Harmonix VR Ps4 Issues and Limitations

(or why I paid too much for a buggy incomplete experience)

First off, it was interesting and fun, but..

The ps4 move controller support is very poor. The controllers float away from my hand, or suddenly jump. I don't have that issue in other VR games, so it isn't my controllers or my camera. It makes usage of the easel or control of the dancers awkward and inconsistent.

The song play list is short and limited (the playlist cannot support that many songs ...). It truncates the song name, and does not support standard tags (especially for flac) to display Album name. The reason for failing to load a song is not given: whether it is because the file name or tags have unsupported multibyte characters (no japanese please), or the sample size or bit rate is unsupported (keep it 16 bit, 44.1, like from a CD file).

The easel is very limited. In just a short amount of play time, "Erase something to continue" pops up. And no, they don't mean use the eraser to get rid of something 100 moves ago. Back (X) must literally be used to get rid of the most recent additions.
The easel is just a dark space background. It should have an option to combine the easel with the other modes, to draw on the beach, in the dance room, or while flying through the trip. Some of the objects appear to move at a constant rate that has no relationship to the music whatsoever. The colors cannot be changed. Individual objects cannot be grabbed and moved separately. And the palette is very small.

In conclusion, Harmonix VR is a demo VR experience. As such, it should have a demo price tag, or we should get a full game update.
- Moe.
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