinations, more than a single human could play in their lifetime. Effectively infinite.

    Probably the OP just wanted to know, "how many bands get listed with a gig, if I own enough of their songs?". Every artist with at least a certain number of songs (3?) as DLC? What's the most number of different ARTISTS that can be represented by a gig, if someone owned all of the DLC and exports as of the end of September 2018? Ignoring (for now) all of the other variables that go into defining each specific gig?

    Just guessing here, it looks to me like the question wasn't specific enough, so another question was answered instead (?)
  • Meat-popsicle you have perfectly summed up what I was trying to ask. What are the variables that go into defining a gig and how many songs per band before a tribute gig pops. Thank you.
  • grumblevolcanogrumblevolcano Headliner
    edited October 2018
    You need 8 songs and enough fans for an artist tribute to appear but only the artists I listed above got tributes even though there are other artists with 8 or more songs in the complete library. The variables are:

    Artist - Needs 8 songs
    Genre tribute 1 - Needs 10 songs
    Genre tribute 2 - Needs 7 songs
    Decade tribute 1 - Needs 10 songs
    Decade tribute 2 - Needs 7 songs
    Decade + genre tribute (e.g. 10s Alternative) - Needs 8 songs
    Women in [genre] tribute - Needs 8 songs
    Women of the [decade] tribute - Needs 8 songs
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    Sounds like there is a list of artists for tribute shows, instead of a generic "Band x 8 songs plus Y fans equals Band X Tribute Show".

    And with a list, it would take an update to add more artists.
  • Thanks for all the great advice. Unlocked Bon Jovi set list and have loads of DLC on my Xmas list. Think we can maintain our position for another 3years 😁😁
  • Edify1Edify1 Rising Star
    I buy new DLC pretty regularly, and haven't gotten a new tour gig in at least two or three years.
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