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There were similar threads in the past, but this one is dedicated only to bands created in RB4. We're all aware that the character customization did a step back in comparison to RB3/RB2 era but I'd like to see your bands regardless.

I have more than one I like to use, and usually I create characters based on fandoms I like.

Crystal Gems (Steven Universe)

Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron (Star Wars)

Yuuri, Victor, Otabek and Yuri (Yuri on Ice)

Show us yours ♥


  • dinomandinoman Rising Star
    How did you take these pictures?
  • tati81tati81 Opening Act
    dinoman said:

    How did you take these pictures?

    Share button on the controller of the PS4 and then I selected "Capture the screenshot/picture" (i'm not sure of the translation because I play RB in my language). Then I use a pen drive to transfer the pictures on my laptop.
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    All your bands are so cool! Maybe we can demonstrate that we love to customize our characters if we can show our efforts to Harmonix. Keep posting your bands!
  • dinoman said:

    How did you take these pictures?

    PS4 can capture photos of RB4 but Xbox can't do anything in regards to screenshots/video in/of RB4.
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    A+ for effort but these pictures just reminded me that RB4 characters looks like a single batch of malnourished mannequins on which someone stretched too small clothes.... and now I'm kinda sad.
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    You're not wrong Anaconda, this is why everytime there's a survey I ask for more options in the character creator.
  • patl175patl175 Unsigned
    Even though i don't really mind what the avatars looks like (since i play to enjoy music first) i always ask to improve the character creator in every survey to show support for those who wants it just like i always ask for blitz mode to help for the longevity of this game since one day we won't be able to find instruments anymore
  • On the old thread, I got mine by using the Xbox W10 app and capturing a screen of THAT.
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    I like the dark colors!
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    I really miss the custom shirts... the Bad Religion Crossbuster and HIM Heartagram took me ages to do.

    Also miss the custom band logo... my original band LESS than THREE (was meant to be a less than sign with a 3 for short) with a cute kitty cat!

    Oops... I only took screenshots of my RB3 band. My RB4 band doesn't look anything at all like us, but i'm hoping that will change some day if/when the character creator gets more options.

    My apologies for not reading the first post... it was late (that's my excuse).
  • tati81 said:

    This one is a variation of the first i posted, I changed Steven with Stevonnie.

    Don't forget the eye patch to make Sapphire! ;) I love it! I don't really customize my band but I do my character. I've transferred my Skylanders Imaginators off the PS4 before. Easiest way is to click the Options button on a picture and choose "Copy to USB device". Then your screen grabs can be loaded on a thumb drive and on to your computer as zip files at 72 DPI I believe. I'm a fan of threads like these, so I'll be participating soon.

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    Can't wait to see your band too @MistressDeviant ! ♥
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    I really hope HMX knocks it out of the park whenever they bring a new and improved character creator.

    I've always been an RB fan since Day 1 and I was very late to the GH party (started buying and playing the GH games a few months ago) but MAN does their character creator, instrument creator, and clothing styles blow RB's out of the water. The only things I feel the RB series got right was better-looking variety of faces to use, and the improved lip syncing.
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    @thatmarkguy these are perfect *clap clap clap* o:) o:) o:)
  • tati81tati81 Opening Act
    @Vexus your band story is super interesting, thank you for sharing. I love the black/purple combination.

  • (Excuse the awful quality; RB4 on the Xbox One doesn't allow any form of screen capturing using the in-built functions)

    This is Motherlode 50K, a "play-whatever-genre-we-feel-like" band hailing out of Boston despite only one of the current members actually living there. The band has gone through several guitarists and bassists over the years; but the line-up seems pretty stable as of today.

    From left to right:
    Argus (Bass): Some dude the band picked up as they toured in Dublin; as their previous bassist was dumped after over an argument over gas money. Some fans say that he looks "kinda like late 90's Dave Grohl", much to his annoyance. On stage, he doesn't do quite much other than just play. He's not the kind of guy who expresses himself and always brushes off interviews.

    Amara (Drums): One of the original members of Motherlode 50K, and the only person that hails from Boston. She found her big break playing for a "3rd wave of electro-thrash-swing" metal band, but eventually got tired over petty drama the other members had. They say when she auditioned for the band; she drummed so hard the whole block filed noise complaints aggressively. On stage she tries to act tough and menacing; but she really is just a sweet-heart.

    Ajay (Vocals): Motherlode 50K's frontman, coming from Montreal. He's known to be a man of many voices. On some shows he could sound really low and raspy without developing any form of natural rasp, and on some he could sound like he swallowed a whole tank of helium. Crowds really don't know what his natural voice is. He was given an offer to voice-act for a children's show about talking semi-trucks; but thought he should just focus on fronting a band first while he's still young.

    Ruby (Guitar): A budding guitar shredder from New York. From a young age she was intrigued by her uncle's guitar shredding during special occasions and loved hearing her uncle's stories from the time he was part of a band, she wanted to follow his footsteps ever since. She's the most energetic on stage and loves jumping around while pulling off sick riffs (she occasionally misses notes when attempting to flaunt, especially when trying to tilt her guitar). Please don't let her anywhere near a microphone, she's tone-deaf when it comes to singing.
  • If you've got the Xbox app on Windows 10, you can stream your Xbox to your computer and screenshot from there. It's what I did for The Kayotics, and do occasionally when doing USL tier comparisons or contributing to the weekly victory thread.
  • Oh yeah didn't think about that, especially since I happen to have a W10 laptop :P
  • BonFire5BonFire5 Opening Act

    Left-Right: Red, John, Wintead, and Skur. Red and Skur are best friends, John is Skur's cousin, and Winstead is with Skur. Dunno why I went with the Alan Moore beard for him, must have been bored. Skur has basically been the constant character from 2 onwards. Except he's changed hairstyles because Red is based off a friend of mine in real life and the hair suited him more. Though Winstead and John are carry overs from RB3, where Winstead was upgraded to full time singer instead of bass and occasional.

    Guy in the suit is Bruce. Occasionally I got bored and made him look like Bruce Dickinson from the Brave New World tour. So, he was essentially the cool guy of the group that made them fans. I probably should bring him up to 4 at some point. Skur also seems to have gotten sick between games, he's lost about a foot of height and his shoulders. On a side note, I hate the fact that Winstead's pants had that tear. There only ever seemed to be one pair of boots that would cover it, and those were thigh highs. I'll probably post the Rock Band 2 band in a few minutes.
  • Seeing how great people are around here with creating characters and back stories for them it makes me want to ask if maybe we should start a Rock Band forum D&D campaign.
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    My band.. intended motive

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    Great bands! I like to start a new one but I have to choose a fandom first... suggestion?
  • tati81tati81 Opening Act
    This is a very good one! Next week I'll try! Thank you!
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