Harmonix VR PS4 Flac Files from Itunes M4a

Harmonix VR on PS4 does not recognize m4a files such as uploaded in an itunes music folder.

Download ffmpeg to convert m4a files to flac (or almost any other kind of conversion). It is a free command line opensource converter at https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/. (It has no adware or spyware and I'm not affiliated). You can convert m4a to flac on the command line like this:
ffmpeg -i "examplesong.m4a" -sample_fmt s16 -f flac "newfolder\examplesong.flac"

Copy those new .flac files to your \music folder on your thumb drive.

I chose flac because reconverting to mp3 from aac gets pretty poor sound, and flac is the right choice anyway for apple lossless (and usb drive space is cheap). However, ffmpeg defaults to 24 bit flac, and harmonix seems to only recognize 16 bit (for those complaining about not recognizing flac). So the sample format has to be set to 16 bit.

If you have issues, forums also indicate that any unusual/foreign characters in the name or in any of the tags can prevent recognition due to lack of support for multibyte character sets (like utf-8).

Harmonix ignores standard flac tags, so all of the songs show up under Unknown Album.

On Windows 10, I created a bat file to convert mine. Just open notepad or text editor and put the following:
for %%a in (*.m4a) do c:\utils\ffmpeg -i "%%a" -sample_fmt s16 -f flac "%~1%%~na.flac"

Save as m4atoflac.bat and put in a folder somewhere, like create a c:\utils folder.
Put ffmpeg in your c:\utils folder (or change the path above).
Create a ps4 music folder, like create a c:\ps4music (too slow to go directly to usb).

Then go to a music album folder (C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Artist Name\Album Name) and open a command line.
(Example: Go to folder in Explorer. Shift right click, Open Powershell\Command Line. Then type command below.)

Type the following to run the bat. Change the prefix to see album/artist in name (or remove ShortArtistAlbumPrefix-). Harmonix is limited to how many characters it shows, so keep it short.
c:\utils\m4atoflac "c:\ps4music\ShortArtistAlbumPrefix-"
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