Rock Band 4 online play - 1 Instrument only?

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I looked for this and I couldn't find it, tell me if it's repeated. Sorry if it is.

Harmonix, tell me you are updating the game so we can use at least 2 profiles, or even second player as a guest, please?

My Wife and I wanna play online with some friends (a couple too) and we can't. Don't tell me the only option is to buy another PS4 in order to play? Is there any reason for this?

If there is a reason, tell me please!

Thank you for the awesome game I love every title.


  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    Technical limitations. It was announced when online multiplayer was that there would be a limitation of one player per console, and they're aware that people want it, but they wanted to at least get SOME form of online out for people.

    And yes, for a lot of the players, it's the last piece of the puzzle that needs to be put in for the online multiplayer to outshine every other version of RB to date.
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    Is there any hope? or waiting for an update is useless :(
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    they have never said one way or another, so hope is up to you.
    maybe its top secret and they want to surprise everyone, or maybe its just not feasible and they aren't able to do it.

    either way they are not saying

    hope if you want, I am hoping
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    They've only ever flat-out said "never [again]" about keyboards. They may be programming and/or playtesting this, but there would be a LOT to program/playtest. I've been trying to find my post about the kinds of scenarios they need to investigate in order to launch even a semi-stable version of this, but I can't find it at the moment.
  • Well I really expect a way to play with my friends in a single console, It doesn't matter if they disable scores or trophies or whatever, Just playing for fun would do it. If there is a way to ignore all that ranking and rivals data stuff and just et players enjoy an online playing sesion, it would be awesome!

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    Found the post I was talking about. And its followup post.
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    The title on this thread should be "ROCK BAND 4 ONLINE PLAY - 1 INSTRUMENT ONLY?"

    You can do Rock Band 4 Quickplay with up to 6 people locally.
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    And tweaked.
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