PS4 Expert Player Looking For Buddies

Wassup, y'all? So I've been playing a lot of RB4 online, but I've always wanted to get together with some really good players. You know, play for gold stars, maybe get a few FBFC's. If you're interested let me know!

So, what have I to bring to the table? Well I'm a multi instrumentalist, I'll pretty much play anything (on expert of course!). The hardest guitar song I've FC'd is Start A Band, and Kool Thing on drums. Gold starred pretty much every song minus Dream Genie (I have quite the love-hate relationship with that song)

I've got all the RB3 songs and Rivals tracks, as well as hundreds of DLC tracks.

So if you're interested in getting some gold with me, let me know. My PSN name is the same as my username: Overtonification!


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    I'll add you. :) Where're you from? (I ask for the time zone, I'm UTC+2) Are you already in a crew? If you want, mine is searching.
  • I'm from Tennessee, soon to be Louisiana (so UTC-6:00). What instrument do you play? And yes I'm in a crew but they're pretty idle most of the time, what's yours called?
  • tati81tati81 Opening Act
    Hi! I'm from Italy. I'm a expert vocalist most of the time, but I like to play expert bass too. Guitar and Drums I'm not so good, but I play Expert when the songs are easy. My crew name is Sapphires & Aquamarines.
  • Hey! I wouldn't mind getting together to play. I'm 991 Skill on Guitar and can play bass as well. I've got about 650 DLC, but I started playing at RB 4, so unfortunately I don't have and exports besides AC/DC . A lot of my songs are Metal and Rock related!
  • Oh, I just realized you're on PS4 , sorry 😭. I'm an XBOX user.
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