GandWuser's Rock Band... but with WOMEN?!?!? Expansion for His Rock Band 5 Ultimate Setlist

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So basically after expanding my old RB5 setlist a while back I realized there was still a large difference in the number of songs with male vocals and songs with female vocals. So, inspired by an old kingtonyx setlist, I decided to make a hypothetical expansion game to my hypothetical game setlist, featuring 45 songs with female vocals (because women definitely don't play instruments, definitely not).

This one was more of a self challenge, with the goal being to...
  • ... create a setlist which only features female vocals...
  • ... while still creating a diverse and interesting setlist...
  • ... that doesn't include any artists from the main setlist...
  • ... while balancing well-known and more obscure songs and artists, as well as genres.
The third point is important, as there are a few somewhat noticeable gaps in this setlist that are filled by including the songs included in the main setlist (songs by artists like The Go-Go's, Hole, Halestorm, etc.), although a few vocalists are in both setlists by chance. There's also a whole bunch of songs and artists that I wanted to include but had to forgo for several reasons, such as genre balance, decade balance, keeping the setlist to 45 songs, unfamiliarity with some groups, songs already being in the actual game, and artists having all their main hits in the actual game already which would lead to choosing more deep cuts (No Doubt, Evanescence, Alanis Morissette, and The Cranberries come to mind). Most of the songs feature female lead vocals, although as including songs that only featured female vocals disqualified a few choices that I wanted in so I ended up loosening the guidelines a bit so only the lead had to be female.

OK now that that's out of the way, here's a link to the actual setlist

and like the last setlist, here's a link to the spotify version so you can listen to all the songs you don't know

ps i lied, here's the original RB5 setlist for context


  • tdc002tdc002 Road Warrior
    Cool idea. We don't have nearly enough stuff with female vocals, especially actual rock music. It seems like the only DLC we get with female vocalists are pop and country.
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