edited August 11 in Song Requests
Hello Harmonix Music people. Anaconda got too endlessly stuck in my head today. I always wanted Anaconda to get removed on Dance Central for big good. Not be in the game. EVER! Here are the reasons why:
  1. The song contains strong porn.
  2. It gives people endless ear worms especially me, if they keep getting obsessed with it.
  3. You are making too much songs that contain twerking. Can you please stop? I started to hate Lapdance, because it was one of those twerking songs. I hope no Twerk It Like Miley, Make It Jingle, Thong Song, Bubble Butt, not even Anaconda. I would love to see a dabbing move for the next game, because it's a new dance. I also would like to see 23 by Mike Will Made It ft. Miley Cyrus. I want Miley on Dance Central.

I hate Anaconda so much. Thank god I never downloaded it. Please, delete that song for me!
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