Second Warning

Here's another tip. Why not announce the new Dance Central on Gamescom. I'm just giving advice to you to help fans. I told you to make a new Dance Central game for all audiences. I also started another game idea with songs from 2015 to 2017 and maybe 2018 if you'll never make new songs, people will keep on begging for you. How about a zombie shooting game featuring Oblio as the main protagonist for the game due to NEVER Dance Central. I want Glitch to be the new antagonist due to his name meaning a terrible bug. Oblio's true family is not Dr. Tan. His true surname is Mitsui which he lives with his Japanese father and Italian mother. Oblio should include a sidekick who is a girl named Indira. She is a bollywood dancer who dances to songs around the world including Lean On by DJ Snake. That's all I had to say for now.


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