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Since the other threads that are active on this forum are dedicated to recent music, I thought I would open a thread for general recommendations of cool songs and albums one might have found out about that one would want to share.

Gonna start with an album I randomly picked up in 2015 after a concert in Oslo when checking out their local record stores, Unearth's "Watchers of Rule":

Picked it up excepting some light catchy Metalcore along the lines of the song on RBN "We're Not Anonymous" but to my pleasant surprise found out they had gone much heavier, infusing a lot of Groove Metal elements into their sound, and it's a really good album that I sometimes just feel like listening all the way through from time to time.


  • I'll share a pair of things I have:

    Have you ever wondered how would it sound to mix Bolt Thrower's Reign of Chaos and Carcass' Reek of Putrefaction? Then you need to check THE MEN'S TOILET. Laugh at the name but it's actually quite solid, also free to download.

    Now there's this album I found looking for something similar to Kentucky by Panopticon. Blood and Banjos which is bluegrass/folk + metalcore. Free download too.
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    My cousin's band Gallivant released an album last year and just recently they put out a video of a live studio version of my favorite song off the album, One Can Dream.

    A playlist of the whole album if you care to hear more of their songs.
    Leavenworth album Playlist
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    I recently rediscovered a band from my youth during the nu-metal craze called American Head Charge since they are now back and making records again. I had lost track of my copy of their first album The War of Art, so I picked up a new copy of both that and their second album The Feeding. It sounds a lot better to me these days than it did back then. Lead singer Cameron Heacock was homeless for a time after the band initially broke up, and you can see the effect on his physique. Originally he was a thick, muscular guy. He has gained some weight back after the release of their Kickstarted album Tango Umbrella.

    The big single that got them noticed was "Just So You Know" off of The War of Art. The single version also used in the music video is a relic of the times where it was cut down to around 4 minutes, and they did so by cutting out the heavy throat singing sections. The whole album is a masterpiece, in my opinion, and is perfectly capped off at the end groovy triplette time signature combined with sobering lyrics in Nothing Gets Nothing.

    The Feeding gave us another single and music video with the first song "Loyalty." A trend here emerged of MTV refusing to air the controversial material being portrayed in their videos and may have ironically led to their falling popularity, as MTV was still a power player in music trends at the time. The highlight on this album for me is the hard hitting track 5 "Take What I've Taken." Not that it is unique, but you'll see that the majority of these songs are about the difficulties and struggles frontman Cameron faced in his life. What connects to me more in this case is they feel more real and relatable than other lyrical content I've been exposed to personally, and the aggressiveness of the sound drives it home.
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