Game Crashes and getting kicked

There's been alot of game crashes going on that Harmonix needs to fix. Today my friend had game crashes, and it kicked her off three times today on 08/09/2018 all online play as well. This has to stop, it seems with every update just screws up everything else. Not only that but the songs we get new a week just suck, where's all the great songs at by the Best Artist around the world? We need change fast.


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    This is the Dance Central forum, and I assume you're talking about Rock Band. For Rock Band, the subforum to post on is "Peer-to-Peer Rock Band Support," (for some reason they made it Peer-to-Peer support). You can also submit a ticket on their support portal, which will send a direct email to Harmonix's support people.

    I've not experienced a lot of the bugs and crashes others have experienced, but know that you and your friend are not alone, on the main Rock Band subforum there's lots of people mentioning all the crashes and bugs they're going through. Which system are they playing on? On PS4, rebuilding my database seemed to fix a problem I was having with calibration, though it required me to re-install RB4 (specifically the game itself, all my other games and DLC seemed fine). Though other folks on the forums have said trying this didn't help with their issues, but may be worth considering at least.

    On the third point about song selection, musical taste is ultra-subjective. While I agree that a lot of these weeks have not been in my wheelhouse, I thought this week was pretty good, but that's just my subjective taste. If you have songs you want to see in the game, Harmonix have a song request page, so you can tell them whatever songs you want to play there.
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