New Guitar

So my Rock band 2 guitar (wii) died a few days ago. I got a new one off of ebay, looks identical, identical model numbers (NWGTS2).

Problem is that the new one will not connect to my previous dongle.

I read somewhere that you can't use the same dongle for more than one guitar at the same time. No problem, I'm not trying to connect both, just the new one. I don't know if the issue is the dongle still has the old guitar in memory, and needs to be unlinked (is this even possible?), or what can be done.

Here's what I'm doing:
I replaced the batteries in the guitar, and turned it on.
Dongle is connected to the Wii (blue light flashing).
I hit the big clear circle on the guitar, 4 blue lights flashing.
I hit the sync black button on the dongle (which is white, with usb slots, and a black button)
I hit the white sync button on the guitar.

Absolutely nothing. Blue lights still flashing on the guitar (after about 10 seconds, they stop). Blue light still flashing on the dongle.

Any clues?
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