Yamaha Dtx430k/ midiox set up help

I currently have a Yamaha dtx 430k drumet that I use for Rockband 4. It only has a usb midi cable output which means I have to run it through my laptop and use midiox (a midi software) to convert the input into midi notes that I output through a midi cord to the Rockband midi adapter. The setup doesn’t bother me too much, but I would like to not have to go through the trouble. The real problem is that I have noticed that this set up drops notes or plays extra notes every now and then when I know that I am playing a pattern perfectly. My assumption is that something is being triggered incorrectly through the midiox software. I am wondering:
1. Does any one else have experience with a similar issue? I have tried adjusting the dial on the midi adapter that goes into the PS4 with no luck.
2. If no one has any experience with the software issue, do you know of any drum modules that I could use to replace or use while I am playing Rockband to eliminate the need for the pc. Ideally, i would hope to find something for $50 or less.


  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    The dial on the adapter is one that deals strictly in sensitivity (presumably the velocity threshold required for the adapter to register a hit).

    The most likely culprit is either your computer not prioritizing MidiOX or MidiOX itself just behaving badly. You may need to quit out of other applications to get it to work properly.

    Alternatively, FromtonRouge's eProDrums was specifically designed for Rock Band playing, so maybe give that a shot.
  • Thanks buddy. I’ll have to give that a shot when I get home tonight.
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