GI JOE and other promo cards

nosaj23nosaj23 Unsigned
I understand that there needs to be convention exclusives. Will these ever be available in the future? I was lucky enough to score a Transformer Gamestop card, but really hate the fact my only option is to fork out 100 bucks for the 2 other promo cards on ebay.


  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    I love the idea of people getting promotional cards. Either to use themselves or to sell to eager fans. For me, ideally these cards would be exclusive only for a limited time period. Maybe that time period is "really long" (a year?) but not "forever". It would still be a really special bonus for those that visited the Hasbro / Harmonix table at a convention, but completionists would have the option of paying market rate to shake one lose, OR of being patient and getting one for a much more reasonable price, eventually.

    Maybe these cards are in a special licensing situation that prevents them from being sold in any traditional way? Licensing is hard.

    People who already have the cards, whether they got them at a show OR paid big money for them on the secondary market, boy would they be mad if suddenly the cards that they were promised would be "exclusive" suddenly became much easier to acquire. Ideally all future cards would be given out with this warning, right from the start. "You want to flip this card for profit / brag to your friends? You have 6 months to do that!".

    Being a completionist is hard [expensive] too. And that's part of the thrill, right?
  • I want the promo cards but ebay is killing me. It's sad that fans that have spent money on the game can't get these but people who don't can. I know it's supply and demand it's basic economics but selling them to us would be doable at a decent price per card not crazy prices because people are greedy. I've already spent I'd say $300 on DropMix lone not even counting Rock Band and I think they should try and hook some of us up. I'd be up for that at least before I had to resort to evilbay.
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